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iHeartRadio hits 10 million users

Clear Channel Media and Entertainment just took eight months to reach a milestone that took longer for popular entertainment and communication platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Spotify and Instagram to touch. The digital radio platform iHeartRadio reached 10 million registered users in a time span of eight months.

What is iHeartRadio?

iHeartRadio is a custom radio offering that is available to only registered users. Registered users can personalize their listening experience and create free Pandora-like stations. The service/mobile app provides U.S. users with an instant access to more than 800 of the nation’s most popular live broadcast and digital-only radio stations from 150 cities, plus user-created Custom Stations.

From where to get iHeartRadio?

You can currently pick the app up for both Android and Apple’s iOS via each of their main app stores. Visit Google Play’s download page for a smartphone application for Android or head to iTunes for the iPad download or the iPhone / iPod touch version.

Image credit: iHeartRadio

Wireless speaker for Windows® launched

Oregon-based Aperion Audio has announced the launch of a wireless speaker that allows Windows-using music fans to listen to their favorite track from anywhere where there is a home network connection.

How it functions?

Named ARIS wireless speaker, the unit is developed to work with Windows 7’s ‘Play To’ feature that makes it easy to stream content from a PC over a home network. ARIS uses the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) protocol, which is supported on many new HDTVs and Blu-ray players. Once connected to a home network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, the unit will show up as a device on a networked PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Featuring a single-piece brushed aluminum enclosure, the ARIS measures 6.5 inches high, 6.5 inches deep, and 14.75 inches wide, and weighs in at 11.3 lbs. The ARIS wireless speaker for Windows is priced at US $499 and is scheduled to ship mid-June 2012. Pre-orders are presently being taken on the company website.

Internet TV on rise in the U.S.

According to the recent survey of Nielson, around three million Americans had cut their cable television subscriptions last year as an increasing number turned to the Internet.

The Nielsen survey released last week found that some of those getting rid of cable moved to packages from telecom provider or satellites, but overall subscriptions fell by 1.5 million, or around 1.5%.

Findings of survey

But still the survey proves that American TV watching is not dead. Approximately 98% of video programs watched are on TV sets, and the number of high definition TVs has grown by eight million. But the TVs are increasingly connected to the Internet or devices such as game consoles, allowing streaming of the content.

“After several years of consistent year-over-year growth, traditional TV viewing declined one half of one percent or roughly 46 minutes per month,” the Nielsen report said.

The usage of video programs on handsets has changed very little in the year, at around four hours per month, the survey found.

Transform your 1080p YouTube® videos to 3D

A move that can be termed as futuristic, Google has added a new feature that will help you to turn your 1080p YouTube videos to 3D with just a push of a button. The company has now introduced this option as a Beta feature that will let you transform your high-definition 2D videos in various 3D modes.

This amazing feature will work for all 1080p YouTube videos of less than 15 minutes duration. So, even if you have uploaded a high-definition 2D video a year back, you can still convert it into 3D with just few simple steps.

You may also need inexpensive, colored 3D glasses to watch your favorite YouTube videos in 3D. You can make an appropriate selection from ‘Red / Cyan’, ‘Green / Magenta’, and ‘Blue / Yellow’ depending upon the color of your glasses. And if you own active shutter glasses, you can opt for the ‘Interleaved’ option.

So, what are you waiting for? Just choose a YouTube video and turn it into 3D.

Groove on the move with Plantronics® BackBeat Go

If you have been waiting long for an intelligently designed, lightweight, and convenient wireless headset, then Plantronics BackBeat Go is what all you need. It is the most lightweight wireless headset released by Plantronics till date; just 13 grams to be exact.

The Bluetooth-enabled Plantronics BackBeat Go headset includes two earbuds, connected with a tangle-free cord. So, you don’t need to waste your time in untangling it again and again. The cord also features volume controls, as well as an integrated microphone to help you answer calls. You can easily connect this wireless headset with your smartphone or tablet through a Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music and make calls with ease.

Plantronics BackBeat Go offers superb sound quality with digital noise reduction. The wireless headset takes just 2.5 hours for a full charge and can give 4.5 hours of listening and talk time. You can own the headset at a price of $100 only.

Enjoy Kit Kat® break with its latest application “Break Time Friday”

How about taking a Kit Kat break? Kit Kat has always reminded us to take a well needed break amid anything (to quickly have a Kit Kat). Now Kit Kat is offering to take a fun-filled break and enjoy their latest application “Break Time Friday”.

Happening every Friday on Facebook, Kit Kat’s “Break Time Friday” application has been produced by an agency called JWT Italy. This event invites Kit Kat’s fans to get a live caricature portrait made of their favorite profile pictures by an available live artist.

To enjoy this event, all you have to do is take a break from your demanding schedule, go to Kit Kat’s Facebook page, like it, and wait to see if you are one of those lucky Kit Kat’s fans, who get hand-picked for this unusual Kit Kat break. Then you can submit your profile picture and wait to share your comical caricature made by a live artist with all your friends and give them a smile too. Don’t forget this event happens every Friday on Kit Kart’s Facebook page and is offered throughout March. So hurry, and take your worthy break with Kit Kat!

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
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