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Google™ Search Engine to get Smarter in coming months

To keep abreast from its counterparts, Google has planned to move ahead to give a fresh change to its search engine. Google is planning to introduce direct answers and other relevant information to its search results.

The Google search engine in future will be made more intelligent. It will not be providing a platter of the links but will be incorporated with semantic bend to its searching process. Now, it will not just go for permutation and combination of given terms but will also look into their meanings.

Introduction of smarter semantic technology to its search mechanism can bring much better and focused answers to the questions entered by the users. It can also give users, the exact answers rather than a number of websites. By doing this, the user will not have to go through the numbers of websites but can have a direct and more accurate answers to their queries.

These steps will definitely give a fresh head start to Google; and the search engine giant may succeed to increase the number of Google users. You can expect the better version of Google search engine in the next coming months.

Android™ 5.0 Jelly Bean around the corner

There are chances that Google might prepare the Jelly Bean for Android devices and serve it around the second quarter of 2012.

The day when Google had launched the Chrome Operating System for netbooks and portable devices, the company decided to rebuild its interface once again but in a different package altogether. Because the important attributes were somehow not functioning correctly. For that reason, the developers shifted their focus on Android platform and released the Ice Cream Sandwich in the end. Undoubtedly, the Ice Cream Sandwich is packed with some extraordinary features but is it only used on limited devices. Since this particular edition of Android is unable to excite the customers due to lack of hardware requirements, Google might roll out both Android and Chrome OS collectively.

In a recent news shared by Digitimes, an eminent news portal in Asia has informed that Google can release Android 5.0 Jelly Bean in the second quarter of this year. Moreover, both Chrome OS and Android may combine so that users can obtain an enhanced product. Although Google is yet to make an official announcement, the sources are claiming that the Android 5.0 would compete with Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS. So, if you are thinking that only Windows 8 is making a buzz then it’s time to keep an eye on Google and wait for the actual date for Android 5.0 Jelly Bean.

Doodle 4 Google® 2012 contest opens for submissions

Fifth Doodle 4 Google contest has launched for the K–12 students across the U.S. Google invites entries on or before the deadline of 23 March. Each participant can send only one entry and in case of multiplicity, only the one that arrives first would be considered.

Important dates:
• 18 Jan – 23 Mar: Submission of Doodle entries
• 2 May – 10 May: Online public voting
• 17 May: Award ceremony in New York
• 18 May: The winning Doodle to feature on Google homepage

Google Doodles are modified company logos that relate to famous people’s birthdays, important events, festivals, and holidays in a creative way. First ever Google Doodle was made by co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the year 1998 to honor the ‘Burning Man’, the annual festival of Black Rock Desert in Nevada. With the advancement in technology, simple Doodle modifications become more animated and attractive. Initially, various freelance artistes were invited to design the Doodles until the year 2000, when Dennis Hwang (also known as Hwang Jeong-mok), a webmaster and graphic designer was officially recruited to eventually lead a team of illustrators for this purpose.

In the Doodle 4 Google 2012 competition, the process of selection involves picking up 50 state-level winners from a pool of 250 state-level finalists. Out of these 50 State Winners, five National Finalists would be selected through the online public voting during 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time). Finally, a National Winner would be declared from among those five on 17 May and the Doodle would be featured on the Google homepage next day for entire 24 hours. The parameters of judgment are artistic merit, creativity, and theme communication.

The prize for winning the Doodle 4 Google contest includes an amazing amount of US$ 30,000 college scholarship, a trip to New York for the awards ceremony, a Google Chromebook, a Wacom designer tablet, and a T-shirt with the winning Doodle printed on it. The other four national finalists would receive an amount of US$ 5,000 as scholarship along with the other mentioned goodies. State Winners would win the trip and the T-shirt only. Moreover, a technology grant worth US$ 50,000 would be awarded to the full-time school of the winner.

Guest Judges for the contest are Kate Perry, Jeff Marsh, Jordin Sparks, Mo Willems, Holly Black, Tony DiTerlizzi, Brian Nemeckay, and Jack Martin.

To read the contest rules, other details, and to download the official entry form for Doodle for Google 2012, click here.

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Google® Photography Prize — Capture Your Imagination To Make It Big

The Google Photography Prize contest is still open and those who have not participated yet with their submissions can do so until January 31. The participant has to be at least a student pursuing higher education, aged 18 years or more.

A participant can submit as many as eight entries in any one of the 10 interesting categories that include — Me, Action, Food, Fashion, Night, Street, Sport, Sound/Silence, Travel, and Point of View. The concept and ideas about this contest originated after the search giant took notice of an ever-growing community of amateur photographers on its new social networking site — Google+ — that saw around 3.4 billion photos being uploaded in its first 100 days of its launch. A panel of famous photographers will judge the entries and select 10 finalists whose work will be displayed at the Saatchi Gallery, London for two months along with the exhibition ‘Out of Focus’ (to showcase the works of hotshot photographers such as JH Engstrom and Katy Grannan) that is already scheduled there. The finalists’ trip to the exhibition will be sponsored by Google.

The photographs can be submitted through the Google+ account. A participant can upload a photograph by creating an album on profile’s Stream and naming it Google Photography Prize. In the description box, the participant has to add a hashtag (use the code given against the names of each of the categories on the contest’s webpage) of the category and keep the sharing level as Public. They must retain the original photographs with them.

There is a grand prize for the winner – they can go on a photography trip to any destination of their choice. A professional photography coach will accompany the winner on the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ photography trip, as Google puts it.

For submission form, rules, and FAQs, visit Google Photography webpage here.

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Google™ enters into a cloud computing deal with BBVA

Search engine giant Google has entered into their biggest enterprise deal with one of the largest banks of Spain – BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria). The deal involves the bank signing up for Google cloud computing services, which will be offered as a software service via Internet.

BBVA revealed that the bank will be using Google tools for internal communication. As many as 110,000 employees from twenty six countries will be using Google services such as Gmail, time-management tool calendar, website-creation program sites, and data storage service docs. These tools will, however, be used only for internal communication.

“We are confident we can have more and more larger companies from all over the world because of the benefits we are bringing,” said Sebastien Marotte, Google Enterprise vice president for Europe.

The deal is a breakthrough in the banking sector, since owing to security concerns, banks do not prefer cloud computing. BBVA’s director of innovation Carmen Herranz said that the main objective of the project is to bring about a revolution in decision making and increase the work productivity. This, in a way, will also lead to an increase in the workforce mobility, since cloud computing will help working on tablets, smartphones, and laptops, at anytime and from anywhere.

This is the largest enterprise deal signed by Google till date. One of the spokesperson from BBVA said that the contract will run for a year at first and will be renewed the next year itself until any one among the partners wants to end it.

Benefits of Google+™ Pages for businesses

You must have noticed some pretty hefty changes on Google+ over the past few days. Inclusion of Google+ Pages is one such significant improvement that was made available on Google+ last month. By including Google+ pages, the emerging social networking platform has opened doors for businesses to connect with their customers with a lot more interactivity and ease.

It is a known fact that every month, billions of people around the world use the Google search engine to reach to the webpages that they are looking for. Google+ Pages allows businesses to potentially tap into that traffic as Google has started showing up Google+ Pages in its search results.

A Google+ feature, ‘Direct Connect’, plays an important role over here. If a user is searching for a company’s page on Google+, he just needs to add a ’+ sign’ before the company’s name in the search bar. After hitting the ‘Search’ button, he will be taken directly to the company’s Google+ Page. However, it is noteworthy that the company must have a Google+ Page. Not only this, the user can also recommend the business page with +1 and add the page to his ‘Circles’. Adding the business page to Circles ensures that the user can follow all the company’s posts. Users can also chat with the company’s representatives using the Google+ ‘Hangout’ feature.

What’s more, the companies can provide their official homepages’ links in their Google+ Pages. These along with some other features provide enough reasons to own a Google+ Page for companies even if they are swamped with followers on other social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

To know more about the Google+ Pages and create one for your business, click here.

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