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Right Sage Advisor for Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300 and Sage Payroll

An Overview on Sage

Sage Group is widely known for its publications that has gained much popularity all over the globe. At first, it launched its accounting and payroll product called Sage 50 for small and medium-scale businesses. No sooner did Sage 50 gain momentum in the market that Sage launched other similar products called Sage 100 and Sage 300 for large-scale businesses. Sage Payroll is one of the other publications of the Sage Group to promote the swift and efficient implementation of tasks in the firms.

However, Sage publications cannot be operated by anyone and everyone since you require an expert who has sufficient knowledge of accounting. Therefore, if you own a business and you are planning to operate Sage products then the first thing you need is the Right Sage Advisor for Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300 and Sage Payroll. An expert or an advisor would help you to better analyse your company’s vital data and statistics to mark the growth and efficiency of your firm.

Benefits of having the Right Sage Advisor for Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300 and Sage Payroll

Publications of software have indeed eased up much of the work for the firms but it has also hit the employees hard. Since much of the task (like accounting and payroll, etc.) is easily being carried out with the help of such software, therefore, companies often tend to cut down their workforce. As a result, people become more and more dependent on these software and online tools to serve various purposes.

Moreover, one thing which you must remember is that to run such software you require the Right Sage Advisor for Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300 and Sage Payroll. Let us look at how these right sage advisors or the accounting experts help you operate Sage 50 that would, in turn, cater to benefit your firm.

  • Promotes the functioning of Sage: Sage products can only be operated by a professional who is an accounting expert. Though Sage has replaced the paperwork of accounting and payroll, yet it requires tech-specialist who can carry out these tasks on the software or online. Thus, you could be assured of having all your accounts being managed accurately if you get the right Sage advisor for your firm.
  • Maintains the company’s records: When an expert is hired as a financial or Sage advisor, he or she makes sure that all your company’s vital data is up-to-date. This would not only help the advisor to carry his job successfully but also boost your company’s performance by better analysing the statistics of your company.
  • Keeps in touch with the clients: Not many focuses on the feedbacks and reviews which are given by the clients and customers. However, a focused and dedicated professional would always look after its valuable clients by taking heed of the demands and complaints of its clients and customers. Thus, you can stress-free if you get hold of the Right Sage Advisor for Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300 and Sage Payroll.
  • Gives valuable advice at times: Sage Advisors works to enhance the company’s outgrowth. They are hired to keep track of the company’s profit and loss statements, as well as to manage the accounts and payroll with the help of Sage products. They also check on the updates and synchronisation of this web product. Since they have a better understanding and analysis of the company’s finances, they could even impart valuable advice to their boss to boost the company’s growth.
  • Check on the welfare of the co-workers: A dedicated worker would always check to enhance the overall environment where they work. By checking on the requirements, annual increments, attendance, etc. the Right Sage Advisor also maintains to keep an eye on their fellow beings.

Thus, you see how a Sage Advisor plays several roles in promoting harmony in your firm. You should never back down from hiring a tech-expert for your company. Be it a small-scale firm, medium or large-scale businesses, always try to get a professional Sage advisor. The right sage advisor would enable proper functioning of the software so that it could be put to effective use.

Sage 50 2021 Registration, Downloading & Installation

By launching new versions now and then, Sage focuses to improve its user experiences. The aim is to fix bugs and upgrade to a better-quality experience while you engage on this platform to host your business data and analysis. Sage 50 is indeed one of the best platforms to host all the company data – be it accounting, payroll, employees, consumers, vendors, etc. Small-scale and medium-scale businesses find a helping hand to calculate and stalk all its data and essentials via Sage 50.

However, before you can proceed to upgrade the software to the latest version of 2021, you should know about Sage 50 2021 Registration, Downloading & Installation. The process is simple and easy yet there is some integration which you should be aware of. Below we will take a look at the features of the upgraded version of this accounting and payroll product. Also, we will highlight the process and necessary steps for Sage 50 2021 Registration, Downloading & Installation.

Add-ons to the upgraded version of Sage 50

Once you have completed the processes involved in Sage 50 2021 Registration, Downloading & Installation, you can get access to new and updated features like:

  • A renamed drive: Sage 50 Drive is now renamed as Remote Data Access. This function enables you to access your company details from anywhere and at any time required you have installed the Sage 50 cloud on your device.
  • An improvised notification tab: This simply implies improvisation in the In-product messages, that is, the inbox. The updated version gives you easy access to the inbox as it is now placed on the side of every program to display the messages and notifications.
  • Additions made to Quotes and Proposals list: The new version gives you better accessibility to track the workflow of the company. Be it the “Tracking Status”, “Tracking Note” or the “Assigned To” details – all are available in separate columns for better analysis and report.
  • New feature to access data: For the first time, Sage has introduced a Remote Data Access in its Sage 50 2021 version for its users. This feature can be called the best addition so far as it enables users to access their data and information from anywhere and at any time provided you have installed Sage 50 on your device. Moreover, you can now store your data without worrying about its loss or transfer to other devices.
  • Enhanced security system: Sage 50 2021 has been modified to secure, store and share its vital data as per the norms stated by Google. Its integration with Gmail as their only emailing platform has further incorporated to boost its security and safety measures for hosting essential information of users.

Thus, the above-listed pointers showcase some of the main introductions and modification made to the latest version of Sage 50. However, there are several other up-gradations made to it like – an auto-entry integrated system, use of new mouseover text, UNC Path, single login access, etc. Therefore, upgrade your system and access the all-new Sage 50 2021 to share an enhanced user experience and ease your task to track company details.

Learning the process for Sage 50 2021 Registration, Downloading & Installation

Addition of new software to your device requires verification and approval. To get this done, you will first have to register as a user, then download the file only to extract and install it to your system. Here are the steps to register, download and install Sage 50 2021 on your hardware:

Step 1: Launch your server and open the Sage program.
Step 2: Select “Tools” from the menu bar and click on “Activation” followed by “Upgrade Program”
Step 3: The “Product Registration Window” will appear on your screen. Select “Register my Software.”
Step 4: Follow the instructions on the screen and generate the “new-activation key.”  
Step 5: The New Key tab on the Sage Program needs to be updated by entering the “new-activation key.” (Note that you might be asked to enter your account number as well). Make sure you fill in the columns carefully and accurately to complete the registration successfully.
Step 6: Select “Continue” and then go on to click “OK.”
Step 7: Then go on to the “Services” tab. Select the option stating “Check for Updates.”
Step 8: Select “Check Now.”
Step 9: Click on the “Sage 50_2021 Upgrade” and then press the “Download” option.
Step 10: After the download has been completed, you can close the Sage window to install the latest version of the software as per the guide appearing on your display.

Thus, by following the above-listed steps, you can easily register and download the Sage 50 2021 software for your perusal. Remember upgrading the software eases your task to an extent and also drives to enhance your workforce.

How to Upgrade Sage 50 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020

Introduction on How to Upgrade Sage 50 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020

Upgrading your system software promotes better functionality and further improvise the user experience. Sage 50 is one such accountancy product serving as a business tool to all the medium and small-scale entrepreneurs. This payroll product enables users to execute their business operations smoothly.

Over the years, Sage has been introducing new additions to its Sage 50 business tool so that it can give the users an enhanced experience to organise and club their data within a single framework. By upgrading to the latest version of Sage 50 2020, you will be able to use a set of new features that will further cater to improve your business operations. However, first, you will have to count on several features like the system and compatibility requirements to successfully install and upgrade to the latest version of Sage 50.

New-additions made to Sage 50

Before we go on to explain the various steps involved in How to Upgrade Sage 50 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020, let us take a look at some of the newly introduced features of Sage 50 2020.

  • The Address box meant to track the records of workers, consumers and vendors have been updated. The character limit has been increased from 30 to 50 so that you can input long-tail addresses.
  • Furthermore, the character limit for the field of the Deposit Ticket ID box has also been expanded from 8 to 20 characters.
  • Characters for Inventory items that are listed under the “Items” field has been advanced from 20 characters as well.
  • Addition of a new section titled “Notes” is made to track consumers and vendors. Thus, the “Maintain Vendors” field can now be utilised by filling up to 255 characters in the notes section. However, note that you cannot print any forms from this section.
  • Consumer forms and invoices could now be mailed from the newly-added drop-down list that displays the contacts. You can access this feature in fields like Proposals, Quotes, Sales Orders, Sales/Invoicing, Credit Memos and Receive Money.
  • The “Maintain Employees Window” has new additions of fields named “Special 3”, “Special 4” and “Special 5”. These sections have been mainly introduced for managing and tracking formulas and variables in context to payroll deductions.
  • The database used by the software to store all the information has been renamed from Pervasive v11 to Actian Zen v13. This upgraded version is deemed to improve the overall functioning of the software along with enhancing security measures.
  • Lastly, a bell icon is introduced on the main Sage 50 Window. You can spot it at the top right corner with notifications from Sage 50.

Steps to Guide you on How to Upgrade Sage 50 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020

Given below are to steps you need to learn so that you know How to Upgrade Sage 50 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020:

Step 1: Launch Sage 50 from your server.
Step 2: Click on “Services” following which you can press “Check for updates” and then select “Check Now.”
Step 3: Select “Upgrade Now” for the download to start.
Step 4: Once the download is complete, click on the “Install” tab. A user agreement will then pop up on your screen. Click on “agree” and then proceed.
Step 5: Select “auto-configure” for the installation to begin.
Step 6: Verify the serial number and open the program to activate it.
Step 7: Allow access to the software to automatically detect files and data so that it can transfer and store all the information to its new version.
Step 8: Close the Sage 50 window and then restart your computer to get the new version on your dashboard.


Q1. What system requirements should be met to install Sage 50 2020?

Ans. Given below are some of the conditions needed to upgrade to the latest version of Sage 50:

  • 4 GB RAM and 2.0 GHz processor.
  • Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 with the latest version of Microsoft installed in it.
  • High-speed internet for best user experience.
  • 1 GB disk space for installation and updates. Additional space of 280 MB to 850 MB might be required as well.
  • 1400 x 900 and higher resolution is preferred.

Q2. What are the pre-installation requirements of Sage 50?

Ans. Given below are some of the vital measures which you need to check on before you can install Sage 50 on your devices:

  • Check your system if it could support the software requirements.
  • Backup the essential data and information before you upgrade your software to a newer version.
  • Makes sure you close all the tabs on Sage 50 before the installation process begins.
  • Also, shut down the other application and software (if running).
  • You can start installing the file but do not forget to turn off the antivirus.

How to Fix Sage 300 Access Denied Error 49153

One of the most common queries of Sage 300 users is How to Fix Sage 300 Access Denied Error 49153. This error usually distorts users from logging in to the Sage 300 database. Furthermore, you should know that there is some problem while connecting to the database whenever such errors like 49153 appear on your display. The error 49153 also indicates that the Sage 300 program has already begun but it is unable to connect with the database due to some of the other reasons.

Therefore, the first thing which you have to understand is the various reasons as to why the server failed to connect to the database. Secondly, you will have to analyse all possible circumstances for which the error has popped up. And lastly, you need to find the solution so that you know How to Fix Sage 300 Access Denied Error 49153.
In this article below, we will discuss all the possible reasons why you are not being able to log in to the Sage 300 server and access your database. Also, you would be acquainted with the various ways to fix this error and further access your records and setup from the Sage 300 company software.

Reasons for Sage 300 Error 49153

  • Connectivity issues: One of the most possible reasons for the Error 49153 to occur on your computer screen while trying to log in to Sage 300 database is due to your connectivity. Often, poor network connections prevent you from accessing the Sage 300 database. Therefore, the first thing which you need to check upon is your network and connection.
  • Invalid server: Another reason could be that you have to input the wrong credentials for logging in to the drive. When faced with such errors like 49153, always revert and check whether the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and the Data Source Name (DSN) is valid or not. Once you input the correct resources, you will be redirected to a new page where the server will connect you to the records stored in Sage 300.
  • Invalid SQL: It often happens that users tend to input an invalid structured query language (SQL) because of which the system denies access and shows error. While trying to operate the Sage 300 company database, make sure you have correctly placed the credentials so that no error occurs. You can also take help and cross-check with your admin for the correct credentials.

Steps to Resolve How to Fix Sage 300 Access Denied Error 49153

Given below are the steps on How to Fix Sage 300 Access Denied Error 49153 on your computers. Go through them so that you can fix this error in no time and access the database for your perusal.

Step 1 – Select “Start” on your desktop.
Step 2 – Select “All Programs” from the menu.
Step 3 – Click on Sage and the version you are using (for example, Sage 300 2020).
Step 4 – Then select “Database Setup”. You will be redirected to a new window where you will have to submit details like the User ID and Password.
Step 5 – From your database profile, check if the database name, server name, data source, login ID have been input correctly.
Step 6 – Go on to the “Control Panel” and then select “Data Sources” from the “Administrative tools.”
Step 7 – Check the Data Source administrator along with the DSN and server name.
Step 8 – The window asking for “SQL Authentication” must be provided with your User ID and password.
Step 9 – Check whether the rest of the settings are set to default.
Step 10 – Lastly, you can check your connectivity from the DSN. You could also try reinstalling the SQL drive as an alternative if your database connection is still not established.
Step 11 – If access is still being denied, you can cross-check with the SQL Server.
Step 12 – For this, you will have to go to the “Start” button and select “Run.”
Step 13 – When you press “Run”, a pop up will then show which asks for the name of the internet resource, database, program or folder. Type “Services.msc” in that box.
Step 14 – Wait for the SQL Server to start on its own. If it doesn’t then right-click and select “start” to run the process.
Step 15 – A new window will then appear on your device’s screen. It will display the status as “Started.” Now you can log in to Sage and then log in to the Sage 300 database.

Thus, these were the standard steps to fix error 49153 for Sage products. If still, any problems persist while logging in, then you could contact a tech-professional to resolve the crisis. Remember this accounting and payroll product, that is, Sage 300 is easy to operate but only when it is accessed by tech-experts and accounting professionals.

Sage Data Conversion to the Current Format

All software requires to be upgraded with time and Sage 50 is no different. You will need to update the accounting software to its new and latest version to be able to work faster and better. The new features added in the upgraded version give more productivity and scalability to its users. You can connect to the Accounting Advice team to get information about the new version of Sage 50. If you require updating your software to the latest format available, then you must follow the steps mentioned below. 

Sage Data Conversion to the Current Format: Steps to take before the conversion

Certain instructions need to be followed before the conversion. They are as follows

  • Your company file’s backup must be created. 
  • You need to note down the Company file’s name and location by going to the Properties option under Files. 
  • The Simple Accounting Edition 7.0 or less than that, the file type is .asc
  • The Simple Accounting Edition 8.0 till the year 2007, the file type is .sdb
  • The 2008 edition or higher, the file type is .sai
  • You must keep the UAC-User Account Control off when the conversion is processing.
  • To do the above step, you must open UAC by going to the Control Panel.
  • When the conversion is processing, you must make sure to turn off Anti-Spyware, Anti-virus, and Firewall devices.
  • You must save all the data on a desktop before launching Advanced Database Check. Then shift them back to their initial location after converting them.

Sage Data Conversion to the Current Format: Steps to Convert

Now let us see, how to convert the old version of Sage 50 to the current Format.
Step 1: You have to open the latest upgraded application of Sage 50.
Step 2: A welcome screen will appear with several options.
Step 3: You have to select the “Open your last company” option and click on OK. After you click OK, a message will appear on the screen regarding the new format. You will have to keep clicking on Next until the Finish option appears. 
Step 4: Choose the “Select an Existing Company” and click OK.
Step 5: You will have to convert the Look in Field to a folder where all your data files are located.
Step 6: Select your data and click OK.
Step 7: You will have to keep clicking on Next that appears along with a message regarding the latest version. 
Step 8: After you pass the Upgrade Wizard display on the screen click on Finish.

Sage Data Conversion to the Current Format: Issues faced

Several issues come up while the conversion from the old version to the current version goes on.

  • You might have trouble opening Sage 50 after conversion.
  • You might face trouble in converting the older version to the current format.
  • There might be an issue with Automatic Backup.
  • The conversion processing can fail.
  • You might have trouble converting the data from the older to the new version of Sage 50.

Troubleshoot when the conversion fails

Firstly, you must restart your PC if there is any issue while converting the data file from the older to the current version. After restarting the PC, again start with the process.

There are certain reasons why your data conversion can fail:

  • If your computer locks up.
  • If a power outage occurs.
  • If you mistakenly closed Sage 50 during conversion.
  • If you turned the PC while the conversion is going on.


After you restart the computer you need to restore the backup data before making the conversion. Data conversions are generally required when you are looking to install an upgraded version of Sage 50. For the maintenance of older products, you must update it and therefore have to do data conversion. You can upgrade the older version to the current format without having to uninstall the product. You can easily save the old company data and shift it to the new company folder. 

Precautionary steps before launching- Data Wizard conversion

Before launching the Data Wizard Conversion, you must follow the precautionary steps:

  • To speed up the process of conversion without any errors, you will have to disable anti-virus, close all the applications, and turn off screensavers.
  • You must have enough hard disk space before making any conversions as Sage 50 utilizes the extra space when converting the data temporarily.

There are different steps to troubleshoot different causes of error in your desktop while the conversion is going on. For example;

  • If non-existing errors appear during conversion.
  • If problems appear on a network during conversion.
  • If the conversion fails continuously.

Download Sage 50 2021 For Windows 10 & MAC


Since its inception, Sage 50 has served both mid and small size businesses. The business emerges in terms of scalability and productivity with the help of its several impressive features. Mac is a technology-driven and fast system. The iOS system of Mac allows different software to run on the system. The new Sage 50 of 2021 is an updated version loaded with the latest features. The advanced version of Sage 50 is beneficial for every Sage user. It improves the working experience and is available with the Auto-entry feature. Let us look at what new features are offered in the upgraded Sage 50 of 2021. 

Download Sage 50 2021 for Windows 10 & MAC: What’s New?

  • In-product messaging
  • Security updates of Gmail
  • Open company window
  • In-built Auto-Entry
  • Vendor bills/memorized invoice

Download Sage 50 for Windows 10 & MAC: Download, Installation & Activation

You need to follow the steps given below to download the installation files of Sage 50-2021.

  • Click on the “Services” option and select “Check for Updates”.
  • Select “Check now”. 
  • Choose the Sage 50_2021 option and press “Download”.
  • After the download is over, follow the instructions that pop up on the screen when you close Sage. 

Once you have downloaded the file of Sage 50 2021, you must execute it on your desktop by double-clicking on the file. Before that, you need to check certain requirements before making the installation of Sage 50-2021. 

  • The minimum requirements of the system must be met.
  • You must reboot your desktop and close the non-important programs and Microsoft before installing the software.
  • Antivirus must be turned off till the time installation is complete. 
  • The firewall and notifications must be left on.
  • User Accounts Control should be set to a minimum.

After installing the file, you have to activate the software to make it work. For the activation of Sage 50-2021 on the desktop, you need to follow these steps:

  • After the installation is done, click on the Finish option.
  • Go to the Help option and select Sage 50 Activation and then choose Licensing and Subscription.
  • Click on “Activate Now”.
  • An activation form tab will open.
  • You need to enter the valid information of the company and select ok.
  • After you click on an activation window will be launched.
  • You can check the Activation status by going to “About Sage 50 2021 Activation” under the Help option.
  • Your activation is complete if there is a Customer ID, serial number, and Plan level.

Sage 50 2021: Download For Windows 10 & MAC:

You can download Sage 50 2021 on both Windows 10 and MAC. After you download the file, the installation procedure is different in both a single computer and server. 

Installation on a single computer can be done by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Double click the file to start installing Sage 50.
  • Follow the prompts on your screen to install the Accounting requirements.
  • Click on “Agree to terms and conditions”.
  • Click on “Auto Configure the Windows Firewall to install and run Sage 50” and select next.
  • Enter the company data and select the location to proceed with the installation.
  • After the installation is completed, open the program and click on activation of Sage 50.
  • Open the company one after another and convert the data to the upgraded version.

Installation of the file at the Server can be done by following the steps mentioned below:

  • You must download the installation file of Sage 50 on the server.
  • Double click on the downloaded file to install it.
  • When installing the file, click on the message “Will this be the only computer running Sage 50?” and select no.
  • Select the message “This computer is the server” and chooses the “Next” option.
  • See the install options and then proceed further with the process.
  • The data files of the storage screen appear, choose the “Share” option and select “Next”. 
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Call Now: +1 315-226-4066
Call Now: +1 315-226-4066