Install Google™ Chrome Security Extensions


Discuss Google Chrome Security Extension. What are the ways to find and install security extensions?

Google chrome is the latest web browser with a number of security features in it. Google provides extension to the browser in order to increase the security. Google provides a WOT (Web of Trust) extension which shows signal warning for every link of the web. It highlights red for avoid, amber to suspicious and green for safe links. Flashblock is an extension that prevents malware download and activation by blocking the flash scripts from running when a site is opened. Another extension, LastPass is a password manager that retains the passwords and information and even puts them back when required to save time. Adblock is also a security extension that blocks pop-ups from displaying or automatic software download to the system. Thus, Google chrome provides many extensions for secure web browsing.

Following are the ways to find and install Google Chrome Security Extensions:
  • Make Google Chrome ready for extensions
  • Install extensions
  • Uninstall extensions

Make Google Chrome ready for extensions

You can find Google Chrome security extensions from different websites but downloading the extensions from source site is more reliable and safe. Before installing the extensions, you need to make Google Chrome ready for the extension. Firstly, right click on shortcuts of Google Chrome and select Properties option. In the shortcut tab of properties window, in the target address area you need to type -enable-extension at the end. Once the typing is finished click on Apply and then Ok. Now, Google Chrome is ready for the extension.

Install extensions

Initially, you need to go to Extensions homepage and select the extensions that you need to install. Each extension is having Install and Download links. After selecting the required extension, you need to click on Install icon. A message box gets displayed and you need to click on Ok to complete the installation. Using the same process, any number of extensions can be installed and used.

Uninstall extensions

You can either access or delete the extensions as per your choice. You just need to type Google Chrome: //extensions/ into the address bar and press Enter. A window gets opened. To uninstall, you can click on Uninstall button. Thus installing and uninstalling an extension is very easy in Google Chrome and so you can have secure browsing using Google Chrome browser.