Google™ Chrome now with improved security, privacy & graphics capabilities

Google Chrome 12 is now the novel steady release of Google web browser. It is available with a few enhancements in graphics, privacy and security capabilities.

When it comes to security, Google Chrome is now capable of checking downloaded files against malware. It can notify the users before they attempt to download any kind of malicious files. “We’ve carefully designed this feature so that malicious content can be detected without Chrome or Google ever having to know about the URLs you visit or the files you download,” writes Software Engineer, Adrienne Walker on the Google Chrome Blog.

On the privacy front, Google states that Google Chrome is now equipped to give enough control over data, which the websites accumulate on your computer. This  includes data of Adobe Flash Player’s Local Shared Objects also called as Flash cookies. In terms of graphics, Google Chrome includes support for hardware-accelerated 3D CSS that enables several nifty effects like scaling and rotating videos.

Finally, Google Chrome brings a few minor enhancements such as superior interface to set a home page and search for Google Chrome Apps unswervingly from the address bar.

Google Chrome has around 160 million users and all should get automatically updated to the latest version in the coming days. Gluing to its six-week update cycle, Google also promises to introduce “many more improvements”.