Reset Password in Essentio ES5120

Which are the incidents that lead to password reset in your Essentio ES5120?

Essentio ES5120 come integrated with Windows Vista as its default Operating System. You can view new Operating System in your desktop including Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows 7 etc. As you install a new Operating System in your desktop, the desktop can be provided with a number of secure passwords. These passwords are used to in your desktop mainly for protecting your system from external users who attempt to hijack your system in an unauthorized manner. But, it is possible that you need to reset the current password in your desktop. There can be a number of reasons which prompt you to perform a password reset in your desktop. One of these reasons includes an external user that has familiarity on your system password. You need to reset the password in your system to secure a new password.

There are some steps which you can follow to reset password in your Essentio ES5120 desktop. The steps are:

  • Uninstall the Operating System
  • Bring back the system to its initial point
  • Employ password manager software

Uninstall the Operating System

Essentio ES5120 desktop comes integrated with Microsoft Windows Vista as its Operating System. This Operating System is the vital part of the desktop. As you formulate any modification to the Operating System, the entire system settings may get changed. So, one of the easiest method to reset the passwords used in your system is to remove the Operating System from your desktop completely which removes all data in your system including system passwords.

Bring back the system to its initial point

Essentio ES5120 desktop comes with a default password at its initial point. You can restore the desktop to this initial point to reset the password used in your system. The restoring of system to its initial point brings back those settings in the desktop which are installed by the manufacturer of the desktop and you can get the initial password back. You can perform this task by just double-clicking the system restore icon of the desktop.

Employ password manager software

You can follow a number of manual methods to reset password in your Essentio ES5120 desktop. If you are not able to reset password in your desktop with any of these methods, then you can use the help of some tools or software to do the same. The password manager is software which you can use for this purpose. The software when turned on in your system, consent you to reset the password used in your system in safety. With this method, you could easily unbolt your system accounts.