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How to fix AOL Mail not working on Mac

How to fix AOL Mail not working on Mac is a commoner issue than one might usually think. Most of the problems linked to AOL Mail on Mac systems revolve around receipt or dispatch of email messages. The outgoing and incoming mechanisms have to be suitably fixed in order to solve all these problems.

How to fix AOL Mail not working on Mac- Some quick tips

How to fix AOL Mail not working on Mac is not such a big dilemma. These are some steps that you can consider following:

  • Get AOL Mail installed on your Mac and then visit the email menu prior to choosing Preferences.
  • Thereafter, open up the account tab and then choose the AOL Mail account.
  • You should then choose Account Information and then check for any mistyping in terms of the email address. If yes, choose the drop-down arrow for your email address and select the option for editing.
  • Double tap for the full name or email address on AOL Mail and then edit all the information that has been mistyped, prior to choosing OK.
  • For editing passwords which have been mistyped, choose system preferences. Choose Internet Preferences and then AOL entries for this tab.
  • Enter the right email id and password before tapping on details.
  • If required, you can get the full name, description and password for AOL Mail changed.

Some other things to remember

You can also tap on the menu for AOL Mail and then choose Preferences, prior to tapping the accounts tab and clicking on AOL Mail. You can then tap on server settings and change this to the AOL mail server at the menu for outgoing mail. You can use the menu and choose to edit the STMP server list for verification of the settings. You can also check the list (outgoing) for AOL mail servers and find the mail entry prior to ensuring that all your settings are accurate.

You may require some additional information during the process. This is what you should make a note of:

  • IMAP server: This is
  • IMAP User Name: This refers to the screen name
  • IMAP password: This refers to the password for AOL Mail
  • IMAP Port: This is 993
  • IMAP TLS/SSL: This has to be set to Required
  • SMTP server address:
  • SMTP user name: This is the screen name for AOL Mail
  • SMTP password: This is the password for AOL Mail
  • SMTP port: 587
  • SMTP TLS/SSL: Needed

Following the above mentioned steps will help you fix this problem with aplomb.

AOL Mail Support Service

AOL Mail Support :

Founded in 1993, AOL mail is owned by Verizon Communications. During the period of the 1990s and early 2000s, AOL mail came to acquire stupendous popularity. The mail services are offered in more than 50 different languages, and when it comes to the field of web-mail services, this is a much older player as compared to Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, and so on. The technology is further simplified by the feature- Assist by AOL. It boasts a team of tech experts who are always available on call and can be contacted for AOL Mail Support assistance.

It covers almost any technical issue, however big or small, on almost any device, including-

  1. Speeding up your slow computer
  2. Freeing your computer of viruses
  3. Troubleshooting your printer, network or wireless connection
  4. Using your smartphone, Smart TV, gaming systems, and so on

Irrespective of the make or model, if something goes wrong, Assist by AOL is always at your disposal. The tech experts supporting the team are well-equipped with computers, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, wireless networks, routers, printers, scanners, Smart TVs, and even gaming consoles. The mail support service by AOL can help you deal with any issue that involves technology. What’s more, if you have got a new device, the team can also help you learn how to use it. It is also efficient at removing viruses, speeding up computers and recovering lost data. It is also extremely helpful when it comes to installing software and setting up wireless networks.

A tech expert will ask you to open a browser and direct you to their secure site. Once the site opens, it will give you a unique session key that connects your computer to theirs. At that time, you will be given a prompt to give control to the tech expert. After that you can work independently. Besides ensuring absolute safety and security, Assist by AOL Mail Support experts make use of a secure, remote connection to log into your computer and resolve any issue.

How to Fix Blerk Error 1 in AOL Mail

Blerk Error 1 in AOL Mail :

“Blerk! Your sign-in got derailed…”- are you getting this error on your AOL mail? Well, it can be interpreted as an indication that you won’t be able to sign in to your mail account. The error message can also read “Internal Server Error”. Sometimes, it might so happen that you can access the main AOL page but immediately afterwards, you will not be able to log in. this browser based error is, in fact, quite common, especially if you are using an outdated version of a browser. It may also lead to AOL mail authentication process issues. The following could be the reasons to encounter Blerk Error 1 code while accessing your AOL mail account:

  1. Using an old version of your web browser
  2. Issues with your AOL Desktop Gold
  3. Huge history data or unclean cookies

How to Blerk Error 1 In AOL Mail

Irrespective of the browser you are using, be it Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or any other platform, this error code can pop up. Generally speaking, you should active the Protection Mode in your browser and reset the settings, thoroughly check your security settings in the browser, and make a habit to regularly clean history, cookies, footprints, and cache memory.

The following steps will help you resolve ‘Blerk Error 1 in AOL Mail’ for each browser individually:

  • For Google Chrome:
    • Open the browser and go to three horizontal dots
    • Select Settings option and choose Advanced
    • Click on Privacy and Securityoption in the Advanced drop-down menu
    • Scroll down and click on Content Settings option
    • Hit on Cookies and click on the option- see all cookies and site data
    • Click on Remove All
  • Mozilla Firefox:
    • Open the browser and click on the three-line icon in the top right corner
    • Select the Help option in the drop-down menu
    • Click on Restart with Add-ons Disabled option
    • Once the popup menu comes, click on Start in Safe Mode button

Firefox will restart with Safe Mode enabled.

  • Internet Explorer:
    • Open the browser and visit Tools option in the menu bar
    • Choose Internet Options and click on the Security tab bar
    • Select Internet Zone and mark check to Enable Protected Mode check-box
    • Tap on Trusted sites zone and mark check to the Enable Protected Mode check-box
    • Shut down the Internet Explorer and Restart

However, if the error still continues, directly get in touch with the AOL technical support team to get instant help. It often seems to be a major roadblock to users but generally this error is easy to fix. Also, as a preventive measure, it is a good idea to keep taking backups of your data.

How to Fix AOL mail login Page not Found Error

AOL Mail login Site – Having forayed into the email world since 1985, AOL was quick to climb up the popularity charts as a free email service worldwide. It not only offers an array of attractive features but also promises a 250GB mailbox size, which is truly amazing. Un-send email feature, calendar AIM panel etc. are some of the other benefits users can enjoy. Besides, it also offers the following:

  1. Allows attaching a 25MB file in a single email.
  2. Provides a storage capacity of 1000 new and 4000 old messages
  3. Equipped with advanced security features to prevent your account from getting hacked
  4. Supports POP3, SMTP, and IMAP
  5. Accompanied by auto-correction and spells check features

If you are facing issues with the AOL Mail login errors you can try the quick fixes below:

Check the Internet :

if there is a problem with the network, it will surely affect the login process. First and foremost, make sure that your device has a proper connection with Internet. If the network is not good enough, try switching on to a different one, and then retry signing in to your AOL account.

Verify browser settings :

clear the entire history of the browser, along with the caches and the saved cookies, before you try to log in again. If the error persists, use a different browser. It is also advisable to disable the pop-ups and extensions, if any.

Recheck the login credentials :

in case you do not remember the correct password, follow the steps below:

  • Launch a browser and visit
  • Enter the user-name and select ‘Next’
  • Click on the option ‘Trouble Signing In’
  • You can either change the password by using an email address or via the phone number that is linked to your account
  • Whichever method you choose, you will receive the verification code
  • Immediately after entering the code, you can set a new password for your AOL account

Disable the antivirus :

it might so happen that AOL is having issues due to the antivirus software installed on your device. To verify the same, you can try disabling the antivirus for a while and trying to login again

Change firewall settings :

some of the unknown websites may be blocked due to firewall installed on your device. To fix this, change the settings as follows-

  • Go to Control Panel or Windows Setting and type ‘Windows Firewall’ in the search box.
  • Select the option ‘Allowed Programs’ and then verify if the AOL site is being allowed.
  • Uncheck the box for ‘web filtering’ options.
  • Restart the browser and try to aol mail sign in now again

How to Create an AOL Mail Account

AOL Account :

How to Create an AOL Mail AccountAOL Mail is one of the most user-friendly and safe platforms for communication, serving millions of people across the globe. Besides all the standard features, including world-class spam protection, speed and reliability, as well as a mobile mailbox, create an AOL mail account offers a host of additional benefits such as unlimited customer support. You can take your pick from millions of user names and a very approachable and lucid design.

Create an AOL Mail Account :

To create an AOL mail account, simply visit the AOL website, where you will find a link. The link will allow you to access an existing email account or create a new account. Just enter your name, mobile number and birthday to get started. Make sure you choose the name of the email account itself. Also, keep in mind that when it comes to creating an AOL email address, it is advisable to choose one that reflects your business name, as your email id will come up in the contacts of clients as well as business contacts. It might so happen that the name you choose is unavailable in which case, you have to pick up a name that is as similar as possible to the name of your choice.

Thereafter AOL will send a message to your cell help desk as a verification of the fact that you are the owner of the account, before proceeding further with the signup process. Once you are done, you can start using your account to send and receive messages to clients and business contacts. There are several advantages of using an AOL mail account, the primary one being there is no monthly fee involved. AOL also offers an app where you can enjoy direct access to your email through a cell phone or tablet.

You can also use a third party app to obtain a copy of your messages and to send and receive messages as well.

Besides AOL promises the facility of creating multiple usernames under one account, which is extremely useful when it comes to keeping your client email separate from the one you use for business purposes with your suppliers and other contacts. As far as storage is concerned, AOL provides relatively unlimited storage for your messages. Your account will be accompanied by spam blocking options to keep unwanted messages at bay, along with security services which prevent potentially harmful email attachments and messages from affecting your computer adversely. Also, through this free service, you will be able to create an online address book for your important contacts.

How to Fix AOL Mail Login Problem on iPhone

Fix AOL Mail Login Problem :-

A subsidiary of Verizon Communications, AOL Mail is a web-based email service that allows users to stay connected to their near and dear ones, thanks to the quick server that facilitates sending and receiving of mails. You can set up an AOL account on your iPhone with the help of the Mail application. However, iPhone users often face issues when it comes to logging into their AOL Mail Login accounts or receiving new mails.

The following are some of the possible solutions :

Using Airplane Mode :

there is a common error that pops up, preventing users from receiving new email even after refreshing their inbox. If you are facing it too, in all likelihood, there is a network issue from your end and not from the application itself. Sometimes your iPhone indicates the presence of an Internet connection, even if it not there. Try switching on to the Airplane mode to resolve any potential network issue in your AOL Mail Login.

How to Fix AOL Mail Login Problem on iPhone

Resetting your Network Settings :

even if turning your airplane mode on and off does not eliminate the loading issue, chances are there is some issue with your network, whereby your iPhone is unable to catch the network effectively, or you are slightly out of the coverage range. In that case, you can refresh the network on your iPhone by resetting the network settings.

Removing AOL account from your iPhone and adding it back :

this can be an effective way to refresh your account, in order to be able to receive all your new mails on your device quickly.

Setting up 2-step verification of AOL mail on iPhone :

if you have enabled the 2-step verification process for your AOL account, then this might be the reason for AOL mail not working on your phone. To fix this issue, follow the steps below-

  1. Go to the Account Security page of the AOL mail on your device
  2. Select the “Manage” option and ensure that your 2-step verification process is turned on
  3. Select the “Connect Apps” option and then select the iOS Mail application and then select your iOS device
  4. Click on the “Generate App Password” option to derive the unique password
  5. Copy the password and go to the AOL Mail Login account page in the iPhone settings
  6. If the AOL account is not added to your iPhone, follow the aforementioned steps to set it up
  7. After clicking on “Save” to confirm the change in password, you will soon be able to use your AOL mail on your iPhone

Getting in touch with the developers directly :

if none of the above solutions seem to work for you, then there might be some problem within the app itself- be it some server issue, some app bugs, or anything else. Under such circumstances, the safest way is to seek assistance from the customer support, who will be able to offer more accurate information and valid answers to your queries.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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