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Enhance Your Audio Experience with Sony® Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset-Elite Edition

After launching the Wireless Stereo Headset for PlayStation 3 last year, Sony revealed the enhanced Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset-Elite Edition now at E3 2012. The prime feature of this latest wireless headset is its BassImpact technology that has the capability to convert bass sounds in pulses. It means that you will feel the headset vibrating according to the bass sound in the audio.

Some other noteworthy aspects of Sony Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset-Elite Edition are:

•             High-tech fidelity speaker drivers to deliver dynamic sound

•             7.1 virtual surround sound

•             Concealed noise-cancelling microphones for uninterrupted voice chat

•             Preset modes to give you desired audio experience while playing games, watching movies or listening to your favorite music tracks

•             Compatible with PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita as well as mobile devices

What’s more? Sony has also dramatically changed the design and look of the Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset-Elite Edition. Available this fall, you can buy Sony Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset-Elite Edition for $149.99 only.

Monster Unveils New Headphones at CES 2011

In 2010, Monster announced a partnership with Miles Davis LLC to bring out a new set of luxury headphones and at this CES 2011 it showcased a set of Miles Davis high performance headphones. Monster is popular for celebrity branded head phones and had earlier partnered with Dr Dre and Lady Gaga. They are designed keeping the jazzy look of a trumpet in mind with Miles Davis’s signature event, the interface buttons resemble brass piston valves of a trumpet. These are said to be a continuation of the Miles Davis tribute headphones that too were designed with the brassy feel and jazzy contemporary look in mind.

They are pre packaged along with the Miles Davis album “Sketches of Spain” in a reworked version in Monster High Definition Stereo and HD Surround Sound. The Monster headphones are in the top 3 luxury head phones brand. They are cheaper than the previous edition, but boast of, if not better the same quality. They will start shipping later this year. Monster Cable as the company is popularly known produces consumer audio accessories and connectivity cables. It entered the headphones market with headphones designed with the partnership with Dr Dre.

At CES 2011, Monster also showcased a lot of Tron Legacy branded acoustic products that monster had made in conjunction with Disney. The headphones come bundled with the award winning background score audio disc by Daft Punk encoded in Monster High Definition Headphone Surround.

Also Monster at CES 2011 released another set of headphones the iSport In-Ear headphones. These headphones are waterproof and sweat-proof and come with a secure clip to ensure they stay on while exercising. They are priced at a low price of 129 dollars, but are especially designed keeping in mind all your requirements while exercising. They deliver high sound quality coupled with utility and snug comfort fit designed to ensure they stay on while you work out.

The luxury brand has stuck to its promise of providing not just superior sound quality but superior feel of sound coupled with a rich experience which is what Monster prides on. With the new Miles Davis headphones you can feel the jazz flow and actually fall in love with the legend all over again.

Turtle Beach Introduces Ear Force X11 Gaming Headset

Known for producing amazing audio hardware, Turtle Beach has recently added one more headphone under its belt. The new Headphone from Turtle Beach is Ear Force X11 headset. Turtle Beach is known for creating gamers headphones that deliver superb audio quality.

The Ear Force X11 headset from Turtle Beach possess some popular features of the Turtle Beach X31 and Turtle Beach X41 headsets, like an extra-long audio cable that allows you to play your favorite game while sitting on the couch; without worrying about pulling your Xbox out of your entertainment center, along with large ear cups which help you o fit the headphones around your ears, so that you can get maximum entertainment.
The Ear Force X11 headset comes with an adjustable microphone that can be move towards your lips and use it while playing a games involving voice chat. In a single-player game, you can turn the microphone away to get the amazing surround-sound experience.

With the 40mm drivers fitted in to each ear cup, The Ear Force X11 headset comes with built-in bass boost. The Ear Force X11 headset also has an in-line amplifier with which you can control the volume and bass directly from the audio cable.

Apart from the above stated feature, the Ear Force X11 headset also has a microphone monitor that controls the sound output while you are playing a multi player game and chatting with your team mates. Primarily designed for the Xbox 360, the Ear Force X11 headset can also be connected to the Xbox using an audio adapter. You can also connect the Ear Force X11 headphones into your PC with the help of an analog 3.5mm microphone and audio plug.

Currently, there is no information regarding the availability of the Ear Force X11 headset. However, Turtle Beach has announced that the Ear Force X11 headset will be available for $59.95.

Skullcandy Unveils Limited Edition NBA Headphones

With NBA Playoffs 2010 all set to rock the basketball fans, here is rocking news for the NBA fans as Skullcandy has unveiled a new range of NBA dedicated headphones. Skullcandy has recently unveiled an all new range of limited edition NBA headphones. It has joined hands with the Mix Master Mike and has designed a unique pair of headphones dedicated to each player in the 2010 NBA All Star Game. The Skullcandy and Mix Master Mike headphones series will bear the jersey number of the famous NBA players along with the design of the NBA team.

The design of the headphones comprises of color of the team, number of the player and the logo of the team. The base color of the headphone will be of the team; there will be the logo of the team on one side and the jersey number of the player on the other side. Only 20 units of each player will be manufactured. Kobe Bryant’s fan can go for the purple, white and yellow Lakers edition that will have the 24 number on one side and LA Lakers logo on the other side. Similarly, LeBron James’ edition in blue, white and red bears the number 23 and Cleveland Cavalier logo, Dwyane Wade’s edition in red and white bears the number 3 and Miami Heat logo, Kevin Garnett’s edition in classic green and white bears the number 5 and Boston Celtics logo, David Lee’s edition in blue and orange bears the number 42 and New York Knicks logo and Derrick Rose’s edition in red and black bears the number 1 and Chicago Bulls logo.

The NBA Mix Master Series headphones are a limited edition and only 100 headphones will be available. These stylish NBA headsets will be available at Skullcandy’s website and at select Apple stores only. The NBA fans can purchase these headphones for $299.

Apple’s Problematic Headphones to be Replaced by Inline Remote

With the introduction of the third generation key-less iPod shuffle, Apple began the production of inline remote control with its ear buds but, there were complaints from the users end regarding the failure of the controls. But now, Apple has come up with a new program that will solve the problem. After detecting the cause of the problem, Apple is going to replace the defective or problematic headphones free of charge.

The Apple headphones with remote, bearing the serial number in the range of xx909xxxxxx to xx952xxxxxx or xx001xxxxxx to xx004xxxxxx that came with iPod shuffle and were manufactured between February 2009 and February 2010 were mainly affected. Apple will be providing replacement for the defected headphones that bear the above mentioned serial numbers, with two years guarantee from the date of purchase. If your headphones have stopped working within these two years, you are sure to get them replaced.

Apple made sure that the Apple “In-Ear” headphones; with remote and mic and Apple earphones with remote and mic should also be covered within this replacement program. Apple has not specified the cause of the problem but maybe the sweat, from working out using the Apple iPod shuffle is the reason for the problem.

In case you have the Apple iPod shuffle and you are facing problems with the headphones that you got with the Apple iPod shuffle, you will have to visit the Apple local store or you can use Apple’s online service assistant to get the service. If you have got rid of the problematic headphones in frustration, you will not be getting any replacement, as you will have to give the defected pair of headphones at the time of replacement.

Sony Launches New Headsets

Sony has launched four new headsets with remote control and microphone for iPod and iPhone.

The new headsets DR EX300ip, MDR-EX38ip, DR-V150iP, MDR-E10iP are equipped both with built-in microphone for hands free calls and in-line remote control. The DR-V150 model is a over the head headset.

All the four models DR EX300ip, MDR-EX38ip, DR-V150iP, MDR-E10iP are compatible with iPod Shuffle (3rd generation), iPod Nano (4th, 5th generations), iPod Classic 120GB/160GB (2009), iPod Touch (2nd generation), and iPhone 3GS.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249