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Restore Dell Vostro to its factory settings

Learn how to restore Dell Vostro to its factory settings

Certainly your Dell Vostro would have changed a lot since its date of purchase. You would have made a lot of modifications and changed its settings according to your preferences. However, in due course of time, you may want to restore Dell Vostro to its original factory settings. And when you restore your Dell Vostro to its factory settings, it should be done with great caution.

Before you begin restoring the factory settings, it is imperative to take a backup of all files and folders on a DVD or external drive. This is necessary because when you bring your Dell Vostro back to its original default settings, it erases the entire system information.


Here’s is an easy-to-follow procedure to restore Dell Vostro to factory settings.


Step 1: Restart your laptop and as it restarts, press the ‘F8’ key on your keyboard. Wait until the ‘Advanced Boot Options’ menu appears.

Step2:  In the ‘Advanced Boot Options’ menu, press the down arrow key to select ‘Repair Your Computer’. Press ‘Enter’.

Step 3: Choose a preferred language and click ‘Next’.

Step 4: Now log in any Administrator user account. Then click ‘OK’.

Note: A user account that doesn’t have Administrator privileges’ cant restore the laptop to its default settings.

Step 5: Click ‘Dell Factory Image Restore’.

Step 6: Click ‘Next’ in the ‘Dell Factory Image Restore’ window.

Step 7: Tick mark ‘Yes, reformat hard drive and restore system software to factory condition’. Click ‘Next’.

Step 8: The laptop will begin to restore at this point. Once the restoration process is completed, click ‘Finish’.

Your Dell Vostro will restart the final restoration.


Dell 1800 Number for USA

Support Phone Number for Dell®

Online PC Support brings robust technical support for all Dell® products including laptops, desktops, printers, drivers etc. under the assistance of Online PC Support Certified Technicians.

Give us a call at our toll free number to seek assistance in solving any problem with Dell® computers. You can also give our technicians the power to remotely access your computer and solve all the technical issues remotely via the Internet.

Under our exhaustive technical support services for Dell®, we include Windows® installation on Dell® desktop or laptop, resolving popup problems, troubleshooting errors/booting issues, fixing Internet connectivity issues, virus and spyware removal, installing and updating critical system patches, scan and fix registry issues etc. We will also optimize and configure your Dell® products for faster performance and more productivity.

Call now at Online PC support phone number for Dell® and avail our support services for Dell®. We are available anytime, anywhere.If you need help with restoring Dell Vostro to factory settings there are technicians available.


Here’s what you get with our service:

  • All we need is the green light and our tech experts will remotely access your Dell® computers and offer best support.
  • Our tech experts work on a rotational basis to ensure 24/7 all year round assistance.
  • We have the best support technicians for Dell® who are skilled and have undergone intensive training.

Scope of Service

Under Online PC Support annual unlimited subscription plan, you will also be entitled to our other services which include:

  • Diagnostic & repair for your technologies
  • Troubleshoot software errors
  • Update drivers and security to protect against online threats
  • Connect to the Internet, devices and peripherals
  • Optimize your PC’s  speed and performance

At Online PC Support, we support all Dell® products including Dell® notebooks, Dell® desktops, Dell® printers, Dell® drivers, Dell® monitors, and Dell® projectors.


Dell Studio Computers Support Phone Number

Dell® Studio Computers

Dell Studio PCs are targeted essentially at students, business people and basic home users. The laptops which are under this particular series are very thin and light weight. Dell launched the latest series to provide more features at an affordable price. Comparing Dell Studio laptops with other computers, you would notice that this particular series stands out in terms of several aspects. Dell Studio laptops are reliable, efficient and fast. However, users may sometimes require assistance to fix technical problems that may occur. Talking about technical problems, there are issues which can come up in installing the Windows OS; hard disk errors, device drivers not responding, personal data infected with spyware, freezing of applications etc are a few to name. In case you are not a technical person, get in touch with Online PC support to speak to expert technicians. They can offer you tech support for Dell Studio computers and guide you to keep your PC in fine working condition.


The experienced technicians of Online PC support are competent in resolving each and every problem that may be encountered on your Dell Studio computer. For example, if you are trying to connect a wireless router, but your Dell Studio laptop is not accepting the drivers, then we can guide you to boot your laptop in Safe Mode with the network to start the driver installation wizard. In addition to this, we can set-up the wireless router by configuring the network protocols so that you can easily browse the web. You may have to perform disk cleanup on a regular basis so that the system responds well. For this, we can clear the cache which is scattered on the hard drive and also update Windows on Dell Studio computers.


Spyware is a type of malicious program which can infect the system files and degrade the speed of your Dell Studio laptop. To protect your personal data as well as system files, the skilled technicians of Online PC support can find out the most effective antispyware software and configure the settings. Avail tech support for Dell Studio computers from Online PC support if you want to learn important tips and tricks that can be used in urgent situations to fix issues with your PC.


Dell Security Support Phone Number

Security Support for Dell®

A computer system is the most private locker that holds much of our delicate information which we barely allow anyone to access. The ever increasing army of online threats adware, spyware and malwares – is crawling into our systems without our knowledge. Things become terrible as these malicious programs influence the functionality of our PCs and laptops.


Spyware, pop-ups and spam are the most frustrating problems that every computer user faces. We can recommend you effective and suitable antivirus & antispyware software and also install it.

We are good at properly healing viruses, patching up the damage and safely protecting your data against these online threats for the future.


At Online PC support, our technicians can help you with services like virus removal, antivirus installation, firewall installation and configuration, PC optimization, Internet optimization.If you are looking for Dell studio support by phone we can help you with that.


Our expert personnel can tell you how to cope malicious virus attack on your system. Our service package includes scanning computer registry settings, configuring antispyware and antivirus, healing viruses, blocking adware, pop-ups, phishing attacks and malware.

Scope of Service


  • Scan and remove virus and other malicious objects residing in your Dell machine
  • Fast and effective virus detection and removal support
  • Install antivirus and antispyware program on your Dell computer
  • Educate you about common PC threats and their solution
  • Installation of security products
  • Tips to stay safe online


Key Features

  • Increase computer efficiency by enhancing your PC security
  • Save time and money by decreasing costly manual interference
  • Unlimited tech support 365 days a year without any hold time
  • Problem solutions by industry certified technicians
  • Support for home as well as business users


Support for Dell® Screen Issues

Fix Dell® Screen Issues

Mostly the screens of Dell desktops or laptops display the content with high resolution. It is an amazing experience while watching movies or playing games on a Dell computer screen. However, sometimes users may face Dell screen issues such as black screen, blank screen or blue screen errors. There can be many reasons behind a black or a blank screen like improper installation of software, Windows operating system infected with viruses, attaching an incompatible device and downloading display drivers from a malicious website. In that case, get in touch with Online PC Support Certified Technicians who can guide you to take proper care to overcome all Dell screen issues which might show Dell black screen or Dell blank screen errors.

If you are trying to install a program on your Dell laptop, but in a hurry you ended the wizard, the Windows OS may crash and the blue screen error may occur. To fix this issue, the technicians of Online PC Support can help you to install the programs by going through each step in the installation wizard. The best way to avoid the Dell blue screen error is to deploy the right drivers. We can remotely access your Dell PC and check the version of Windows so that compatible drivers can be installed. However, if you download the display drivers from an illegal website, a blank screen may come up while booting. It is recommended that you must download the device drivers from a genuine website.

Facing Issues with Dell Screen Get support now


Dell screen problems can also occur due to booting errors. Do not wait for a single minute and call Online PC support to get complete support from skilled technicians who can guide you to protect your Dell computer from viruses. At times, viruses can also try to hide within the system files and may block the start up files and further boot your Dell PC with a black screen. As a precaution, we can configure an effective antivirus to guard against viruses so that Dell screen related issues do not occur. Thus, you can enjoy a great visual experience on your Dell computer screen by getting help from Online PC Support.

Dell Product Issues Support

Dell® Product Issues

There are many Dell products like desktops, laptops, routers, printers, storage devices, etc. If you are having a device by Dell and if it is not working, then avail Dell product support services provided by Online PC Support and fix all kinds of computer and router issues. As a matter of fact, computer products such as desktops or laptops require regular maintenance for enhanced performance. Sometimes, Dell computers can encounter system related errors, problems with configured drivers, security issues or even speed issues. In that case, Dell product support by Online PC support Certified Technicians can prove to be of great help to resolve those issues. We can troubleshoot the troubled applications and update them regularly so that they do not work slowly.You can get support for Dell screen issues whether it is blue or black screen.

Security is another issue when using a Dell computer. To offer security on your Dell computer, we can set-up an effective antivirus program which can guard against all the viruses and malware. Through Dell product support services offered by Online PC support Expert Technicians, you can increase the speed of your Dell product by deleting the cache and damaged registry keys. Additionally, we can try to reduce the system errors by uninstalling unnecessary programs. At times, a Dell product such as a router or printer may face issues. To deal with the problems with printers, you can avail Dell product support provided by Online PC Support and we can help you search the latest drivers over the web and can guide you to re-configure the device.

Being an Internet user, you might be having a Dell router. You may easily get unlimited support for Dell products by Online PC support in order to fix the router problems. If you are unable to browse the Internet due to errors caused by your configured router then we can deploy the updated drivers for that router and assist you to reset the router settings. To offer you safety, we can access the administrative page for Dell router and modify the authentication details. Dell product support offered by Online PC support include 24/7 technical assistance for fixing the problems that may be caused on a Dell product, be it a desktop or a laptop. We can install and update the Windows operating system so that all the connected devices can respond well.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003