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Mesmerize your siblings with a robust same day Rakhi delivery in India

Rakhi, or Raksha Bandhan as they call it, is a festival of love. One day when you can go all and you want to go all out to amaze your brothers and sisters. Not just a brother-sister thing, it is a family affair and everyone likes in on the celebrations. There a tradition of presenting our siblings with gifts for the occasion and brothers and sisters look forward to this with anticipation.

So gifts are important, but which ones? How to send them to any part of India? What if I am living outside the nation? Is there something I can do to still be able to celebrate the festival? Of course, you can. What follows is a comprehensive answer to all your questions regarding Rakhi.

We are in the age of self driving cars and machines doing most of the heavy lifting. Technology can surely help us send gifts to India. As a matter of fact, it has been helping millions. Now shopping does not really mean going to your local store and buying stuffing, more and more people are going online to shop for gifts.

Indulge in Rakhi gifts shopping at any trusted online gift store. There are plenty of stores with a range of gifts that will surely suffice your gifting needs for the occasion. Traditionally sweets, dry fruits and chocolates have been associated with Rakhi, especially the gifts that sisters send to their brothers, shop for Rakhi with sweets, Rakhi with chocolates and Rakhi with dry fruits.

Brothers usually present their sisters with money. However, one can be more thoughtful and get a gift for the same money. Chocolates to personalized gifts and sarees to make up kit, sisters will definitely revel all those.

Same day Rakhi delivery in India

Just selecting gifts is not important, getting them delivered is. Make sure that the website you are collaborating with to amaze your brothers and sisters has an impeccable delivery system. Check if they offer Same day Rakhi delivery and other delivery options like the fixed time delivery or the midnight Rakhi gifts delivery in India. These delivery options will be very helpful to surprise them that extra bit. Also, they will be your savior if you forget to send gifts.

Choose from the best sweets and get them delivered with Rakhi with sweets delivery. Make sure you compare prices before you zero in on a website. We know that prices do not matter much when the happiness of your siblings is on the line; still getting the best deals offers happiness of its own.

Send Rakhi online or shop for other gifts related to Rakhi even if you are not in India. Most online gift stores have extended their services and now offer you a platform to select and send gifts from anywhere in the world. Just a few clicks and you can amaze anyone anywhere in India. Celebrate this festival of love with lots of gifts and warm wishes. Start searching the depths of the internet to get the best gifts.

How to Make Rakhi at Home Using Waste Material?

Sister ties a beautiful Rakhi on her brother’s wrist to celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan, literally meaning the bond of protection. Sisters pray for the prosperity and happiness of their brother while brothers vow to protect sisters. Raksha Bandhan is one of the most popular festivals in India and is usually celebrated in the month of August.

We have been celebrating Rakhi for a number of years now and the celebration itself has evolved. From simple silk threads to designer Rakhi, we have come a lot ahead. Here we are with a few homemade Rakhi ideas for you. Try these out to amaze your brother or ask your children to make them so that love between them grows exponentially.

Kids Rakhi (Spiderman/Captain America/Minion Rakhi)

Children love Rakhi related to their favorite superhero or cartoon character. There Rakhi will instill creativity in them and of course, they will enjoy making it.

1. What do you need?

  1. Ribbon
  2. Fevicol stick
  3. Chart paper
  4. Colors

2. How to Make?

  1. Draw the character in the chart paper and cut it out.
  2. Color it using relevant colors.
  3. Use fevicol stick on the back of the chart paper and the ribbon and glue them together.

You can also use unused sheets. Also, feel free to get the superhero sticker if cannot draw it.

Ganesha Rakhi

We all have wedding invitation cards left around in our homes. It is time to put them to use.

1. What you need?

  1. Ribbon
  2. Fevicol stick
  3. Chart paper
  4. Invitation cards

2. How to make?

  1. Cut a small circle out of chart paper. (you can cut the circle from the invitation card itself)
  2. Make patterns on this circle, if you want.
  3. Take the Ganesha embellishment out and stick it on the circle.
  4. Apply fevicol to the back of the circle and some on the ribbon. Proceed to glue them together.

Button and silk thread Rakhi

Have any buttons lying around? Collect them all, we are making Rakhi out of them.

1. What you need?

  1. Silk thread
  2. Fevicol stick
  3. Chart paper
  4. Colors
  5. Buttons

2. How to Make?

  1. Take the chart paper and cut 4-5 circles each one a little smaller than the previous one.
  2. Color them (if they are of the same color) or decorate them.
  3. Glue them together, with the graphics side facing up.
  4. Stick the button of top of it.
  5. Use colorful silk threads to make braided Rakhi

These are just can be used to make Rakhi. You can also buy Rakhi online from our website where you get a plenty of options. We have the Rakhi home makers who work diligently to make delightful Rakhi for your celebration. Choose from these and also shop for other gifts that we have for the festival. Chocolates to dry fruits and sweets to cakes, we have them all. Take a homemade Rakhi with chocolate delivery to send a beautiful Rakhi and a box of delicious chocolates.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249