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Netflix Error R3000 on Xbox 360

Netflix error code R3000 occurs on your Xbox 360.This error is not that big of an issue you can simply resolve by following few steps and fix it in no time.

You need to refresh the old data on your device and you may have to perform some other tasks if that doesn’t work.

Why did you get the Error R3000?

  1. You have Cache on your device.
  2. Old data on your device may cause this error.
  3. You have not updated your Netflix to the newest version.


Steps to Fix Netflix Error Code R3000 with easy steps:

  • Remove the Cache and Cookies from your device


  1. Follow these steps Guide Button>Settings>System Settings>Storage.
  2. You have to Select/Highlight Hard drive or Storage and press Y.
  3. Delete the cache after that.
  4. You have to restart the Netflix again and see if everything is working fine.


  • Go to your Hard Drive and delete old and New Netflix on it.
  • You may have to Delete the Netflix Application and reinstall it again.
  1. Follow these Steps Xbox Dashboard>Apps>My Apps>Netflix App>Delete the app
  2. Yes to confirm
  3. To reinstall the App Go to Xbox 360 Dashboard>Apps>Netflix App
  4. Once your installation is done try Netflix again


If the above solutions don’t work to fix Error code R2000 let us know your feedback. We will assign a technician who can help you fix this issue in no time.

How to fix Netflix Error Code U7353 in Windows 10 PC?

Why are you getting Netflix Error U7353 in Windows 10 and how to Fix it?

If you are using a Windows computer you may see this error u7353 you don’t have to worry as the solution for this problem is right here made available to you. All you have to do is to refresh data on your computer and this will be fixed on no time.

This error is very common and there are some easy steps for any windows 10 user to get rid of it and you can enjoy watching your shows and movies on Netflix application. After the creator update this has become an issue with the Netflix user on Windows computer.

·       Steps to fix Netflix Error U7353 on Windows computer:

1.     On your windows computer go down to the left hand corner. Type “apps and features in the space provided.

2.     Follow this to reset the Netflix application. Apps and features>Click Netflix>select Advanced options>Reset and confirm the process.

3.     You should also check for any updates available for Netflix or your windows computer this may be reason of conflict and the occurrence of the Error U7353.If there is any update which is pending please do that and restart Netflix again this should sort out the issue.

4.     Resetting Netflix would also help you to resolve the error U7353.You can simply uninstall or reinstall the application to get rid of the error.

5.     You can also try to change the DNS in Windows. It is a few step process should be able to fix the problem.

Why do you get this Netflix Error U7353?

1.     Application not been updated. Netflix and windows 10 PC.

2.     Issues after the Creator update for Windows.


If you are still not able to fix this Netflix error code you can contact our team of experts those who can help you fix this issue in not time.




How to fix Netflix error Code N8354?For Mac and Windows

Netflix error Code n8354 Silverlight Plug-in in MAC and Windows

If for some reason you can’t use your Netflix Application to watch a movie and you are seeing an Error Netflix Error code n8354 this may be a reason because of Silverlight Plug in which is used in Netflix to store data to play movies. This may be because of some issue with the registry of your computer.

Netflix Error n8354 can occur both in Windows and MAC OS and you may have to go through the below steps to fix the error on your application and enjoy your movie.


  • In case of Netflix Error on Mac Computer you will to follow the below steps to resolve the Error Code N8354:

Step 1:

You will have to check which browser you are trying to run Netflix application on you may want to change it with another Browser some of the good option are Internet Explorer,Google Chrome or Mozilla.

Step 2:

If you don’t wish to change your Browser you will have to clear all the cookies on your computer and Sign out from Netflix app and sign back in.

Step 3:

Quit the browser and restart your computer.


  • In case if you are using Windows Computer follow the below steps to fix Error n8354


You will have to use another browser

Step 2:

Fix your browser by deleting cache and cookies once that is done you will have to restart your browser.

Step 3:

Shut down the Netflix application and Start again





5 easy steps to fix Netflix Error M7020

Netflix Error M7020

When you are trying to watch a movie on Netflix and you get an error M7020 you don’t have to worry as this error is there because of your browser issue nothing to do with Netflix. There are some easy solutions to get rid of this issue. This error normally occurs when there is information stored on your browser and that needs to be refreshed.


How to fix Netflix Error M7020?


If you are using Google Chrome Browser

Step 1:

On the top of Google Chrome browser you will see three dots you have to click on that and look for the options available.

Step 2:

You have to look for the option “Settings” and then Select “Advanced Settings”

Step 3:

In the Advance settings click on “Privacy and Security” and in order for refreshing the data you have to clear your browsing data and cookies.

Step 4:

You will have clear all the data from the beginning itself and clean the browsing data.

Step 5:

You will have to open Netflix again.


If this problem is still there you will have to contact technicians and we will assist you in fixing this issue and provide you support when you need most. We provide you support round the clock and we will cover other issues as well.



FIXED Netflix says ‘Whoops, Something Went Wrong (F1).’

How to Fix ‘Whoops, Something Went Wrong’ in Netflix?

Whenever you see the message while using Netflix you don’t have to worry it may be an issue with your Windows 10 PC. You can easily sort this out by uninstalling Netflix and then reinstalling again and the issue will be sorted if you are still facing the same issue you may have to follow the below steps to resolve the problem.

Before trying the above method you may want to just unplug your computer and switch it back on after a minute you may see everything working fine.

Here are the steps:
In order to Uninstall Netflix from your computer do the following:
1. Open Netflix-Look for the Start Menu-Then you have to Type Netflix.
2. You have right click on Netflix app
3. Then uninstall the Netflix app
4. You have to look for Start menu and choose store-Type Netflix-Select Netflix
5. Install and check if this is working fine
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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003