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Acer® TravelMate B113 11.6-inch portable netbook offers all the basics

An ultraportable netbook has been launched by Acer. Dubbed as TravelMate B113, this latest netbook is available in two different configurations. The base model comes equipped with 1.4GHz Celeron processor and is priced at $563. While on the other hand, the top model includes Sandy Bridge magic CPU, 1.5Ghz Core i3-2377M processor and is priced at $700.
Despite being available in different configurations, each Acer TravelMate B113 netbook boasts of 11.6-inch screen display with 1366×768 pixel resolution, which is perfect for playing games and watching movies while on the go.
This netbook also incorporates 4GB of DDR3 RAM, a 500GB hard drive, and standard connectivity and port options, including HDMI output, 5-in-1 card reader, one USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports, and 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi. Additional features include multi-touch trackpad, chiclet keyboard, and built-in 1.3 megapixel camera.
If you are looking for a netbook offering maximum performance, Acer TravelMate B113 is an ideal choice to consider.

Panasonic® Toughbook CF-19

How about accomplishing your computing tasks while you are on field?

For field mobile usage, lately Intel Ivy Bridge technology and Panasonic came together to offer a rugged convertible notebook with enhanced CPU and graphic performance, and extended battery life of up to 10 hours.

Dubbed as Panasonic Toughbook CF-19, this one-of-a-kind notebook is meant to completely transform the way professionals work in emergency services, field utilities, transport maintenance, defense, and almost all kinds of field services. This device will allow instant access to applications and data without any geographical barrier and time restriction.

USP of Panasonic Toughbook CF-19

With magnesium alloy casing along with Panasonic anti-scratch coating, Toughbook CF-19 is one of the roughest notebooks. It is successfully MIL-STD 810G drop tested and also boasts of advanced temperature, vibration, and dust shield.

To handle the most intensive applications, the novel notebook sports the third generation Intel Core i5 Processor and Chipset, as well as Intel Core i5-3320 vPro standard voltage processor with Intel HD 4000 graphics. In terms of reliability and durability during extremely challenging environments, Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 is meant to give optimum performance, thanks to its Panasonic energy optimization.

Talking about ports, Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 incorporates Super Speed 3.0 port and the latest Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Ready technology. It also includes low voltage DDR3L RAM module and 500GB of memory with 128GB and 256GB SSD options.

Intel to Focus on Ultrabooks

With launch of Mac Book Air a new debate has started over thin and fast computer. Few count it as one of the reason for the birth of Ultrabooks. Ultrabooks are considered as thin PCs with extra long life of battery. With huge demand of fast and lighter computers Intel has started considering it as the new segment in the computer industry as it considered netbooks few years ago. The key defining factors for Ultrabooks like thickness not more than 21 millimeters wake-from-sleep time equal or less than 7 seconds it is expected to change the way computer are used. It is believed that on 14 September Molly Eden, General Manager of the PC client group at Intel will describe the “transformation of the PC” being driven by the Ultrabooks at the Intel Development Forum.

Even MacBook Air which has a maximum thickness of 17 millimeter but takes more than 7 sec to wake up is in tight talks with Intel to make it faster and turn the microprocessors to consume only 15watts which is currently 35-40 watts. Even Intel has already made it clear that it is working hard to make its processors less energy consuming so that the device can stay longer on without the power supply. It is also believed that on 14 September another meeting will be hosted by both the Intel and Microsoft engineer to discuss titled “ Microsoft  Windows 8 on Intel Architecture “ which will also show some light on the new windows 8 which is the latest operating system in Microsoft operating system series. It is also said Windows 8 which is being developed keeping in mind the Ultrabooks will not only be faster but more realistic for Ultrabooks as it will be faster and will help the Ultrabooks to reduce the wakeup time which is 20-30 sec in windows 7. If we go by Intel Ultrabooks will be available in market by end of 2011 and not only Microsoft but Apple will also have access to the new processors by the same time and will help them to improve the battery life of the Mac Book Air and will also boot the wakeup time.

However the development of Ultrabooks will be carried out in three different phases the first one will be available by end of this year but the development work will carry on. Thus we can expect to see the Windows 8 the new Operating system from Microsoft which will be available by next year with better speed and light weight and new features that has not been seen before with help of the new processors from Intel.

Speed Up Your Laptop

Laptops are portable and give a big advantage of mobility but with so many heavy programs being used these days one has to also to tune up the laptop regularly so that it does not turn slow. Here we will discuss few tips and trick to make sure your laptop is not turning slow.

Step 1: To check what operating system you are using on your laptop. It can be XP, Vista or Windows 7. To check right click on My Computer for  XP or Computer for Vista and  Windows 7 depending on computers operating system.

Step 2: You can find it on your main screen or in the start menu which you get when you click on START at the bottom on the left hand side of the screen. And then left click on the properties this will give you details of your device .i.e. Microsoft XP or Microsoft Vista or Microsoft Windows 7.

Step 3: Once you know the operating system we will check how many Antivirus you have on your laptop. Many users think more antivirus you have better is the protection which is not correct. As multiple antiviruses can make computer slow, the reason being they conflict and block each other.

Step 4: Laptops when bought have antivirus preinstalled in them Norton or Symantec 60 days trail is the most common one. You need t make sure you have uninstalled it from your laptop by going control panel  and then add remove program in XP and program and feature in Vista and Windows 7.

Step 5: Once you are sure you have only one antivirus in your computer we will clean the automatic loader of your computer. As most of them are not required and are consuming the resources of your computer. To do that we will hold the windows key i.e. a key with Microsoft flag on it, located beside shift and ctrl key simultaneously with letter “R”. This will bring a box called “RUN”.

Step 6: Please type command “msconfig” and then hit the enter key or click on OK. Once you do that it will bring System Configuration Utility. Please look for Startup Tab. Should be the last tab on the right hand side or the second last.

Step 7: You will see a list if application that will load to the memory of your computer whenever you turn on your computer. Many of them are not required like Google updates or Adobe Updates you can also remove messengers from the list as you can login when you need them does not have to be loaded every time you boot the computer. Only keep your antivirus checked and uncheck everything else.

Step 8: Once all this is done please click on apply and then click on ok. And restart the computer. When the computer comes back again you will notice a small box that would read “You have made some changes…” Please check the one that says don’t show this message again and click on close. This should make computer work lot better.

Hands on: Can the ThinkPad X1 take on the MacBook Air?

Good news for the brand loyal consumers of Lenovo. The cyber giant & one of the greatest manufacturers of laptops in the world is coming up with its brand new ThinkPad XI, but this  time a little off the track. Amazed? Yes, Lenovo which is known for its simple looking & efficient devices will present its Thinkpad XI to its customers in the form of an ultrathin feature & stylish jet black outer cover. Lenovo is always famous for its straight forward & simple business laptops that are affordable along with a unique proposition of user friendliness & longevity. The thinkpad is priced at $1,399. It will come in a shining smart black case with an amazing footprint of 13.2 x 9 in., & 0.4 in. wider in comparison to its nearest competitors the Apple MacBook Air and the Dell Vostro V130.

Giving looks & style a major priority this time, Lenovo will launch these premium lightweight notebooks. With a unique style of an angular black plastic cover, Thinkpad XI gives a very strong competition to MacBook Air’s smartly surrounded aluminum case. Not only style but safety of the gadget also counts a lot. The rubber coating made on it will prevent the laptop from slipping of the hands. It is just like everything in a single package. As far as sophistication & performance is concerned, Thinkpad XI is being well equipped with second-generation 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 processor that will make the user enjoy a magnificent 4GB memory. This technology is called Turbo Boost which is compiled with an extraordinary 320GB hard drive and a 160GB flash storage module which costs an extra $400 for installing in Apple MacBook Air respectively. Gorilla glass with a very strong internal frame will save it from any injury along with giving a huge protection to the display part. With a massive resolution of 1366-x-768-pixel, it is a very powerful device equipped with Intel’s HD 3000 integrated graphics chip. But as the coin has two opposite sides; it is having a battery life twenty minutes lesser due to two Brightness settings that are already being installed in the gadget. If we take a look at the Key board we will find something old that’s being blended in a newer form. It is not having button or traditional keys, but it is having a touch screen that will enable the user Enjoy a variation along with easy operation of the system. It is marked with a pointing stick just like the sailor’s compass in the middle of it which will specifically signify the areas Of right & left clicks just below the touchpad. This thinkpad is really a kind of a revolution in the field of laptops & it will be very handy equipment for business travelers. Especially because of the extra ordinary memory & sleek features it will gain popularity in the market in a very few days which will really make its competitors think twice regarding their next venture.

Lenovo Says, Mainstream Ultrabooks Coming

According to the recent declaration of cyber giant Lenovo, on Thursday in Hong Kong, Lenovo is launching its Ultra books–ultra slim, the laptops with light window features which will give a tough competition to Mac Book. The Chief Operating Officer of Lenovo, Rory Read said without any hesitation, Lenovo will be the leader in the concerned field that will act as a catalyst in generating demand with reference to the Intel based laptops. He also said about the introduction of laptops that will go in rhythm with the mainstream prices with certain solutions that were enjoyed by only the premium segments of this field. He gave a clear  implication regarding the cloudy perception of mainstream’s pricing that will surprising come  under 1000 US Dollars by the very next year. Along with the smartest looks & long battery life Ultra slim will be giving its users ultimate pleasure in operating them & will never cease to amaze you. User friendly techniques with easy handling features will be the unique propositions of this sophisticated gadget.

Lenovo third largest personal computer developer is the world with an outstanding profit orientation from fifty five million to one hundred eight million US Dollars with sky rocketing revenue generation to six billion US Dollars beating the analyst estimations & performing beyond their expectations.

After all we all know that Lenovo is a name that everyone trusts. It is perhaps the most well known brand in the world of computers. It is the personal computer division of IBM &the leading laptop manufacturer of the world. All the major breakthroughs in the computer space are brought widely by Lenovo. With the introduction of Ultrabook it will set another landmark in laptop manufacturing genius. It has already launched think pads & other such gadgets that engulfed the market leading to a monopoly of Lenovo.

At the present, being a pioneer in the features of hardware Lenovo, is trying to achieve the goal of making hardware easier for its users with its new launch of Ultrabook. We are all aware about the huge hit of the Idea pad series of Lenovo with some of the excellent features of Intel’s multi core high speed processor (Intel Core) & many other things which made its customers more than happy. The Ultrabook falls under the category of value line laptop series of Lenovo & is designed especially for business or home or office use respectively. It will offer you the exact value of money along with smartly designed body & designs. Colors like black, red, blue & brown are available that will add to its charm. It’s easier to carry with its portable features & slim get up.

Sony Pulls Out All The Stops – Sony S-series

We’ve all heard of Sony’s latest hacking crisis. In spite of the ruckus caused, Sony has remained resilient and continues to stun the world with top of the line products. When it comes to the pioneering ability and aesthetics you don’t need to look any further. Sony has done this repeatedly for decades and is doing it once more in the form of the Sony S-series laptop.

This is by no means their flagship model, but it does push the limits of design. It is slim, trim and super potable and rolled into this fantastic package is a reasonable 13.3 inch screen. Some of the company’s past creations have had an ambitious design with cheap and shiny parts used for the major make-up of the system. This laptop has a plastic exterior but it is elegantly and subtly designed around a metal interior. The keyboard is superbly laid out as always with Sony laptops. The only cause for concern is the screen which is thin and moves incessantly while typing. This can be annoying while using programs like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

Hardware spec shouldn’t e a problem here as it comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, memory size of 4GB. The hard drive is 320GB which is more than enough. This laptop, in spite of its modest size has an optical drive. All this is rolled into a chassis that is not even an inch thick and weighs only 3.8 pounds.

The display is beautiful and neat. It comes with 1366 x 768 display but the higher versions of the S-series come with resolution of 1600 x 900. This is the highest resolution offered in this class with any brand including the Z-Series, Sony’s flagship laptop series. It cools extremely well due to a good ventilation system in the system. It also has two USB ports that do help with connectivity immensely.

This product is typical Sony, great craftsmanship, attention to detail and awesome value for money for years to come. If you ought this, there’s no way you’d regret your decision.

The latest Sony guarantees you with a higher run time that will definitely allow its users to make up with all the features for longer. The overall quality of these gadgets makes them very popular & a hero among other laptops. As a matter of fact, with sufficient features & extravaganza these gadgets have made the sales statistics the best along with numerous satisfied customers all over the world. Some of the bestselling models include AR60, FZ30, SZ70, CR30 and TP2. Other than these there are higher versions of laptops from the company that will never cease to amaze you.

MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro: Which Apple 13-incher Should You Buy

The world has never questioned the superiority of Apple products. Buyers never faced dilemma while selecting any Apple products because Apple products are class apart and far superior to the products offered by rival manufacturers. However, today Apple loyalists who want to purchase the MacBook are unable to decide which MacBook to buy; MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

If you look at Apple lineup of devices, you will see that users have   two options when it comes to buying 13-inch laptops, the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Both laptops have a very little difference in terms of features, design and price. So buyers are confused when selecting between these two. Let’s compare these laptops side by side on different aspects which will help the user to take the right decision

Size: The MacBook Pro is the oldest between two and also heavier than MacBook Air. The MacBook Pro weighs around 1 pound and half more than the MacBook Air.

Performance: The RAM and storage specs of both laptops are almost same. The MacBook Air features a faster 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5 while MacBook Pro comes equipped with second generation 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 processor. The MacBook Pro provides superior performance in comparison to MacBook Air. But that does not mean MacBook Air offer a slouch performance. It provides a user with good performance despite having a low clock speed processor.

Battery Life: The MacBook Pro and MacBook Air have almost same battery life that is approximately 6 hours and 40 minutes.

Features: The MacBook Pro comes loaded with more features than MacBook Air such as a DVD-RW, an HD webcam and a larger capacity hard drive.  The MacBook also features an Ethernet jack and a Firewire port. The MacBook Air has a display of superior resolution of 1,440×900 pixels while the MacBook pro has a display of resolution of 1,280×800 pixels

If you look at direct comparison between these two MacBooks then it is quite clear that none has a definite edge over the other. If you don’t give more weightage to size and the weight of the laptop then the MacBook Pro scores more in terms of Value for Money proposition. The MacBook Pro has all extra goodies that a normal computer user will like to have such as a DVD-RW optical drive, a bigger hard drive and more ports.

The intended use of laptop is also important when you go to buy a laptop. The intended use depends on the profession of an individual. if you are frequent traveler then the MacBook Air is the best option for you. The new MacBook Air performance   is also quite good for normal tasks. If cost is not a hindrance for you when it comes to buying devices then MacBook Pro is the right choice for you. Students can either go for MacBook Pro or MacBook Air as there is not much difference in prices of entry level devices after the educational discount offered by Apple.

MacBook Air Sweep Over The White MacBook

With the arrival of newbie’s like MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lot of cheap quality plastic items worth $999, PowerBooks ,lot of legacy items like iBooks have been replaced along with White MacBook and the range to take decision has been reduced which has made easy for the public too to follow. The new MacBook Air and Pro is fixed with processor of high speed and it already comes with built in OSX Lion.

From the year of 2008, MacBook Air has taken a tremendous path initially being more capable of all others and the one prominent feature of this newbie is that, it is portable and you can carry anywhere and go in a gay with that in your bag. Though the naïve arrival w landed on the end of July, it is the correct time for the students to decide and update their technology with the purchase for PC. The MacBook Pro has already been in the market in February itself when compared to the last year where it reached the market only by October.

The MacBook which has got a 11 inch screen and of the rate $999 is still in the market and it’s rate is similar to that of the usual White MacBook .The core processor which is of 1.6 GHz seems more lively and ready to act when compared to the yester year’s Mac. The disadvantage of the new Air is that, the storage capacity is only definite of about with flash memory of 64GB.Thus only limited data will be dumped into the hard drive .With initial booting of the system, it will deliver 48GB free memory to store, which again reduces the capacity to store even what you can store permanently and keep it. You can expand the 64GB by adding memory up to 256GB at the instant of purchasing itself, but it needs more additional dollars or pounds to fill the need.

After all these defects, the most prominent advantage or promise of MacBook is the cloud storage which can even be termed as the main concept behind the MacBook. You can store immense of libraries of photos as well as music, which can even be stored in the servers remotely and its video serves that it delivers are quite popular. iCloud may deliver more alternatives like music which are re-downloadable which helps in reducing the load in the local directories while Amazon  as well Google are delivering another alternative solutions.

The newbie MacBook Air has got lot of additional ports along with Thunderbolt port which delivers better choice for students with a display which is astounding at the rate of $999 and you can even dock the MacBook Air in an environment having only desktop PC, so as to have all other ports like FireWire, Ethernet and other USB ports.

Why Samsung NC215S Solar Netbook Held Up Till August?

The markedly new innovative netbook of Samsung is on the market, as it is going to be the first which will get powered from the sun that is it uses solar energy for its power. The new NC215S model need not have a charger, so whenever you go out you need not worry about the additions.

Some of the features of the new solar netbook

As long as there is enough sunlight the battery will be adhered with the help of embedded device of solar panel which is fixed inside. You can see that, after two hours of recharging, it will provide you with an hour of life for battery. As the solar panels are quite expensive lot of people are confused with the feature and doubts arise, whether they are the tested ones in case of performance. If solar energy is not sufficient, the netbook is still furnished with six-cell battery which delivers about 14.5 hours life for the battery.

The new Samsung NC215S has got an LED display, which is 10.1-inch as well as have a resolution of 1024 x 600 .Processors comes in two modes like 1.66 GHz of Intel Atom which is single core and processor N570 pineview , which is dual core. Another one which is needed is graphics core which has 3150 GMA WITH 12 GB RAM Capacity. The memory space is 250GB as well as 350 GB and hard drive executes at 5400 resolutions per minute.

The main advantage of NC215S is that, it has got VGA display with 3 ports for USB along with card reader, which is 4 in 1. According to reports, it will be in market in July at the rate of $399.What about teasing your brain with a solar paneled netbook?

The poise Samsung NC215S netbook of solar power with its entry had even been on Amazon for pre-order. Netbook was supposed to be shipped even earlier of the month, but it never happened. The major feature of this netbook is that, apart from the solar panel fixed inside the lid, it helps to keep the set-up powered up. This netbook uses matte screen instead of glossy, so that it will have much lower glare.

Lilliputing approached Samsung in order to see the delay in the introduction and shipping of the new netbook. Actual delay was due to the delay in obtaining the solar panels the set-up requires. Thus the netbook will now ship and product will reach the public only during the middle of August. If you are behind the new netbook, there is only one more month to wait or even you can pre-order the product in Amazon.

The machine has got a fundamental hardware inside the netbook which has about 1.66GHz Atom N570 with matte finished screen having resolution of 1024 x 600.Now the details included in the solar panel is much more. The new addition is the unit will deliver even one hour more of run time for each and every 2 hours of exposure to the sunlight.

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