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Microsoft finally acquires Minecraft and Mojang Studio for $2.5bn

Microsoft has finally acquired the most popular video game ‘Minecraft’ and the Swedish firm Mojang that developed this popular game for $2.5bn. Minecraft is quite popular among the players and has been downloaded for more than 100 million times since its launch in the year 2009

The deal between the Microsoft and the Mojang Studio was announced by Xbox Chief Phil Spencer.

Minecraft is quite popular and is one of the top-selling apps on both the Apple’s iOS store, and Android’s Google Play. Moreover, its sale has witnessed a great jump, with it being available for XBOX One and PlayStation 4.

As stated by the Microsoft, the Mojang Team will be joining the game studio, which is responsible for games like Halo, Forza, and Fable.

Satya Nadella, Chief Executive, Microsoft said, “Minecraft is more than a great game franchise – it is an open world platform, driven by a vibrant community we care deeply about, and rich with new opportunities for that community and for Microsoft.”

However, on the other side of the story, before the deal finalized, Mojang’s founder Markus Persson had criticized Microsoft and commented that it is not worth developing apps for. At the same time, not so happy and unconvinced attitude was evident through the words of Mojang Team.  Many also expressed their concerns whether their fans would be able to get the same experience that they used to or not.

Notably, the news of a deal between the Mojang Studio and Microsoft is received well by the industry analyst – who feel that Microsoft has taken a smart step and adopted the massive community of Minecraft fans. It is surely a big deal for Microsoft, which is about to earn good business revenue through Minecraft.

Sony unveils Amazing Second Screen app for Spider-Man Blu-ray disc

If you are a die-hard Spiderman fan and have vested interest in the making of The Spider-Man, then this one is surely for you! With the launch of Sony’s Amazing Second Screen app, you get an exclusive chance to dig deep into the extraordinary universe of The Amazing Spider-Man. The app, which can be accessed exclusively on Sony Tablet S, Sony Xperia Tablet S, and Apple iPad, will sync with Spiderman’s upcoming Blu-ray Disc. It will give you a complete behind-the-scene entrance into sparkling world of The Spider-Man. Through this app you can check out the making of The Amazing Spider-Man motion picture.

The app was released a month before the scheduled launch of its companion – the Blu-ray disc, which is scheduled to be released on November 9. The release has come naturally as no blockbuster movies in 2012 can have home release without its second screen companion app. This will allow fans to view some extra content while they enjoy their movie on the TV sets. Each week, leading up to the release, new content will be unlocked through this app, which can be easily downloaded on Sony Tablets and Apple iPads.

The app works on dual interactive modes – the production mode and the timeline mode – both of them delving you deep into the Spiderman’s world with a home-bound video. Through the production mode, you can browse through the production notes and can get complete in-depth behind-the-scene coverage of film, ranging from production to development to its completion. In the timeline mode, the app syncs with the Blu-ray Disc allowing you to experience various featurettes, trivia, storyboards, interviews, and much more. In addition to this, you can also refurbish your Twitter and Facebook pages and share facts and trivia about the making of Spiderman with your friends and family.

The app gives you a complete footage of:
• Dangerous stunts performed by Andrew Garfield and the stunt team
• Photo galleries of costumes, make-up tests, and props used in the movie
• 360 degree interactive models of the Oscorp Tower and The Lizard
• Interviews with stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee, director Marc Webb, other cast and crew, and much more.

The Amazing Second Screen app is absolutely free of charge and can be easily downloaded from the App Store on iPads and from Google Play on the Sony Tablet.

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Verizon Wireless® unveils gaming app GameTanium

If you own an Android-based device and love to play games on it, here is an interesting piece of news for you.

Verizon Wireless has revealed an app that features intriguing games for ultimate gaming experience.

Dubbed as GameTanium, the app primarily is a game subscription service exclusively for Android-based smartphones and tablets. Powered by Verizon Wireless network, the app offers unlimited access to over 100 best titles for smartphones and 50 for tablets. For all the existing Verizon Wireless customers, who are thinking of subscribing the service on your Android device, it is available for a monthly fee of $5.99.

From Doodle God, World of Goo, Fruit Ninja, and more, plethora of titles are available to keep you engrossed and entertained.

Apart from this, the service will also include a parental ratings system and genuine review of all the games.
If you would like to try out and see what all is available, Verizon Wireless is offering free trial of the service, which is available for three days. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab this opportunity.

Experience the new look of Avengers Alliance on Facebook®

Do you spend umpteen hours playing Marvel: Avengers Alliance on Facebook? Developed by Playdom and now owned by Disney, Avengers Alliance has defied the expectations of the players by offering striving graphics and hours of gameplay.

To add to your gaming experience, Marvel has announced that an exclusive operations chapter from the gripping Avengers vs. X-Men will be included soon.

A ground-breaking character Magik will be incorporated along with the new content and Phoenix Five costumes for Emma Frost, Cyclops, and Colossus. In addition to this, it is also expected that the game will let the players uncover the fifth member of Phoenix Five.

Indulge yourself in the most righteous and dependable assembly of the Marvel world by participating in the Avengers Alliance on Facebook.

Sony® Corp. plans to offer cloud-gaming

Sony Corp. is planning to offer a one-of-a-kind gaming experience by streamlining games to the Internet-connected devices.

Recently, the company announced a deal worth $380 million to acquire Gaikai Inc.- a company renowned to run games on servers. Primarily, the technology allows the gaming enthusiasts participate in fast-action, graphically elegant titles via a web browser- eliminating the need to buy hardware with graphics circuitry or install exclusive gaming software. Merely, the players can simply partake in their favorite titles right on their laptops, smartphones, tabs, and even some compatible televisions.

Sony’s latest acquisition is chiefly to make an identity in the world of burgeoning technology, known as cloud gaming.

Up until now there are only a few prominent competitors in the market, including OnLive Inc., Calif., and an Aliso Viejo amongst others.

Rumors about Sony® PalyStation 4

The countdown has begun for the official release of Sony PlayStation 4. And there has been a lot of hype about the features and specifications of the imminent gaming console.

Rumors and speculations about Sony PlayStation 4

The Sony PlayStation 4 is expected to be made of eco-friendly materials, primarily those that are recyclable. The console is said to incorporate an Eco Start feature, which will enable the participants to save as well as resume games without switching off the console. It is also considered that Sony PlayStation 4 will have the ability to switch off when left idle for 30 minutes, letting the console self-charge automatically and save energy.

Apart from boasting eco-friendly features, certainly the console will have the specifications required for giving hours of intriguing gaming experience. To satisfy the gaming needs of hardcore gamers, the forthcoming Sony PlayStation 4 is speculated to have 1.5 TB hard disk drive, USB 3.0 and HDMI connect port. Full 3D support with 4K2K compatibility and support for 3D Blu-Ray are a couple of other features that can be there in the console.

Sony PlayStation 4 is anticipated to be the finest gaming console. To clear you doubts, wait till it is finally launched.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
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