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Apple’s latest tablet ready for online orders this week!

Here’s great news for all of you who have been waiting for the launch of Apple’s new iPad Pro.

Yes, your long wait is all set to be finally over. You can soon get home your latest iPad device, the iPad Pro… well as soon as this week!

As per the latest confirmation by Apple, the iPad Pro is all set to make its debut in the official Apple website this Wednesday and will soon be available in all the 40 countries that it was scheduled to launch in along with its launch via wireless carriers and select retailers.

As is pretty evident through its technical specifications, Apple has designed iPad Pro as not just an entertainment device but as a complete computing solution that can be used by both the entertainment seekers as well as professionals. Its big screen area as well as the faster processor for smoother computing experience truly hints that this large-screen-tablet is surely going to capture the hearts of all. Here’s insight into the tech specs of the Apple iPad Pro:

  • A9X 64-bit processor
  • 9-inch screen along with the split-view feature (to display more than one app at a time)
  • Apple Pencil pressure-sensitive stylus
  • Smart Keyboard
  • Three available editions: 32GB Wi-Fi-only model for $799, 128GB Wi-Fi only for $949, and 128GB Wi-Fi + cellular for $1,079

So, if you haven’t yet placed the pre-orders, now is your chance to do so. Gift yourself this latest big-screen Apple iPad and pamper the tech savvy person in you, whether you are a gaming enthusiast, a graphics artist or even a professional in the finance sector…

iPad mini: A perfect companion this holiday season and beyond!

Putting an end to all speculations, Apple finally marked the debut of its much awaited iPad mini. With a size that will perfectly fit in your Christmas stockings, iPad mini is “every inch an iPad.” Sporting an all-new design and a much reduced size, this 7.9-inch, pencil-thin tablet is just 7.2 mm thick and weighs about 0.68 pounds. iPad mini has everything that makes it a traveler’s delight. It boasts a powerful processor, beautiful display screen, FaceTime and iSight cameras with 1080p HD video recording, ultrafast wireless connectivity, access to more than 275,000 amazing apps, and 10-hours of battery backup. Thinner shape and lighter form factor makes iPad mini easy to fit in the palm of your hands.

Let’s take a quick look at its powerful technical specs:

Processor: Applauded for its fast and fluid performance, iPad mini runs on a powerful and efficient dual-core A5 processor. It has a quad-core GPU and comes with 16 GB of internal flash memory, which can be easily upgraded to 64 GB.

Screen: iPad mini dons a 7.9-inch LED-backlit screen. Though it does not have a Retina display, it has the same 1024 × 768 resolution as an iPad, which makes everything look crisp, clear, and vibrant. With 35% more screen area, you get maximum amount of screen space that makes reading and interacting easy and comfortable.

Camera: iPad mini flaunts both a rear-facing 5MP iSight camera and a front-facing FaceTime HD camera that makes taking pictures and videos easier than ever. FaceTime allows you to make a video call over a Wi-Fi network. The camera ensures that you and your friends and loved ones always stay connected.

Connectivity: The iPad mini features a dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity, which is twice as fast as any other iPad and gives you a download speed of up to 150 Mbps. The iPad mini also sports an Apple Lightning connector, which allows you to connect to cameras, SD cards, and VGA or HDMI digital video sources. iPad mini also permits cellular connectivity through LTE and DC-HSDPA that allows you to make ultrafast cellular connections around the world.

Build: iPad mini has been aesthetically designed with extraordinary precision. The body is crafted out of aluminum and glass. Mono-crystalline diamond cut edges and sleek metallic finish make iPad mini look stylish and chic.

Scheduled for release on November 2, Apple iPad mini has been priced at $329 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model, which rises to $429 for the 32GB model and $659 for the 64GB model. Pre-orders for all the versions open up on October 25. With amazing technical specs and a price that’s way below than that of its predecessor, iPad mini is surely going to attract a lot of buyers this holiday season.

And the 2012 Apple® Design Award Winners Are…

Lately, at the WWDC 2012 conference, Apple declared the well-deserving winners of its esteemed Apple Design Award. The award is given as recognition for the apps that are simply outstanding in terms of technology adaptation, design, and innovation.

The bunch of apps that received the ‘2012 Apple Design Awards’ title includes:

iPhone winners

•  Where’s My Water by Disney

•  Jetpack Joyride by Halfbrick Studios

•   National Parks by National Geographic by National Geographic Society / Rally Interactive

Mac winners

• Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ultimate Edition by Feral Interactive Ltd

•  Limbo by Playdead ApS

•  Sketch by Bohemian Coding

iPad winners

• Paper by FiftyThree Inc

• Bobo Explores Light by GameCollage

• DM1 – The Drum Machine by Fingerlab

Student winners

• DaWindci (iPad) by Reality Twist GmbH, Mimimi Productions, Mediadesign Highschool of Applied Sciences

• Little Star (iPad) by BiBoBox Studio, Dalian Nationalities University

The winning apps, as a token of appreciation, received an iPod touch, a MacBook Air, an exclusive Apple Design Award lanyard, and the captivating Apple Design Award cube trophy.

An Apple® iPad 3 that you should not buy

The third generation of iPad i.e. iPad 3 has been launched in more than 90 countries since its introduction on March 16.

It is very surprising that in China, the iPad 2 is still being promoted. The ‘iPad 3’ that is available in China runs on Google Android, features double the storage space of the real iPad 3 and even allows the user to plug in a memory card. The best thing is that it is listed at just US $100. You must be thinking of buying one each for all your family members, but you really should not.

Features of iPad 3

The real iPad 3 comes with Retina display, the new Apple A5X chip with a quad-core GPU, full HD 1080p video recording camera with 5MP, voice dictation, and a battery backup of up to 720 hours in standby mode and in talk time up to 9 hours. There is no card slot available and it comes with 16 GB, 32 Gb, or 64 GB of storage.

To avoid getting into legal trouble, Apple in Australia and in other countries was launched after dropping the branding of the iPad 3 as 4G capable and replacing it with the term ‘Wi-Fi + Cellular’. The change was made after complaints were filed by consumers from Australia and UK claiming that the Wi-Fi + 4G feature of iPad 3 does not work.

Image by: Carla463 via Flickr (CC)

Watch that Little birdie in the sky with iBird Explorer PRO

If birding or bird -witching is what you love spending most of your time on then here’s something super-exciting for you. Now you don’t need to move around with your binoculars, cameras, and telescopes to catch a glimpse of your favorite birds. The iBird Explorer PRO app on your iPhone or iPad can prove to be a perfect companion to help you with your curiosity.

With the iBird Explorer PRO app, you have a mini birding encyclopedia right inside your iOS handheld devices. The universal app gives you multiple views of the birds’ photographs, illustrations, and range maps. You can also have a glance on the 445 new photos of birds in the form of a slide show. The bird call is also played simultaneously in the background.

Additionally, the app also comprises a special audio player to add more depth to the bird call. The best display is with the iPad, but it gives equally eye pleasing view on your iPhone and iPod touch too.

Here’s a quick download on the extensive features of the app:

• iCloud: Share and store your content on the cloud.

• Photo Center: Store and edit photos as per the species and further share them on Twitter and Facebook or even e-mail to friends.

• Media Content: 148 audio clips from Macaulay Library along worth 353 landscape mode photos. The photo viewer works like Apple Gallery. You can also view videos on the iBird Movie Channel on YouTube.

• Go Blogging: Share your experience and keep up with the latest on the iBird Blog:

So, gear up! The sale is on and you can get the best deal with 50% off. But be quick as great offers don’t last long. You can download the iBird Explorer PRO app from iTunes App Store.

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Cool Celeb apps for iPhone® and iPad®

Here are some celebrity apps published by Jinfra that you would simply love

Carrie Underwood App
Version: 2.2

Carrie Underwood app for Apple devices lets the users watch all the YouTube videos of the famous singer, take a look at her pictures on Flickr. Also, this app furnishes regular new updates of the celeb. There are quizzes incorporated in the app that could be an interesting way to learn more about Carrie.

Justin Bieber App
Version: 4.2

Get the updated Twitter feeds from the singing sensation Justin Bieber, browse through his pictures and watch the videos using this app on your iPhone or iPad.

Ke$ha App
Version: 2.2

You can watch all the latest Ke$ha videos on YouTube by using this app and stay subscribed to latest news on her. You can also check out her pictures on Flickr.

Guess the Movie? App
Version: 3.3

Go through the star cast and different characters and guess the movie title. Simply amazing, isn’t it? This app would let you learn about a number of celebs and the movies they acted in. The latest version has a new user interface and some bugs have been fixed.

All these apps are priced at US$ 0.99 each and require iOS 3.0 or later. In addition to these apps, you can also download Justin Bieber Phonebooth app, Kim Kardashian App, Kesha Photo Booth, Carrie Underwood Facts, etc., from the Apple iTunes Store. You can also get latest music, TV shows, movies, books, and podcasts from the iTunes Store.

Moosejaw® X-ray App — see through the clothes

The app is gaining popularity, giving an unprecedented boost to overall sales

Ever coveted having the X-ray vision that the Superman uses to peek through walls or to admire her love interest Lois Lane, furtively? If your answer is a yes, Moosejaw X-Ray app is something you would need to make your wish come true, at least to some extent.

Moosejaw, the online retailer of outdoor outfits and various sports gear, utilized the concept of augmented reality (AR) to develop the see-through app for iPad, iPhone and the Android handsets. The prime purpose behind developing the app, however, is not to let you fancy in a real way, but to let you see what the models in Moosejaw Winter Catalog wear underneath their clothes. Although a marketing objective, it is interesting enough to let you give a try. Even if you do not have the print version of the catalog, you can still make use of this app by using it on the online catalog of the same collection.

The free app uses the camera of your smartphone or tablet to create a simulated and augmented perception of an image. Just point the camera on any male or female model in the catalog and you would instantly be looking onto his or her underclothing. You can simply call it fun-shopping, if nothing else.

Even the men’s magazine Esquire and the coffeehouse chain Starbucks have used the AR concept to boost their promotions. However, Moosejaw seems to have come on the top of all with a 37 percent rise observed in its overall sales. According to an analysis from the Detroit-based Marxent Labs, the app registered around 1 million Tweets, almost 160,000 video views, and a total of 75,000 downloads in just five weeks.

“Our goal at Moosejaw is to always create a unique and notable customer experience. Something that everyone who shops with us will want to tell ten friends about. The X-Ray catalog and X-Ray App are designed to create an incredibly cool, interactive and fun experience that breaks the barrier between our print and digital brand. It’s also very much about seeing people in their underwear, something we’re constantly prioritizing at Moosejaw,” said Gary Wohlfeill, creative director, Moosejaw.

Visit the official Moosejaw website to download the Moosejaw X-Ray app.

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Production of iPad® 3 QXGA Retina Display in Progress

Are you amazed with the features of Apple iPad 2? Are you planning to buy one for yourself? Hang on! If you are capable enough to hold your craving for the iPad for few more months, then you may be able to get a new iPad 3 in your hand/pocket. Yes! it’s absolutely true. If rumors are to be believed, then Apple is going to launch iPad 3 early next year.

DisplaySearch analyst, Richard Shim says that production for the upcoming iPad 3 QXGA Retina Display is in progress already. Sharp, Samsung, and LGD are the three prime suppliers that are sourced by Apple to produce the QXGA displays, Shim mentioned. He also added, “I would imagine there would be concerns about [adequate] supply given the resolution of the display but you’ve got three different suppliers at this point. They should have enough to launch the product.”

Rumor has it that, the upcoming iPad will boast a 10-inch screen with a 2048×1536 display resolution- double than that of iPad and iPad 2. Also, the display of iPad 3 is not an active-matrix organic light-emitting diode display; it uses in-plane switching technology similar to the latest Apple products. Definitely, display is the main attraction of the next-generation iPad. It is expected to be launched by 2012.

“It takes a couple of weeks for the production to go to the ODMs (the manufacturers). Then the manufacturer puts them in the housing. Then, that goes off to shipment. We could start seeing finished iPad 3 produced in December. And then being ready to be shipped in January. With volumes gearing up in February and March”, Richard said.

Also, it is believed that the iPad3 will have a state-of-the-art, quad-core ARM-based processor.

Google™ Revs Up Search App for iPad®

Google has taken an initiative that is sure to make all iPad lovers gleeful. It has added some extremely useful features to its free Search App for the iPad, thereby making searching on the Internet a lot easier and less time-consuming.

The latest version of Google’s free Search App for the iPad was recently made public. iPad users, congratulations! Your favorite device will now search faster and with more accuracy. What’s more, the free app comes with a new interface, flitting between webpages is a breeze, and a Siri-like voice search makes for the most exciting addition.

Google Instant and Instant Preview are the other two prominent features of this new Search App. While the latter gives you the liberty to have a cursory glance at the different websites without leaving the search page, the former would make a website appear as soon as you type its name.

“You’ll notice that searching is faster and more interactive from your first keystroke,” said Daniel Fish, software engineer for the Google Search app, on the Google Mobile Blog.

Receiving prompts on the desktop for new e-mails will really be déjà vu. Moreover, you just have to click the Applications icon on the search page in order to juggle between your favorite Google Apps. Keeping in mind users’ recent enchantment with Siri, the app provides a similar option wherein you can search by simply speaking the words aloud instead of typing them. One just hopes that the effectiveness of Google Voice Search matches that of Siri.

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A Charlie Brown Christmas app for some fun this Christmas!

Developer: Loud Crow Interactive Inc
Platform: iOS, Android
Price: US$ 6.99

A Charlie Brown Christmas app is now available for iPad and Android-based devices. The app is in the form of digital book, which will surely attract youngsters. It’s priced at US$ 6.99 and can be easily downloaded from the Android market.

How many of you loved A Charlie Brown Christmas animated series? Do you want to revive those good old days of sixties when Peanuts gang struggled to find the meaning of Christmas? Do you still want to help them in doing the same or perhaps want your younger ones to do it? Well, here’s something exciting! Charles M Schulz’s classic is again back and this time it’s not a TV series or a movie. It has come up as an app for iPad and Android-based phones. So what, if you are not interested in the app, your tiny tots will surely be enthusiastic about helping Charlie. This Christmas, spend time with your little ones and help them explore more about Charlie Brown.

Here’s how you can do it. Loud Crow Interactive Inc has gone an extra mile to make sure you experience the comeback of your favorite Christmas time experienced till now. The company has introduced a digital book iPad app for A Charlie Brown Christmas. One more thing that you will find in this app is Peter Robbins as the original voice of Charlie Brown. He will narrate the entire plot that will be accompanied by the digitally improved illustrations, animation and music.

The fun part is the availability of the app on Android platform as well. And if you are the one who loves that extra thrill, then this app is positively for you. With few prominent features that are mentioned below, you will surely love this app:

• Original Peter Robbins narration with authentic sound track and effects.
• Original dialogs to give a touch of authenticity while you tap your finger to hear individual words.
• Option of decorating your very own Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.
• Get your own rewards by participating in the lights and display contest.

Well, these are just some of the many features, which this app includes. This Christmas, the app will turn your iPad into an amazing entertaining tool, which will surely be loved by your younger ones.

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