Anurag Bhullar

Almost in a state of war against viruses and other security threats ever since my laptop crashed due to a virus attack quite some time back. The writer inside me has grown only more passionate to unearth the best of security software and Internet technologies, just to save other people from nasty online bugs on my rescue mission. Even, my friends keep coming back to me with their security hiccups. ‘Security Geek’ is what they call me! All right mate! Let’s handle it!

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Prachi Sinha

I am the Google Girl. No, I have no tie-up with Google but my passion to dig things from the net has earned me this title. Laptops and gadgets are the toys I love to fiddle with and in this attempt I try to capture their charm in my posts. Trying to voice my thirst for technology, I put on the table some great ideas and crispy info for all my readers.

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Sazhiv Ahmed

A born funaholic, I write for TechGenie on the latest of tittle-tattles in Gaming and Entertainment. With a post-graduate degree in English Literature, my knack for the best in the technology and a funny bone for the coolest frolics would tend to bind you in an interesting fix.

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Nidhi Chaudhary

I am the Gizmo Gal of TechGenie. A writer by choice and Gizmo Geek by nature, I bring the hottest and latest happening in the Gadgets’ world. So, when you need a peek inside the tech world, you know where the action is.

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Rohan Sharma

For my friends and colleagues, I am more than a tech writer. Not just because I hold a degree in Computer Applications, but it’s also due to the fact that they look forward to me to get advice on what’s the latest and best in software and electronics. Just like my unbiased suggestions, I write in a straightforward manner and try to make the most complex of technologies look simple.

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