Google™ announces to support only the modern Internet browsers

Lately in a blog, Google Vice President (engineering) Venkat Panchapakesan declared that from later this year, Google apps will be supporting just the latest browsers.

Users of Safari 3, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and Internet Explorer 7 along with all the older versions will be unable to use a few functions with effect from August 1. Google Calender, Gmail, Google Docs and Google Talk are some of the prominent features that will eventually stop working. This means that only the immediate predecessors and existing versions of Safari, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox will be supported.

According to Google, all these changes are necessary for the proficient functioning of web since the services are becoming significantly sophisticated. The older versions of browsers are not clever enough to handle the recent state-of-the-art web technologies and also, they are not secure against emerging online malicious threats. The fleet of engineers from Google stated that in order to use the advanced capabilities in web browsers, support for HTML 5 is required.

The company informed that in case the users did not upgrade, then gradually these services will stop working.

Panchapakesan also said in the blog “These new browsers are more than just a modern convenience; they are a necessity for what the future holds.”

The users of Google Chrome might also be affected due to this action– however, only if they selected to turn-off the automatic update feature.