Review on Google™ Chrome

Product Review Summary

Google Chrome is a popular web browser. It features a smart interface that looks professional as well as offers easy options. Google Chrome has features for everything including Chrome Web Store, Omnibox, and it is the first browser to include a translating machine in the browser itself. The Chrome Web Store again offers different features like Apps, Extensions, and Themes.


Google Chrome is a perfect solution for browsing needs with simplicity and good performance. It can be used for a variety of usability options like web searching, chatting, e-mail, online shopping, banking, gaming, news, watching videos online, etc. The Omnibox feature allows the users type both web addresses as well as search keywords in the same box.

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Google Chrome is a web browser from Google that comes with speed browsing features. Google Chrome focuses on Speed, Simplicity, Security, and Privacy features. It is fast to start-up, fast to load pages, fast to search and navigate and fast to run applications. Chrome notifies users with warnings when they visit a website that is suspicious of malware or phishing attacks. Along with the speed and security, Chrome comes with privacy controls that protect the shared user information. Chrome features an online store called Chrome Web Store that comes with thousands of apps, extensions, and themes. Google Chrome’s interface is simple and clean with fewer control buttons while offering entire control.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – High Speed Browsing
    Google Chrome designed with features that offer speed and quick responses. Chrome starts up quickly in fewer seconds after the application is launched. It features a WebKit open source rendering engine that loads up the web pages quickly. The more powerful JavaScript engine enables complex web applications to run smoothly and faster. It also provides faster search results and easy navigations.
  • FOUR – Enhanced Chrome Security
    Google Chrome has security features that protect the computer from the attacks of malicious websites. The security measures of the Chrome include Safe Browsing, sandboxing, and auto-updates. Chrome indicates the users with a warning page when the user visits a malicious website. Sandboxing adds an extra layer of protection by protecting against malicious websites and prevents installation of malware on the computer.
  • THREE – Privacy Policies
    Google Chrome also comes with privacy features that help the users to browse without revealing the information. The most important feature among the privacy is the Incognito mode. While using the Incognito mode, Chrome never records downloads and browsing history. In addition, cookies generated in the incognito mode will be deleted right after the incognito window is closed.
  • TWO – Chrome Web Store
    Google Chrome comes with an online store that can be used for empowering the browser. The Chrome Web Store comes with plenty of apps, extensions, and themes. Web apps are advanced websites that provides wide range of applications like photo editing or online shopping. Extensions come with new features that enhance the browser. Extensions work in the background and offer a wide range of options like email notifier, web page formatting, etc.
  • ONE –  User Friendly
    Google Chrome comes in a smart and simple interface that offers entire control of the browser. It uses simple tools and buttons that give simple as well as professional looks for the browser. The tabbed feature let the users to browse multiple web pages within the same window. It also gives easy handling of tabs like repositioning tabs, dragging and dropping tabs from one window to another, etc.

Google Chrome is an efficient web browser that comes with powerful tools as well as simple and clean interface. It comes with performance, security, and privacy terms that make it a highly recommended solution as a web browser.