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How to Get Sage 50 on Mac & Windows Devices

Sage 50 was originally designed to serve as an accounting and payroll software for small and medium scale businesses. Looking at the popularity it gained over time, Sage Group launched similar products like Sage 100 and Sage 300 for serving the large-scale businesses. This specially designed software is only compatible to operate Windows devices. However, to operate Sage products on Mac and Apple devices you would have to initially install windows on such devices.

With the launch of Sage drive with a cloud storage system and WebSync, Sage 50 can now be easily operated in android as well as in ios devices. In this article, we will give you the various options on How to Get Sage 50 on Mac & Windows Devices. Furthermore, we will also look into the various advantages of having this software installed to manage your business accounts and other monetary records. 

Advantages of having Sage 50 on your Mac & Windows Devices

Sage 50 has many benefits once you install the software on your devices. Let us take a brief insight into these advantages that are listed below:

  • Sage 50 enables you to club your accounting and bookkeeping records in one go.
  • Furthermore, other software could be hosted when Sage 50 is available on your devices.
  • Its automated system of setting up calendar reminders cater to backup your files and database.
  • The cloud storage of Sage 50 enables users to operate the company’s details from anywhere and at any time.
  • Cloud hosting that promotes tracking of profit and loss statements along with storing data online could also be done with the help of Sage 50.

Nowadays, along with the option to share files through cloud storage, Sage has also launched mobile applications. Such mobile apps allow better user interface and also promotes easy sharing and operating of files.

Steps on How to Get Sage 50 on Mac & Windows Devices

There are several ways on How to Get Sage 50 on Mac & Windows Devices. Let us see how : For Mac devices, you can follow the below-listed options:

  • Install Boot Camp: Once you have this multi-boot utility installed in your ios devices, Sage 50 can easily be accessed on your Mac operating system. Boot Camp is indeed the ideal choice to go for when you are looking for a software assistant for installing Sage 50 on Mac devices.
  • Get VMware: This cloud computing software also enables users to install Sage 50 on their ios operated devices. However, firstly you will need to download and install windows on your device and then get hold of Sage 50 software. VMware is the only software that allows you to operate Sage 50 on Windows along with other operating systems like ios without having to reboot the entire system.
  • Opt for Parallels: Parallels is another virtualisation software that is specially designed to serve the MacOs devices. By getting Parallels to install Sage 50, you can operate Windows 10 and Sage 50 as a whole new desktop on your Mac devices.

For Windows devices, follow the steps given below:

Step 1 – Download Sage 50 from your server and double click on the EXE file that appears on your desktop.

Step 2 – Go on to install it on your device.

Step 3 – Turn your antivirus off to allow the installation of Sage 50 successfully.

Step 4 – A license agreement will then appear. Go through it and then accept it.

Step 5 – Go to Firewall Settings.

Step 6 – You can opt to “Autoconfigure the Windows Firewall” or do it manually to run Sage 50 on your Windows.

Step 7 – An email would then be forwarded from Sage with a serial number. Enter the serial number on the window that appears after the installation of Sage 50.

Step 8 – Select a default location for your Sage 50 software. You can either choose for storing program files or company data files and browse the software accordingly.

Step 9 – Once the installation is done, click on “Start Sage 50 Accounting” and then go through the release notes.

Step 10 – Select the “Finish” option and then you may have to restart your computer.

Make sure you have saved and closed all the other running programs on your computer before you restart it. Also, check if your system is compatible with the Sage 50 software for the smooth functioning of the system on your computers.

How to Fix Quickly Sage Error Ause099

Sage 50 is the ultimate software to profoundly manage the bookkeeping and accounts details of your company. This is one of the best user-friendly systems which you can have on your Windows as well as macOS devices to serve your company with better management of records and storing databases. However, sometimes it may crash and show errors like Ause099. Several reasons lead to this error but the main factor is that you need to know how to fix quickly Sage Error Ause099.

In this article, we would acquaint you with the possible reasons that lead to the Ause099 error. Solutions on how to fix quickly Sage Error Ause099 will also be discussed. 

Possibilities that lead to Sage Error Ause099

  • The Sage Window fails to give access and shows Sage Error Ause 099 when any file in it is damaged or corrupt.
  • You may also see the Sage Error Ause099 while installing or updating your Sage software.
  • Sometimes, due to network failure or poor connection with the internet also leads to Sage Error Ause099.
  • Sage Error Ause099 also appears due to viruses and suspicious malware.

Steps on How to fix quickly Sage Error Ause099

One of the best accounting and payroll solutions are the ones launched by the Sage group. Downloading and installing this software is easy and quite flexible. Moreover, with the help of a tech-professional, operating Sage to control and manage your company’s database is also quite efficiently done.

However, sometimes the Sage Error Ause099 may prevent the software from functioning and distort user interface. Therefore, you need to learn How to fix quickly Sage Error Ause099 and enable the software for proper and smooth operations. Given below are some solutions to fix the error:

There are two ways to counter this error –

  1. By updating your software automatically, and
  2. By updating your software manually.

For Automatically updating your software, you would have to –

  • Step 1 – Select the Sage Menu Bar.
  • Step 2 – A drop-down option would then appear on your screen. Check out the products for any available updates.
  • Step 3 – A prompt will appear on your screen showing the latest version of the Sage Software. If there are any new versions available which you need to download will then appear on the window and show “An update is available.”
  • Step 4 – Select on the option “Yes” to start the updating process
  • Step 5 – Download the newer version and install it on your desktop.
  • Step 6 – After the installation is done, restart your computer to run the program.

For manually updating your software, you need to –

  • Step 1 – Go to “My Computer” or “This PC” on your device.
  • Step 2 – Select Go to C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Sage Software\Simply Accounting\Download.
  • Step 3 – Check the download folder for Sage update file. It is.EXE file with “SA” in the beginning.
  • Step 4 – Double-click on the .EXE file so that it can start updating the Sage software.
  • Step 5 – Your desktop will then display the installation wizard and direct you on how to install and update the latest version of the Sage software on your computer.
  • Step 6 – When the update is done, click on “Finish.”
  • Step 7 – After this, you will have to close all the running programs and Sage as well.
  • Step 8 – Reboot your entire system for adjusting it with the new updates.

Note that the steps mentioned-above to automatically and manually fix Sage errors have been suggested by tech-experts who have practical knowledge of operating Sage products. You can opt to refer to these steps to resolve your Sage issues quickly. However, if the issues persist, you would have to appoint a technician who could help you out and fix the error accordingly. 

Reminders on how to fix quickly Sage Error Ause099

Given below are some pointers that would, in turn, cater to be a quick checklist before you go on to fix Sage Error Ause099 on your computers:

  • Remember to input the correct credentials while you log in to the server.
  • Check your internet connection and its speed.
  • Launch your browser to open the official Sage website.
  • Save and close other Sage products if running.
  • Log out from the Sage Accounts before you update and install the software.
  • Before you input your Sage account number, check it twice to ensure if it is correct.
  • Also, check on the validity of the Micro pay serial number.

Make sure you also check on the proxy server settings from the “Network Settings” menu.

How to Enable and Disable Sage 50 WebSync Services

Introduction to Sage 50 WebSync Services

Improvisation in technology has advanced our day-to-day activities to an extent. Small-scale and medium-scale companies share the advantage of cutting down on their workforces as the Sage 50 software is here to cover much of the work. This online tool is an accounting and payroll product that has many advanced features to ease your task. Thus, management of various data, analysis and calculations for the company’s record can be easily done with the help of Sage 50 system software.

To learn how to enable and disable Sage 50 WebSync Services, let us first understand what WebSync is. Well, the term “WebSync” itself implies its meaning as – synchronization of the web resources. However, here “WebSync” is especially used in context to Sage 50 to imply synchronization of the Sage 50 Web Resources. These web resources which are listed under the Sage 50 window are nothing but the data which is stored and uploaded online to keep track of a particular company’s records and details.

Uses of WebSync Services

Before you go on to analyse how to enable and disable Sage 50 WebSync Services, let us take a look at the various functions of the WebSync Services. This useful wizard on your software not just enables you to sync your company’s information on the web but also helps to manage and personalize your company’s data in various ways. Let us give an insight into how you can put the WebSync Wizard to effective use:

  • You can upload vital information from your device (desktop, laptop, etc.) on any specific Sage 50 web resources online to enjoy services like Sage Payment Solutions, Direct Deposit Services or Manage Payroll, etc.
  • Downloading of information which was previously stored or updated on the specific Sage 50 Web Resource could also be done.
  • You can also process information through the WebSync Services. Thus, information related to your company database could be retrieved on your computer screen with the help of this software function.
  • WebSync also helps to preview the data before you can process it to extract on your desktops.
  • Lastly, it also enables you to select and discard data and information which was previously downloaded for your convenience.

Steps on How to Enable and Disable Sage 50 WebSync Services

Synchronization of data online with the ones on your device’s screen can thus, be done with the help of WebSync Services. Now let us understand How to Enable and Disable Sage 50 WebSync Services so that you can make well use of this wizard.

Enabling the WebSync Wizard 

Step 1 – Launch your server and open Sage 50.
Step 2 – Go to the “Services” menu and then click on the “WebSync” option.
Step 3 – A new window will appear with a piece of introductory information displayed on it. Go through the details and then input your Sage ID details.
Step 4 – Choose a business from the Business window for synchronizing your business details. (Note that you can even select multiple options from here if you own more than one business).
Step 5 – Choose a service from the Service Window if you want to synchronize a web service online through the WebSync Wizard.
Step 6 – A new window displaying the synchronization of the data in progress will appear. Wait until the synchronization is complete.
Step 7 – Services and Business selected for synchronization will be displayed once you the processing is done.
Step 8 – Click on the “Finish” tab on the WebSync window. (Make sure the synchronization is done before you select “Finish”).
Step 9 – Select the “Web Transaction Centre” option from the WebSync window to examine and process the information which you have retrieved from the Web resource.

Disabling the WebSync Wizard

Step 1 – Launch your server and open Sage 50
Step 2 – From the “Services” option, go on to select the “WebSync Wizard”
Step 3 – A new window will appear. On the top-right corner select “Do not run WebSync Automatically”.
Step 4 – This will disable the WebSync Wizard to work on its own. However, you can once again restart it to enable and run its services automatically.

Factors to Remember while operating WebSync Wizard

WebSync Wizard could be easily managed and operated once you keep in mind the factors that are listed below:

  • Make sure you backup your company’s data and other essential information before you synchronize it on the web.
  • You should have a decent and stable internet connection to run the function and the synchronization process smoothly.
  • If you wish to stop and cancel the synchronization while in progress, know that the data which is already retrieved will appear on the Sage 50 window.
  • Always review the transactions from the Sage 50 Web Transaction Centre once you click “Finish” to complete the synchronization process successfully.

Sage Advisor for Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300 and Sage Payroll

An Overview on Sage

Sage Group is widely known for its publications that has gained much popularity all over the globe. At first, it launched its accounting and payroll product called Sage 50 for small and medium-scale businesses. No sooner did Sage 50 gain momentum in the market that Sage launched other similar products called Sage 100 and Sage 300 for large-scale businesses. Sage Payroll is one of the other publications of the Sage Group to promote the swift and efficient implementation of tasks in the firms.

However, Sage publications cannot be operated by anyone and everyone since you require an expert who has sufficient knowledge of accounting. Therefore, if you own a business and you are planning to operate Sage products then the first thing you need is the Right Sage Advisor for Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300 and Sage Payroll. An expert or an advisor would help you to better analyse your company’s vital data and statistics to mark the growth and efficiency of your firm.

Benefits of having the Sage Advisor for Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300 and Sage Payroll

Publications of software have indeed eased up much of the work for the firms but it has also hit the employees hard. Since much of the task (like accounting and payroll, etc.) is easily being carried out with the help of such software, therefore, companies often tend to cut down their workforce. As a result, people become more and more dependent on these software and online tools to serve various purposes.

Moreover, one thing which you must remember is that to run such software you require the Right Sage Advisor for Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300 and Sage Payroll. Let us look at how these right sage advisors or the accounting experts help you operate Sage 50 that would, in turn, cater to benefit your firm.

  • Promotes the functioning of Sage: Sage products can only be operated by a professional who is an accounting expert. Though Sage has replaced the paperwork of accounting and payroll, yet it requires tech-specialist who can carry out these tasks on the software or online. Thus, you could be assured of having all your accounts being managed accurately if you get the right Sage advisor for your firm.
  • Maintains the company’s records: When an expert is hired as a financial or Sage advisor, he or she makes sure that all your company’s vital data is up-to-date. This would not only help the advisor to carry his job successfully but also boost your company’s performance by better analysing the statistics of your company.
  • Keeps in touch with the clients: Not many focuses on the feedbacks and reviews which are given by the clients and customers. However, a focused and dedicated professional would always look after its valuable clients by taking heed of the demands and complaints of its clients and customers. Thus, you can stress-free if you get hold of the Right Sage Advisor for Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300 and Sage Payroll.
  • Gives valuable advice at times: Sage Advisors works to enhance the company’s outgrowth. They are hired to keep track of the company’s profit and loss statements, as well as to manage the accounts and payroll with the help of Sage products. They also check on the updates and synchronisation of this web product. Since they have a better understanding and analysis of the company’s finances, they could even impart valuable advice to their boss to boost the company’s growth.
  • Check on the welfare of the co-workers: A dedicated worker would always check to enhance the overall environment where they work. By checking on the requirements, annual increments, attendance, etc. the Right Sage Advisor also maintains to keep an eye on their fellow beings.

Thus, you see how a Sage Advisor plays several roles in promoting harmony in your firm. You should never back down from hiring a tech-expert for your company. Be it a small-scale firm, medium or large-scale businesses, always try to get a professional Sage advisor. The right sage advisor would enable proper functioning of the software so that it could be put to effective use.

Sage 50 2021 Registration, Downloading & Installation

By launching new versions now and then, Sage focuses to improve its user experiences. The aim is to fix bugs and upgrade to a better-quality experience while you engage on this platform to host your business data and analysis. Sage 50 is indeed one of the best platforms to host all the company data – be it accounting, payroll, employees, consumers, vendors, etc. Small-scale and medium-scale businesses find a helping hand to calculate and stalk all its data and essentials via Sage 50.

However, before you can proceed to upgrade the software to the latest version of 2021, you should know about Sage 50 2021 Registration, Downloading & Installation. The process is simple and easy yet there is some integration which you should be aware of. Below we will take a look at the features of the upgraded version of this accounting and payroll product. Also, we will highlight the process and necessary steps for Sage 50 2021 Registration, Downloading & Installation.

Add-ons to the upgraded version of Sage 50

Once you have completed the processes involved in Sage 50 2021 Registration, Downloading & Installation, you can get access to new and updated features like:

  • A renamed drive: Sage 50 Drive is now renamed as Remote Data Access. This function enables you to access your company details from anywhere and at any time required you have installed the Sage 50 cloud on your device.
  • An improvised notification tab: This simply implies improvisation in the In-product messages, that is, the inbox. The updated version gives you easy access to the inbox as it is now placed on the side of every program to display the messages and notifications.
  • Additions made to Quotes and Proposals list: The new version gives you better accessibility to track the workflow of the company. Be it the “Tracking Status”, “Tracking Note” or the “Assigned To” details – all are available in separate columns for better analysis and report.
  • New feature to access data: For the first time, Sage has introduced a Remote Data Access in its Sage 50 2021 version for its users. This feature can be called the best addition so far as it enables users to access their data and information from anywhere and at any time provided you have installed Sage 50 on your device. Moreover, you can now store your data without worrying about its loss or transfer to other devices.
  • Enhanced security system: Sage 50 2021 has been modified to secure, store and share its vital data as per the norms stated by Google. Its integration with Gmail as their only emailing platform has further incorporated to boost its security and safety measures for hosting essential information of users.

Thus, the above-listed pointers showcase some of the main introductions and modification made to the latest version of Sage 50. However, there are several other up-gradations made to it like – an auto-entry integrated system, use of new mouseover text, UNC Path, single login access, etc. Therefore, upgrade your system and access the all-new Sage 50 2021 to share an enhanced user experience and ease your task to track company details.

Learning the process for Sage 50 2021 Registration, Downloading & Installation

Addition of new software to your device requires verification and approval. To get this done, you will first have to register as a user, then download the file only to extract and install it to your system. Here are the steps to register, download and install Sage 50 2021 on your hardware:

Step 1: Launch your server and open the Sage program.
Step 2: Select “Tools” from the menu bar and click on “Activation” followed by “Upgrade Program”
Step 3: The “Product Registration Window” will appear on your screen. Select “Register my Software.”
Step 4: Follow the instructions on the screen and generate the “new-activation key.”  
Step 5: The New Key tab on the Sage Program needs to be updated by entering the “new-activation key.” (Note that you might be asked to enter your account number as well). Make sure you fill in the columns carefully and accurately to complete the registration successfully.
Step 6: Select “Continue” and then go on to click “OK.”
Step 7: Then go on to the “Services” tab. Select the option stating “Check for Updates.”
Step 8: Select “Check Now.”
Step 9: Click on the “Sage 50_2021 Upgrade” and then press the “Download” option.
Step 10: After the download has been completed, you can close the Sage window to install the latest version of the software as per the guide appearing on your display.

Thus, by following the above-listed steps, you can easily register and download the Sage 50 2021 software for your perusal. Remember upgrading the software eases your task to an extent and also drives to enhance your workforce.

How to Upgrade Sage 50 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020

Introduction on How to Upgrade Sage 50 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020

Upgrading your system software promotes better functionality and further improvise the user experience. Sage 50 is one such accountancy product serving as a business tool to all the medium and small-scale entrepreneurs. This payroll product enables users to execute their business operations smoothly.

Over the years, Sage has been introducing new additions to its Sage 50 business tool so that it can give the users an enhanced experience to organise and club their data within a single framework. By upgrading to the latest version of Sage 50 2020, you will be able to use a set of new features that will further cater to improve your business operations. However, first, you will have to count on several features like the system and compatibility requirements to successfully install and upgrade to the latest version of Sage 50.

New-additions made to Sage 50

Before we go on to explain the various steps involved in How to Upgrade Sage 50 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020, let us take a look at some of the newly introduced features of Sage 50 2020.

  • The Address box meant to track the records of workers, consumers and vendors have been updated. The character limit has been increased from 30 to 50 so that you can input long-tail addresses.
  • Furthermore, the character limit for the field of the Deposit Ticket ID box has also been expanded from 8 to 20 characters.
  • Characters for Inventory items that are listed under the “Items” field has been advanced from 20 characters as well.
  • Addition of a new section titled “Notes” is made to track consumers and vendors. Thus, the “Maintain Vendors” field can now be utilised by filling up to 255 characters in the notes section. However, note that you cannot print any forms from this section.
  • Consumer forms and invoices could now be mailed from the newly-added drop-down list that displays the contacts. You can access this feature in fields like Proposals, Quotes, Sales Orders, Sales/Invoicing, Credit Memos and Receive Money.
  • The “Maintain Employees Window” has new additions of fields named “Special 3”, “Special 4” and “Special 5”. These sections have been mainly introduced for managing and tracking formulas and variables in context to payroll deductions.
  • The database used by the software to store all the information has been renamed from Pervasive v11 to Actian Zen v13. This upgraded version is deemed to improve the overall functioning of the software along with enhancing security measures.
  • Lastly, a bell icon is introduced on the main Sage 50 Window. You can spot it at the top right corner with notifications from Sage 50.

Steps to Guide you on How to Upgrade Sage 50 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020

Given below are to steps you need to learn so that you know How to Upgrade Sage 50 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020:

Step 1: Launch Sage 50 from your server.
Step 2: Click on “Services” following which you can press “Check for updates” and then select “Check Now.”
Step 3: Select “Upgrade Now” for the download to start.
Step 4: Once the download is complete, click on the “Install” tab. A user agreement will then pop up on your screen. Click on “agree” and then proceed.
Step 5: Select “auto-configure” for the installation to begin.
Step 6: Verify the serial number and open the program to activate it.
Step 7: Allow access to the software to automatically detect files and data so that it can transfer and store all the information to its new version.
Step 8: Close the Sage 50 window and then restart your computer to get the new version on your dashboard.


Q1. What system requirements should be met to install Sage 50 2020?

Ans. Given below are some of the conditions needed to upgrade to the latest version of Sage 50:

  • 4 GB RAM and 2.0 GHz processor.
  • Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 with the latest version of Microsoft installed in it.
  • High-speed internet for best user experience.
  • 1 GB disk space for installation and updates. Additional space of 280 MB to 850 MB might be required as well.
  • 1400 x 900 and higher resolution is preferred.

Q2. What are the pre-installation requirements of Sage 50?

Ans. Given below are some of the vital measures which you need to check on before you can install Sage 50 on your devices:

  • Check your system if it could support the software requirements.
  • Backup the essential data and information before you upgrade your software to a newer version.
  • Makes sure you close all the tabs on Sage 50 before the installation process begins.
  • Also, shut down the other application and software (if running).
  • You can start installing the file but do not forget to turn off the antivirus.
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