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How to Adjust AutoPlay in Windows

At many instances you would come across situations when you would try to play a media files and would come up in different players where as you would want it to play in any other player.

Lets take an example when ever you open the a mp3 files or an audio file you would want it come up in iTunes or in Windows Media Player and When ever you open a video file you would want it come up in a VLC media player or any of Blue Ray Player for better video output. But it will not happen on its own and you realize this when you open a audio player and it comes up in VLC instead of iTunes it is irritating as you have to close it and launch it either right click and then choose the one that says open with and then select iTunes. When ever you come across such problem you wonder what you can do to change open it with what you want. Today we will discuss something that will help you to increase the flexibility of your computer.

Step 1: Once you open the Control Panel go for the once that says AutoPlay. In case you don’t see it Please click on the one that says Category and choose from the drop down the once that says Small Icons and then you should be able to locate AutoPlay.

Step 2: Once you locate AutoPlay please make sure the Check box at the top is checked and then you should be able to use the screen to set the Default Players for the files that you are trying to listen or view, which could be image or audio files or a video files.

Step 3: Incase you have made changes that you are not sure of and ant to return to the old stage please scroll to the bottom of the screen and then please click Reset all defaults. This bring media file’s setting to the default status.

The above steps tat we have mentioned will help you to not only make media player more fast for you as you can just click on the files and it will open in the player that you have assigned but it will also open the images in the specific viewer and will make things lot simpler and fast. And at any point if you want to open it with any another player only for one time you can just right click and choose the option open with to open it with the another program and next time onward it will be back  to your instruction and open with the program you have assigned it to.

RealPlayer For Android Devices

Android phones are one of the most famous Smartphones used by consumers worldwide. If you are using Android 2.1 and other new versions then you have experienced the stock media player. It is joy to use this media player. It has a fantastic user interface and also has other application of Google’s operating system so it will be helpful to you to share the pictures or video with friends and family members.

Seeing this media player it seems a little foolish idea to launch a all- new media player right now. The leading company in this sector Real Inc will launch a media player regardless of these facts. RealPlayer has a long history of developing media playback for home computers, now recently it released a public beta version of its RealPlayer for Androids.  The main aim of this application is to become the first choice among Android users for viewing movies, enjoying photographs and listening to music.

RealPlayer is doing a great job by bringing different media together in one place. There are main features like browse your pictures and also listen to music at the same time. It will be also help you in creating slideshows of your snaps. It is looking excellent with its intuitive interface.

Here it also comes with 3D cover art transitions and all the usual option that make this media player above average. It has all the usual options that you expect from such application. It has integrated everything in a very logical manner but the menus and icons look a little half-finished. We can say that the design is very underwhelming and is curious because its come from a experienced one in this market.

When we compare both the stock Android player we found that RealPlayer is faster at loading-up clips. But there is one serious problem regarding its own RealMedia video format because it does not supports in Androids. The problem is due to the current codecs in Android Operating system.

There is one more issue about the folders from you load any media files, it is currently not possible in RealPlayer. If you have any external storage device then it will found the media but the annoying part is when you download a game and it will shoe pictures from that games also.

In RealPlayer it is also very difficult to share any of the content online. With RealPlayer you can upload or email a image to Picasa or Facebook something which is better and possible in Stock Media player.

Overall we can say that it is currently in progress and as soon as it will get completed it will be a good choice for Android users. There is not any problem with its performance but it only lacks some codecs and slight problem with file upload.

RealPlayer Upgraded For Android Apps

Real Player is perhaps one of the best all in one multi-media application. The Real Player positions itself as a free download in the Android market. RealPlayer is a medium with which downloading of video, audio and images are easily possible.

With the launching of the Real Player, the cell phone users find it extremely easy to move images and video to their instruments and so also iPod users. The first Android version gives a super easy way to manage your photos, video and music more like a default and easy way to keep mobile with the RealPlayer. It is releasing an upgrade with the features like:

  • Enhanced Graphics
  • It has a widget which allows a home page playback
  • There is a separate facility for removing songs and videos
  • A new and improved home page
  • Playback of music from a directory folder
  • Improved means to select directories
  • A landscape means for music playing
  • Video aspect ratio considered
  • Support for playlist music playback

The user gets assistance in operating of folders and directories. A dozen tweaks and add-ons have been made available as has been listed above.

These features have been devised and added on on the basis of customer feedback.

The engineers of RealPlayer have an original version that has got a space in the Android space for comprehensive media management solution. A development at the basic level has released Android based version. Till date, this version has been downloaded very popularly.

As this application is been considered a work-in- progress solution, work on it is always ensuing. Customer feedback has caused the upgrade version been released. The RealPlayer Android version released in the CES 2011 is a step up from the default applications. In it there is a music as well as video player and additionally a photo viewer. These are all the basic requirements in a player and these do the job very well.

However, it offers a little more than the facilities required and is th reason why it is downloaded so much. The slick interface looks great. It is like the music player and gallery all rolled into one. Seems like a money spinner and it is in its beta version. You can use the folder browser to keep the files scanned. So you could suggest it to someone who does not want internet radio. Or to someone who does not fancy Winamp player. The scanning animation never seems to stop. On the whole it has stolen the hearts of music lovers and the fancy of many who love to watch videos on their system.

The interface is sleek and looks enterprising. Playable on the mobiles now thanks to the Android version, the RealPlayer is selling well with a popular demand growing in leaps and bounds. The RealPlayer has hit back at other player types with their new Android feature.

VLC Player for Windows 7 Released

VideoLAN is a project that is engaged in the development of software for playing video and other media formats across a local area network that is LAN. It originally developed two programs just for media streaming, VideoLAN Client (VLC) and VideoLAN Server (VLS), but most of the features of VLS has been integrated into VCL with the synthesis named as VLC media player.

As a student endeavor at Ecole Centrale Paris (in France), the project started taking the shape but after the release of the software under the free software/open source GNU General Public License. With the time passing by this project is now a multinational with the development team spanning 20 nations.

VLC media player is a potable multimedia player, encoder as well as a streamer supporting a huge number of audio and video codecs and file formats and also DVD’s , VCDs and various streaming protocols. It is also able to stream overnetworks and to transcode multimedia files and saves them into various formats. It is one of the most independent platforms players that are available with versions for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BeOS, Syllable, BSD, MorphOS, Solaris and Sharp Zaurus. It is widely used with over 300 million downloads as of Nov 2009.

VLC media player is a free and an open source media player and multimedia framework written by the VideoLAN project.

The default distribution of VLC included a large number of free decoding and encoding libraries and even on the Windows platform. It avoided the need for finding or calibrating proprietary plug-ins. Most of the VLC’s codecs are provided by the libavcodec library from the FFmpeg project, but it uses mainly its ownmuxer and demuxers. It mainly gained its distinction as the first player to support playback of encrypted DVDs on Linux by using the libdvdcss DVD decryption library.

With time passing by, many new versions were launched with all the new software and latest technologies to let it integrate with a variety of other programs. Just like another development Version 1.0.0 of VLC media player was released on 7th July 2009, culminating 13 years of development.

VLC has recently launched the latest version of media players for Windows 7. VideoLAN and VLC development team has come up with the latest version of media player as VLC VLC is a forth bug fix release of VLC 1.1.x brach.

This latest version named as VCL1.1x brach has rectified all the improvements and also the bug fixes that everyone for longing for. It is supposed to pay all the multimedia files including Audio CD, VDC, DVD and various protocols related to streaming videos. Apart from it, the latest version of VLC player is capable of converting media files and transcodes.

The all new VLC player does not require any external codec, codec pack or any program code to work efficiently.

Media players: A must have Entertainment Software

We human beings have always needed tools and utilities for our entertainment purposes. Right through the process of our evolution, along with us those tools and utilities too have evolved. In the field of enjoying music and multimedia files, from tape recorders to speaker systems, and now when as this is a digital era our entertainment modes too have turned digital. Take a look at today’s media players.

Everyone enjoys listening to their favorite tracks and their type of music. We all build our carefully chosen playlists and gather our favorite artists and keep them arranged. We listen to them often and often, again and again, innumerable times. So seeing the music lovers’ love the media players had to keep up with the trend and technology. Talking about the media players, they have faced a long journey as the methods of storing and accessing music kept on changing. Starting from physical and bulky players which used to play magnetic cassettes till software applications which run all media files in computer only and everything is in soft form, it indeed has undergone a great deal of transformation.

Today’s media players are just software applications which run in your computer and which can’t just play audio files but also streams video files seamlessly. Things have moved on from Cassettes, CD’s, etc. and now as everything is in just files things are very easy. If you have a portable music player, a pocket media player like iPod, if you have a good stereo system at your home, if you have a computer with good speakers, if you have a car stereo system, or any other mode of playing music synchronizing music has become an idiot’s job today. Everything is digital and everything is just files. So talking about the media players, they are applications which have codecs to play certain format of files. If you want to play a audio file then there are file formats like .mp3, .wav, .ogg, etc. now for your media player to identify these type of files you need their respective codecs. Likewise it is for video files there the formats are like .mp4, .avi, .mpeg, .mkv, etc.

If the codec is not available in your media player then your media player will show an error message as the file is unrecognizable or unreadable. Now if you face such a situation then most of the media player software applications available today offer a facility to download that codec from their site and embed it in the software and run that file. There are several wonderful media player applications available in the market today. The good thing is that not all are paid software apps, there are several excellent players which are absolutely free and some even open source. Naming a few of them like VLC media player – an excellent free media player which has excellent set of codecs which hardly misses any, then there is Winamp – traditional media player which has upgraded magnificently with the passage of time to keep up the trends, KMPlayer, MPlayer, Real Player, Quick player, iTunes, Audacious, etc. All these are free media players. They offer tons of features.

There is also a media player named windows media player which comes bundled with the Windows operating systems if you feel like using it. If you have any other choice of your own favorite player you can use that too. If you are aware of all the features offered by a media player and are comfortable in using it then it is perhaps the best option and you should go for it.

How to Use Window Media Player for Internet Streaming

Have you ever thought that how youtube works or thought that how do you listen to the radio over internet? These are silly type of subjects to think but yet they are useful and knowledgeable. Youtube and some other sites like these are used for video blogging are common now a days but nobody realize the way there provide the service. Window media player also have option for the internet streaming. You can watch video and listen to radio on the window media player.

Internet connection:

It is must for the internet streaming that you must have a net connection. You can avail the service through any internet service provider. If you already have an internet connection and it is accessible then the task is too simple to handle.

Window media player setting:

Go to the start menu then in all programs and click the window media player.  If the window media player is on the “now playing” mode so put it in the library mode by clicking on the library button located under the titlebar. Here you will see a small button of stream. Click that button and then click on the “Allow internet access to home media”. A window will appear with the title of “internet home media access”. On it click on the allow internet access to home media. Many a time administrator makes some restrictions to the internet access therefore it will prompt for a password of administrator. Enter the password and click the OK button. Now an internet home access window will open. Click on the link on online ID. Provide the link of the video or music you want to listen and you are done with it.

Simple steps to kill the bird

Since windows media player is backed by the biggest personal computing company so it definitely has more options then other software. The best thing is that is preloaded in windows so you don’t have to install it by your self. Another advantage of using windows media player for streaming purpose is that most of its files are very small in size but with high quality and any one can download them easily.

You need to follow these few steps to stream your videos via windows media player:

  • Choosing a format:

There are several different formats that windows media player supports but try to choose such format which is most common of all and it is WMV file format.

  • Create a video/audio file:

Now after choosing the file format next thing that you need to do is to make a video the best way to make a video is to export your clips from external files into this file. You can do this from your editing applications. Once you go into this application you will find an option like File>Export, once you go into this option you will find several different methods that are available to you.

  • Place the files on a web page:

Now you are only one step away from your video streaming process that is to put your video on the internet. There are different ways like hyperlinking or embedding.

  • Hyperlinking:

Hyperlinking is a simple process with which you can put your video easily on a website but this method also has some disadvantage as you will not be able to determine about the play back time of the video.So this is the reason why many people use embedding.

  • Embedding:

This process can place the video file inside the webpage. There is a very good advantage of this process that user don’t have to open media player or any other software for viewing the video.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
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