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Mozilla® Firefox Aurora- the Beta version of Mozilla® Firefox 15

Firefox Aurora, the pre-Beta build of Mozilla is now available publicly for download. The latest release includes some novel features and enhancements. It has a fresh Layout view, allowing developers to view how the margins, border and padding are set in one view.

Its prime highlights are:

• Preliminary native PDF support
• Support for SPDY networking protocol v3
• Improvements around memory leaks caused by some add-ons
• JavaScript debugger integrated into developer tools
• New layout view added to Inspector
• The CSS word-break property has been implemented
• Latest responsive design tool enables web developers to switch between desktop and mobile views of sites
• Native support for the Opus audio codec added
• Support for the media attribute with source element
• Support for the played attribute with audio and video elements

Firefox Aurora enables users and developers to preview features of the soon to be released version of Firefox browser.

Google™ Chrome 21 Beta for web-developers

Google has lately unveiled a novel 21 Beta version for its highly-popular Chrome browser.

Chiefly designed for the web-developers, the 21 Beta version for Chrome browser is to analyze as well as try a couple of new APIs, including getUserMedia API and Gamepad JavaScript API.

Amongst the two APIs, getUserMedia API enables web apps straight access to your web cam and microphone through the browser, eliminating the need of any kind of plug-in. The most amazing aspect about getUserMedia API is that it interacts with the CSS filters and WebGL in order to apply amazing effects on the captured video. While, conversely, Gamepad JavaScript API is a way more multipurpose API as it offers the developers direct access to input from the installed gamepad.

Apart from this, the newly released 21 Beta for Chrome browser also comes equipped with Google Cloud Print.

Google™+ History to import your past web records

Google, the search engine giant, is working on a state-of-the-art API for its 11-month-old Google+ platform.

Dubbed as Google+ History, the latest API will include support for third-party app platforms. That means, it will enable the users to add past updates, events, status updates, pictures, and check-ins onto your Google+ profile from a range of mobile and social networking platforms like Twitter and Foursquare. This data from the past would then be imported and displayed in attractive tiles called ‘moments’.

Google’s Ken Norton explained in his fanfare-less announcement, “The idea behind Google+ history is that you do a lot of things on the web, but you might only want to share some of them. Right now Facebook’s Open Graph API often catches users by surprise. Even though they’ve authorized auto-sharing, they might not realize the article they read or video they watched is being broadcasted to friends”.

With some lines of code, your app can save a visited restaurant or a song listened by you alone on your Google+ History. And from there you can share it with your friends and family on your Google+ profile.

This new API is primarily a convenient way to enhance your Google+ profile with your past content and give it a Facebook Timeline-like look.

Personalize your Gmail® account with custom backgrounds

Until now, Gmail users have been personalizing their inboxes with various themes. Over the next couple of days, the users will be able to give more of a personal touch to Gmail by customizing the backgrounds in Gmail.

Know how to do it

When it comes to uploading your image, there will be an option to upload it directly, paste any image URL, or select from Google+ photos. And in case, there is not any specific image in mind, browse through Featured Photos section to find a suitable picture. To get an idea of the collection of images, explore through ‘hdr scenery’ or ‘bokeh wallpaper’ under Featured tab.

For the rest of the interface, Google will include an option to select between a dark and a light theme when you set your own image.

“When we unveiled Gmail’s new look in November, we introduced a number of new, beautiful HD themes. We also heard that many of you wanted to bring an even more personal touch by setting your own background. So over the next couple of days we are rolling out a new Custom themes section with two options, Light and Dark where you can do just that,” Google software engineer Greg Bullock wrote on the official Gmail blog.

Google™ PageSpeed Insights 2.0 released

Do you know how to optimize the performance of your website? Do your web pages crawl really slowly?

Lately, Google has released the enhanced version 2.0 of PageSpeed Insights 2.0 Chrome extension. It will significantly help you discern various aspects of your website that are responsible for the sluggish performance and speed of the pages. The extension comprehensively analyzes, optimizes, and gives relevant suggestions to improve the performance of your website. Primarily, the updated version 2.0 of PageSpeed Insights will scrutinize all the factors of the page load, including network, resources, timeline, and DOM. Reducing the page load time, Google PageSpeed Insights 2.0 will drastically help in cutting down the bounce rate and increasing the conversion rate of your website.

If you want to evaluate the performance of your website and get handy tips on how to improve them, download the update from Chrome Web Store.

Mozilla® making browser for iPad®, Named Junior

Looking for an alternative browser on your iPad?

Mozilla, the name behind the successful desktop web browser Firefox has been working on a web browser for iPad. Dubbed as Junior, this novel web browser that will be designed specifically for iPad will make web browsing more pleasurable and more ergonomic.

“We wanted to make something entirely new. We wanted to look into how we could reinvent the browser for a new form factor,” Firefox product designer Alex Limi said, calling Safari on iPad “a miserable experience”.

Junior will be very simple as compared to the other browsers and will incorporate just two buttons, including the ‘Back’ button and ‘Plus’ button. Amongst the two, the ‘Back’ button will do the standard back function, while the ‘Plus’ button will open a new window. Also, it will show recently closed/viewed websites, bookmarked sites and unified search bar.

Junior will offer a full-screen experience to the users who forgo tabs and will greatly depend on a few navigation buttons to access browser’s features. In addition, this browser for iPad is also expected to allow its users to make multiple accounts.

However, Junior by Mozilla is an early-experimental project and yet it is not confirmed for development.

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