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Get status of your flight, reservation and more with Google’s new update

Lately Google released a bunch of updates for its most popular and highly used search engine. This new update will enable you to see status of your flight, package delivery and hotel reservation right from the search engine. Sound confusing yet exciting? In an easy language, Google will act like your personal assistance of sorts, almost like Google Now. Filtering through your Google+ account, Gmail and Google Calendar, the search engine will bring relevant results from various services by Google.



For instance, by merely typing “When will my package arrive” Google will fetch out the details and provide you the accurate status of your package as well as where it’s at in the process of shipping.

What’s more? You can also get relevant up-to-date details about your upcoming flight. By typing “Is my flight on time” or “What is my gate number“, the search engine will quickly provide you the information.

The best part is to find the information you require, you don’t have to type in robotic phases or some specific sentences. You can simply say what you are looking for as naturally as you want. Google search now supports natural language input.

Not just this, Google will further enable you to find out your entire schedule for your next day by using unique search key like “what do I have going on tomorrow“. This functionality will significantly decrease your effort and save you from opening up your calendar or e-mail and find out the information you require. Even you can search for online purchases and Google+ Photos.

So, at this time, who all get to enjoy this new functionality in their browsers? Currently, the feature will initially be rolled out in English in the U.S.

Google makes data on Cloud Storage safe from prying eyes

There are many reasons that make Google’s Cloud Storage the most efficient and reliable infrastructure to store, access and manage data to date. It offers quick and easy access to your data from anywhere at any time. Also, there is no limit to store and manage your date. And now Google has introduced an automatic encryption for its Cloud Storage service. According to this update, all your data written to disk will be automatically encrypted for free. The prime objective behind this significant move is to protect user’s data from prying eyes.

Wondering how your data will be protected under this new system? Check out what Dave Barth, a Google product manager in a blog post said “This functionality frees you from the hassle and risk of managing your own encryption and decryption keys. We manage the cryptographic keys on your behalf using the same hardened key management systems that Google uses for our own encrypted data, including strict key access controls and auditing.”

The data as well as metadata around an object is encrypted using a unique key on basis of 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm. Also, each encryption key is encrypted with a constantly swiveling set of master keys. What else? If you want to manage your own keys, it is possible. You can easily encrypt data on your own before writing it to Cloud Storage.

The best part is to use this facility is no setup or configuration needed. Or also there is no need to change the way you access the Cloud Storage as the data automatically gets encrypted as well as decrypted when accessed. This automatic encryption on the server-side is currently active. Which means all your new data written to Cloud Storage is completely safe and secure from any kind of nasty activity.

Gmail’s new ‘Compose’ button: It’s faster, smarter, and easier

Gmail is on a revamp and Google is putting in all efforts to make its e-mail client work faster and better. In an attempt to refurbish its looks and functionality, Google has completely redesigned the ‘Compose’ button. With the new change, the ‘Compose’ will now pop up in a window, similar to the way the chat window pops up.

The new design will make it easier for the users to reference old e-mails, without the need of closing the draft message. Users will be able to keep their inbox tab on or conduct searches even while drafting a message. With this new functionality, users will be able to draft multiple messages and send them to multiple users at the same time.

Phil Sharp, Google product manager, posted, “We’re always trying to make Gmail faster and easier to use, so today we’re introducing a completely redesigned compose and reply experience that does just that.”

Google has also introduced some additional features, like the ability to insert inline images and some changes to the prevailing address line. Now, whenever you want to add recipients to your message, profile pictures of all your contacts will roll out in autocomplete. This will help you find out the right person by viewing the profile pictures. You can also drag and drop names between the “to,” “cc,” and “bcc” fields. The address area will automatically collapse as soon as you have finished adding the recipients.

Similarly, the reply experience has also been redesigned to fit in better as part of your conversation. The reply now consumes much less vertical height, expands to fit in your content, and gives user the access to all the controls, no matter how long the message gets.

Google has rolled the preview of the new compose and reply today. However, the company will only enable it for everyone once it has made some final changes.

Google™ integrates more Google™ + features into Gmail

Google’s development team behind Gmail has modified the web version of the popular e-mail client Gmail to include more Google+ information within the user interface. For instance, when a user searches for a specific e-mail address in Gmail, the Google+ account associated with the e-mail address will now appear at the top of the search results.

Other Google+ features integrated

The search results include a Google+ profile picture, a direct link to the Google+ account connected to the search and a button that allows the user to assign the subject of the search to a Google+ circle. Assuming the user connected to the searched e-mail address has authorized these methods of contact, it will also include links to their e-mail address, text or video chat in addition to a phone number.

Improved circle integration and circle search

The development team has also added rules regarding searching for specific e-mail conversations within circles. Simply by typing “circle:[circle name]” in the search box along with some terms, a Gmail user can isolate e-mails that are limited to that specific set of people within the circle. Gmail users can also apply filters to specific circles. For instance, a user could automatically assign the star value to all e-mails received from a family circle in order to highlight important e-mails from family members. Alternatively, a user could automatically delete all e-mails that are sent from Google+ users they have added to a “Crazy Exes” circle. To know more about the Google + features that have been injected into Gmail, click here.

News source: Gmail blog

Google™ adds research tool to Google™ Docs

Google has introduced a ‘research pane’ feature in its online word processing program Google Docs. This sidebar tool can help users in searching any specific information on the search engine without leaving the Google Docs.

Accessing the research tool

Users can access the research pane from the ‘Tools’ menu by right clicking on a selected word that users want to learn more about or use ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Alt’ + ‘R’ shortcut on a Windows-based PC.

Sarveshwar Duddu, Google software engineer, explains in a blog post how this new feature can be used by the users of Windows and Mac systems.

Google has recently added 450 new fonts and 60 new templates to let its users save their Gmail messages as Google Docs, and has raised the program’s storage to 5 GB.

Google™ fixes 18 security flaws in Google™ Chrome

Google has announced the release of newest version of its popular Chrome web browser after fixing 18 security glitches and has also added a easy-to-use new feature for its customers.

Updating Chrome

Seven of the vulnerabilities that were fixed in the Chrome version 19.0.1084.46 were classified as high-risk flaws, which means that they could be exploited to take control of infected systems. The users of Chrome can update to version 19 by clicking the wrench icon in the top right corner of the browser and selecting ‘About Google Chrome’.

The latest release of Google Chrome even allows the users to access the open tabs they viewed on their office PC with their tablet or smartphone. To do so the user has to sign in to his Google account. Signing into Chrome syncs other browser settings too, including bookmarks, apps, extensions, history, and themes.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249