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How to get Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard on Android™

Now presenting, the Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard!

If you are an Ice Cream Sandwich fan, here’s something you would love to get your hands on. The latest addition to the offerings from Android is the Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard. When compared to the “Gingerbread”, this keyboard has brought in a lot of improvements. Though there are keyboards in the market that have a voice-to-text (VTT) functionality, this keyboard comes sans that feature. Instead of the VTT functionality, you would find a microphone button when you check the keyboard’s settings. This keyboard goes best with phones only. If you have a tablet, you might not want to use this as it is not compatible enough with tablets. The keyboard has not received an approval from Google but is still being used unofficially. The people who wish to use this keyboard should also know the risks involved.

Not everyone has the same views about this product. While some users have found it incredible, some have average views about it. One of the unique features of this keyboard is that it suggests you the closest options to the words you are typing. The word suggestions on the screen can be clicked onto for more options. If you’re typing the name of a friend, the keyboard picks up words from your contacts list and adds them to the suggestions. If you like what this Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard offers, download it online and start enjoying the benefits right now. To experience the features of Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard, do the following:

Step 1: Go to Android Market and then install Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard by Johntanmi.

Step 2: Now return to your ‘Home’ screen, press ‘Menu’ button and then select ‘Settings’(Also, you can open the ‘Settings’ page by clicking on the icon in the add drawer).

Step 3: After that, select the ‘Language & Keyboard’ section of the next menu.

Step 4: Check the ‘Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard’ option and click ‘OK’ on the pop-up.

Step 5: Select the ‘Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard settings’ option. Now adjust the keyboard to work as per your needs.

Step 6: Open any application (SMS or Gmail) and experience the amazing Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard.

Step 7: Press and hold the input area for some time to choose the input method from the pop-up. If the punctuation and auto-correct suggestions are coming in blue rather than orange, it means you are using the Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard.

Just get the latest Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard right now and enjoy typing.

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Turn your iPhone to QWERTY-thanks to Boxwave

Now listen to this, you can actually have an add-on like a QWERTY keyboard which enables you to key in data with the iPhone touchscreen attached. The Boxwave keyboard Buddy acts like a slider phone, which is similar to the Blackberry Torch.

The greatest benefit you may ask is that you don’t have to spoil your touch screen with “butter fingers”. Moreover the keyboard is attached to the back of the phone which enables you to easily slide it off.  One important functionality of the keyboard is that its Bluetooth connectivity.

The keyboard is much thinner than the iPhone itself which in terms of ergonomics does not dampen the look of the iPhone. Currently the phone is available for $70.

Solar powered Logitech K750 keyboard

Logitech has released a new solar powered keyboard K750, which is not only sleek in its presentation, but connects to your PC wirelessly. It uses minimum amount of light e.g. light bulb in your room or sunlight from your room’s windows, which is certainly the lowest amount of light source that is required for the keyboard to function. The key feature of the keyboard is that it is extremely thin and light which enables you to place conveniently. Some of the specifications can be seen as follows:


  • Windows-based PC
    • Windows® XP, Windows Vista® or Windows® 7
    • Light source from sunlight and/or indoor lighting
  • Warranty
    • 3-year limited hardware warranty
  • Contents
    • Keyboard
    • Logitech Unifying receiver
    • Wireless extender
    • Cleaning cloth

BTC 5100C Mini Keyboard

Keyboards are one of the most important components of a computer. Keyboards are input device; when you press any key on keyboard, it sends information to the computer. Keyboards are very useful for typing an e-mail or to browse the Internet. There are different kinds of keyboards available in market today and it is not a tough task to choose a good keyboard. In general, all keyboards layout is same; every keyboard has 80 to 110 keys and QWERTY layout. The connectivity may be different for different keyboards but normally keyboards have PS2 connectivity or USB connectivity. You can connect both types of keyboards to your computer. When you are planning to purchase a keyboard, try to specify a good design with good angle and smooth keys. The decision should be all yours because you will have to work on the keyboard.

Now we will discuss about BTC 5100C mini keyboard, BTC is a Taiwan based company, it mainly manufactures computer hardware. BTC is new in this arena and they are planning to grow bigger so they launched this attractive product. Computer hardware market share is mainly distributed among Logitech, Intel etc. they are the biggest player in computer hardware market. If BTC wants to challenge them, they should me more reliable and customer-oriented. As this is initial phase for them, the product is looking impressive and attractive. You can purchase their keyboards online; the price varies from $40 to $100. It has 80 keys, the main feature of this keyboard is to pack 110 keys functions in 80 keys layout.

System requirement for BTC 5100 keyboard

There is no such hi-fi requirement is for the BTC keyboard. It can be compatible with all Windows and Linux also.

Physical specifications

BTC 5100 keyboard is a light weight computer keyboard. It can be useful with its tiny size. Its weighs 1.4 lbs, the whole dimension is 12x6x1.5 inch.

This tiny and compact BTC 5100 mini keyboard is looking reliable and well built. They make an impact with the 80 keys which can perform 110 keys functions. It is portable because of its small size and we hope customers are looking forward to more products from BTC. It is also available in many colors like black, white and beige. You can choose the color as per your choice. It can be a good choice for users who want a compact and tiny keyboard for them. This also attracts some consumers because of its light weight and portability.

These are the main specifications of BTC 5100 Mini keyboard. The layout is same as other keyboard, so there is no need to think about key layout. Also the PS2 connectivity is important feature, because if you have older computer then it might have USB connectivity. So it is good for older computers also. We hope this article will list out all the specifications of the BTC 5100 mini keyboard and if you are planning to buy one then you can refer the article.

How to connect the Logitech Bluetooth PS3 keyboard with a PC

Logitech makes various types of keyboards; it also makes Bluetooth PS3 keyboards. The mini keyboards are compatible with USB connectivity only. The Logitech PS3 keyboards are also available with track pad but these keyboards have less key than the standard keyboards. These mini keyboards usually lack the number pad. These keyboards are compatible with laptops and if you have Bluetooth connectivity then just forget about USB or PS3 connectivity. You can connect the keyboard via Bluetooth with the PC.

You just have to follow these instructions given below.


If you have a PC with USB port then the first step is to plug the dongle into the USB port on the PC. While connecting the keyboard make sure that PC is off. Now after connecting it with PC, turn on the keyboard. You can locate the power button on the keyboard; it is normally placed on the bottom of the keyboard or top of the keys.

Now turn the computer on, as soon as it will start the keyboard drivers will begin to install. When the installation will complete then you can see that the keyboard status light will start blinking. It means that keyboard is ready to use and it is connected safely to the computer.


If your PC has Bluetooth connectivity then the first step should be to turn on the keyboard. Just locate the switch it should be on the bottom or top of the keys. Now go to start menu on the bottom left side of the computer screen, then click on the control panel. In the control panel window click hardware and sound then click on the Bluetooth in the list provided by that window.

Now click on the device and choose properties and then click on the option in the Bluetooth device box. In that box you have to choose the option allow Bluetooth device to find this computer and also allow Bluetooth device to connect to this computer.  After performing all these operations just click on the OK to finish the operation. When you click OK the status light of the keyboard will light up and you will be able to work with the keyboard connected to the computer.

We recommend you to check all the connections after connecting to the computer. Some times you can connect the Bluetooth keyboard to the computer while your PC is on but after connecting you need to restart the computer to finish the installation. When the computer recognizes the device it will tell you to restart the computer to finish the installation, otherwise the connection will not be established or it will not work properly.

These Bluetooth keyboards also need extra care and you should be more aware about the keyboard functionality. Like any standard keyboard keep these keyboards clean and sanitize otherwise it will not work properly and you will get annoyed while typing the keys. We hope this article will be helpful fore you.

Matias keyboard: portable and bluetooth Enabled

With evolution of time, technology has surpassed all barriers and has succeeded to create such masterpieces that were once a user’s dream.  The word “Computer” has not only given a definition to our lives but also has made our work simpler, easier and least time consuming. The huge computer setup earlier got abridged to Laptops. Laptops are actually called as “portable computers”. Then size of laptop also did not satisfy for which Net books were introduced in the market. Net books are more compact, smaller and compatible. Apart from Net books, much smaller smart phones and tablets have been introduced.

What if your keyboard also becomes mobile and portable?Can you think of that? Do you think it is just an intuition?

Then, you are wrong because Matias Bluetooth Folding keyboards have hit the market in the recent past. The Matias Bluetooth Folding Keyboard is not only pliable from between but also it has a wireless connection mode and holds numerous compatibilities. It is actually a full size keyboard which gets folded in to two halves and thus becomes travel friendly and small enough to become a part of your laptop bag. It is not only compatible with laptops via Bluetooth but also with iPads or iPhones. It is rather an ultimate choice for design savvy users who at the same time long for portability.

Compatibility with iPhone and iPad

Nowadays we see that touch screen is quadrupling and people are very much fascinated by Apple’s iPhones and iPads. These mobile devices not only facilitate one talk but also are like fully fledged computers. One can easily type small messages (SMS) and notes using your thumb and fingers by pressing letters on your touch-screen. But, when it comes to write a complete e-mail or long notes using your iPhone or iPad, then you long for a keyboard. It is this instance when “Matias Folding Keyboard” can be very helpful to you. You need not require any wire to connect the keyboard to your iPhone or iPad, but a wireless Bluetooth connection will solve the mystery for you.

Fast FN Key

Like your laptops when you press “Fn” key along with keys compatible keys with it, then you get specific functions being performed by the two. In the same way the “Matias Bluetooth keyboard” also allows an agile “Fn” key which is not only quick but also easily accessible to keys like Page down, Page up, Arrow keys, Delete, brightness and others can typed right from the home row without landing up your hand at those specific keys.

Additional keys

The Matias also has a separate page navigation key, function keys and cursor keys. The Matias also has standard volume control keys: Mute, Volume Up and Volume Down. Well Carved Number Pad: The Matias avails with the facility of a “Tab key” in its number pad. This Tab key allows you to enter the numbers in the excel spreadsheet, entry in to forms and entries, one handed.

With Matias Bluetooth Folding Keyboard in the market your problem for a portable but a compatible keyboard gets solved. Above all, annoyance with wires also gets abridged by the latter.

Computer Keyboard: An Inevitable Part of Computing

It is impossible to believe, but is in fact true that the concept and design of the modern day keyboard can be traced back to the mechanical typewriter. Over the years the technology used for keyboard has advanced in a great ways. These days you get ergonomic keyboards that are very different from the traditional flat and rectangular keyboards with square keys. Some keyboards today, can be folded, rolled or lighted up. Keyboards now have features, which enable you to program the key’s commands and shortcuts according to your will. However, no matter how advanced a keyboard is the working principle of all them is same; all keyboards use switches and circuits to transform keystrokes into computer understandable signals.

Overview on Keys

Typically keyboard acts as an input device and can be used to write documents, use key-shortcuts, play games and be able to do variety of tasks. Besides the normal keys there are some featured keys designed for specific functions and operating system. The design of a keyboard depends on the manufacturer and the device for which they are made whether desktop or laptop. The shape and size of keys varies from keyboard to keyboard. The number keys on a keyboard may vary from 80 to 110 keys, including typing keys, function keys, numeric keys and control keys. The pattern used for arranging the typing keys followed is the QWERTY. There is another layout that is also widely used -Dvorak layout. According to some people the Dvorak keyboard has reduced their finger fatigue and increased their typing speed. Some of the other keyboard layouts are ABCDE, XPERT, QWERTZ and AZERTY. One of the recent additions to keyboard is the numeric keypad. The numeric keypad has been introduced as a result of increased use of numeric typing and helps in speedy data entry. IBM was the first company to add control keys and function keys to the keyboard. Applications and specific operating functions can be assigned to the function keys and control of cursor and screen can be done by control keys. In recent years, Microsoft has added some Windows OS dedicated functional keys to the keyboard. A special keyboard has been designed for Linux users and features Linux specific hot keys.

Take a Look Inside the Keyboard

A keyboard can be considered as a mini-computer; it has a processor and a circuit that can carry information. A portion of the circuit known as key matrix, remains underneath the keys. The circuit is broken just below the key. When you press a key the corresponding circuit is completed and very little current passes to the receiver through the circuit. When the processor observes that a circuit is closed then it matches the circuit’s location on key matrix with the character map, which is saved in ROM. When you press a key, the mechanical action produces little vibrations called as bounce, which are filtered by the processor. If you press and hold a key for long, then the processor is able to detect it and judge it as repeated pressing of a key.

As more and more advanced keyboards are invented every year, scientists feel that the chances of replacing keyboard with any other new technology are very rare.

Xynergi Keyboard: A Big Step towards Home Multimedia System

In 2007, Fairlight, an Australian company invented a new type of digital audio production device- Xynergi keyboard. After its launch, Xynergi Keyboard created a revolution in the world of audio and video editing technology.


Xynergi, which looks like any ordinary keyboard, is actually a desktop media production unit. It is mainly designed for meeting the media editing requirements of small but professional studios. With the help of this device, audio engineers can record audio tracks, modify, add affects, mix several tracks together and edit video files. It is a very good choice for small recording studios and media companies that need a setup, which is able to edit video and audio files in less time.

Xynergi keyboard follows the standard QWERTY layout; however it is different from an ordinary keyboard in many ways. The keyboard has knobs, a rectangular color monitor, and a dial – called jog wheel. An audio engineer who uses Xynergi can use the keys to edit and mix video and audio files.

In a traditional media mixing devices there are numerous knobs, switches and toggles used for editing and mixing jobs. But in Xynergi, these switches are replaced by keys that perform multiple functions; this unique feature is called self labeling. In self labeling, each key acts as a tiny monitor, which displays different letters, characters, symbols corresponding to the related function. When user changes the operating mode, the key label changes itself and the keys automatically perform new function.

Main Components

Fairlight has innovated CC-1 card which is the main processing power of Xynergi. The CC-1 card acts as both a microprocessor and a PCI-Express card slot. The Xynergi keyboard can be connected to a PC with the help of CC-1 card via computer’s expansion slot. The CC-1 is a FPGA device which acts as a processor. The processing of audio during editing or mixing runs on the CC-1 card and it has no affect on computer’s CPU. Thus CPU’s processing power is available for use in other programs.


Xynergi keyboard can be used for both word typing and multimedia editing purposes. For changing the function mode you will have to push a key that is mapped to a specific function. The Jog wheel can be rotated clockwise or anticlockwise to advance the track or reverse it respectively. The color screen, neighboring buttons and knobs together are known as Pad. Along with the color screen which is designed to show the title of audio track, there are bars for dispalying distribution of track’s sound over different channels and an equalizer. It also has an automatic editing function, along with a built in help feature which guides new users by providing information about any function. Designed for recording, editing, mixing tracks and playback of the original or customized sound or video tracks, Xynergi keyboard is an amazing device.

Although the Xynergi keyboard might sound expensive, but compared to the multiple equipments one ends up buying in a traditional studio, the Xynergi keyboard is value for money for small studios looking to make a big impact!

Thanko Unveils Pocket Size USB Keyboard

The Japanese gadget giant, Thanko has come up with a full size USB keyboard that can fit into your pocket. Apart from other portable USB keyboards, the interesting feature of the Thanko keyboard is that it can fit in your pocket. This full size USB keyboard can be broken into quarters of segments that are connected together, these quarter segments when folded take the shape of a rectangle.The keyboard measures 13.8 x 5.1 x 0.4 inches or 350 x 129 x 10mm when it is open and is in a working condition. While in an unfolded state, this pocket size keyboard possesses a key pitch which can be defined as the distance between the midpoints of two adjacent keys which is 19mm. When you fold this full size keyboard by breaking it into equal quarters, the keyboard takes the shape of a rectangle that measures 3.6 x 5.1 x 0.8 inches or 91 x 129 x 20mm.

The keyboard can also be attached to tablets and notebooks that have a USB port. This full size pocket USB keyboard can be connected and used with machines that have standard Mac or Windows Operating System installed on them.

If you are thinking of going on a business trip or just a leisure trip with your family, a portable keyboard shell certainly come in handy. All you have to do is unfold it and just set up a working spacer for yourself. Bedsides, unlike a laptop, which does not give you enough space for “hands on comfort” while you, are typing; the portable Thanko USB keyboard would certainly give you the ergonomic advantage to set your space.

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