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Microsoft Reveals Touch Mouse

Finally Microsoft has confirmed the launch of its project ‘Mouse 2.0’ and announced a new Touch Mouse at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) of this year. The top of this Touch mouse is made up of the variety of capacitive touch sensing electrodes which track the location of the fingertips of the user along surface.

This Microsoft Touch Mouse is almost similar to the touch-sensitive Magic Mouse of Apple. It combines an optical mouse with a multi-touch surface. According to the Microsoft, it offers the best of the world to the users. This is especially designed for the Windows 7 that brings the improved support to platform for the multi-touch devices. The touch mouse reacts in a different way according to how many fingers are touching its surface.

This Microsoft Touch Mouse costs only $79 and it will be available in this year May 2011. It features capacitive touch technology which allows the users to browse and scroll all the web pages by just sliding the fingers up and down the mouse. It also allows the users to do some things such as scroll, pinch-to zoom and pan around all the utilizing touch technology. Microsoft adds that this 2.4GHz mouse features a Blue Track technology that means it could be able to track on very much any of the services you add to it.

The evolution of this touch mouse is from Mouse 2.0 project. Microsoft Corp studied and has combined all the standard capabilities of an optical mouse with the multi-touch sensing and also created five prototypes. Though all the five prototypes of Mouse 2.0 explored different form factors and strategies for touch-sensing, finally the “Cap Mouse” is selected for becoming the Touch Mouse.

The Microsoft Touch Mouse is featuring overall 9 natural gestures. This Touch Mouse provides the finest fluid way for navigating Windows 7; this is since it supports Windows 7. This mouse also features 9 fingers gestures including the very common tasks that generally people do with Windows 7 such as opening the windows as well as moving or switching between the task and windows.

In addition, this touch mouse utilizes gestures which engage the fingers and thumb and also exclusively works with the OS Windows 7. Windows 7 lets the users scroll, click, flick and swipe this is why the Touch Mouse is easy to interact with the PC. The Microsoft Touch Mouse Enhances the Windows operation as well as it allows easy switching between the tasks. It is fun to use and very easy to learn. It also helps users to get done more in very less time.

Its Snap-in Nano transceiver provides the users an option for leaving the transceiver that is plugged into computer or to store conveniently it in at the bottom surface of the mouse. Its 2.4 GHz technology offers a secure wireless connection. Its ambidextrous design allows you to use it with the either hand.

The Touch Mouse is also backed with 3 years limited worldwide hardware warranty.

Arc Multi Touch Mouse- A New Offering by Microsoft

This multi touch technology is a quite familiar name among the masses as it’s already functional in mobile phones, MP3 players, tablets etc but still taking some time to get itself common in computers because of its cost factor as affording a multi touch monitor is an expensive deal. So the solution for it was the launch of multi touch mouse. If no multi touch monitor, then multi touch mouse can be a quite affordable option. Such mouse does not have buttons and it allows you to interact with your computer by using multi-touch gestures.

About Arc Touch

Microsoft already has presented the Arc Touch Mouse to its users which are quite convenient and the shape is also curved one. But this mouse still lacks in one thing that is its feature of multi touch.

So keeping this in mind Microsoft has planned to launch a new arc touch multi touch mouse adding it to a list of other multi touch mouse such as Apple and many others. It has already been launched in some European countries retailers like Denmark and Norway but still not at all locations. These retailers have even started the publishing listings of Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse the product code of which is RVF-00003.

On March 30, 2010, Microsoft officially registered its domain with the name The news is that a Research program was` held by Microsoft in which different designed for a multi touch were detailed and this offering is made after that program held.

Unique Feature of this New Multi Touch

The Arc touch mouse which is already given by Microsoft in 2008 was designed with an integrated fold out hand support. But this new launch would really bring a revolution as its fold-form factor is really very innovative and comfortable.

Benefits for Windows 7 users

This is apparently good news for the users of Windows 7.This is because a user can take the advantage of multi touch mouse only if they could afford Multi Touch PC’s which are very costly but now those who have Windows 7 PC’s they can also take benefit of multi touch mouse as it would support Windows 7. Now these users doesn’t need to purchase a multi touch expensive mouse from market as officially they would get that by Microsoft itself  once it launches this mouse.

Pricing of this Arc Multi Touch

At present, Apple has presented its multi touch mouse already in the market with the name Apple Magic Mouse the cost of which is $70. Though this Microsoft product would be of similar kind like as of Apple Magic Mouse but its support in Windows 7 will help it in boosting its demand. More people would be able to have the features of multi touch in their applications refreshing the platform of Windows Touch. It is expected to be sold under 70$ only and not more than that, almost the same price at which Apple has offered.

Finally it can be concluded that this technologically advanced peripheral would change the whole trend of future in this area.

Google Focuses on Mouse Monitoring Techniques to Enhance Search Results

Google’s mission has always been “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Their name “Google” is actually derived from the word “googol”, which means “1 followed by 100 zeros” mathematically. Their name correlates with Google’s goal to collect the enormous amount of information that is exists, and make it available to end users like you and me. With this vision in mind, Google has come out with yet another unique idea to make searching the internet even more productive. It is the creation of the system for optimizing search accuracy with the monitoring of a user’s mouse pointers activity. The main points from the awarded patent are discussed below.

General search querying techniques

There are various ways how a search is modulated to give the most relevant results. In most of the cases, the user’s pointer is monitored by its movement within a specified region. When the pointer leaves that area, the server then looks for the most relevant results within the specified field of the searched query using the pointer’s hover time. When the server is about to deliver the new search results, it sorts the informational links, making the most relevant first and the least relevant last. Normally, the server decides based on searches and the most visited links related to those searches.

Introduction to mouse pointer monitoring

SEO Bill Slawski explains that the patent makes a few assumptions about how a mouse pointer’s movement could be read. For example, the longer the mouse stays over a searched result the more relevant it is to the user and the searched query. Additionally, if the pointer scrolls through each line, it shows that the results are gaining attention of the reader rather than if the pointer stays at a certain result without any movement.

Basic mouse pointer behaviors and their meanings

The movement of the pointer within the results page signifies users’ interest in the results provided. The sponsored links and ads also depict a trend. If the user clicks on one ad and ignores another one, it shows that the browsed ad is more attractive and important then the ignored advertisement. If the website shows a map, an explanation or other results which the user’s pointer hovers on for some time then this shows that the user found the other link more informative and helpful. Thus, the server keeps a record to assure that the next time someone makes a search with the same key words, it knows the most relevant information to display.

The Google applied for the patent in 2005. Now, after almost 5 years, no one can predict whether or not Google will use it. The way we use the internet and how people perceive it has changed in these five years. Although Google has been granted the authorization to use this patent, Google may already have something else in store for the world.

After Windows 7 Microsoft is Scheduled to Launch A “Mouse”

The recent buzz surrounding Microsoft and Windows 7 is an innovative mouse in development at Microsoft, which would have multitouch input capabilities. This is being initiated, according to many rumors, also keeping Windows 7 users who are awaiting on changing their displays. There is nothing official about this yet, although Microsoft has already registered a domain “” and redirected it to Bing.

Revolutionary technology

The innovative mouse, as it has caught a lot of attention even before Microsoft has officially announced anything, must be consisting of some trendy features that users need alongside the new Windows 7 OS from Microsoft. Obviously the standards of products from Microsoft has always been above average and has most of the times provided with some excellent features that are unique to the devices.

Apple magic mouse

Apple magic mouse which has a lot of multitouch features, is expected to have plenty of resemblance to the expected hardware component from Microsoft. Apple magic mouse was a brilliant innovation from Apple to enhance user experience with Apple products and operating systems. Beauty of Apple magic mouse is the seamless integration with the system in both aspects hardware and software.

Windows 7 features

Windows 7 has a lot of inbuilt multitouch features that average users don’t actually have necessary hardware to explore into. One reason why multitouch mouse concepts were initiated. Multitouch mouse peripherals will not only enable users with high end features on its own, but also expand the usage of inbuilt Windows 7 features.

The price range

Some European retailers have listed a “Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse” in their sites for around 70 dollars. Whether it be an indication of the original price or not, 70 dollars for a mouse seems a bit on the higher side given the current situation of an average consumer. Even if the expected piece of hardware is a PC clone of the Apple’s magic mouse, if the functionality would justify the price, no one knows for sure yet.

Early indications

Microsoft registering the corresponding domain and several retailers listing the item in their sites are all clear indications of such peripheral being in the process. The Redmond company has also been involved in a multitouch mouse research back in 2009, which also gives a clue on something happening from Microsoft.

Recent product releases

Several mouse models have been introduced to the market by Microsoft with the average price range of them being around 40 to 50 dollars. These releases from Microsoft too indicates an upcoming high end mouse component slightly higher in price.

Brilliant software features without supported hardware to operate and explore are virtually useless. Microsoft has realized a similar issue with the features of Windows 7, an important reason why a multitouch mouse is on the making, if any exists at all.

Arc Touch Mouse to be Released by Microsoft Soon

Microsoft, the software giant, has just developed a new product in its hardware sector. It seems to be an upgrade for its Arc Mouse which is to be called the Arc Touch Mouse. This new multi-touch based mouse seems to be looking like one of Apple’s products.

This could be Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Magic Mouse when it comes to its features and what it can do since they are pretty similar. Upon first glance, the Magic Mouse and the Arc Touch Mouse may seem to be really similar and with Microsoft’s anticipated launching this year, then Apple really has some competition on this area.

The original version of the Arc Mouse launched many years ago hence this new version is already an update of the first version. What is cool about this mouse is that it is shaped like an arc coming into contact only at the front and back, hence the name Arc Mouse.

It’s an attractive and portable little mouse and its design is probably one of Microsoft Hardware’s best. In terms of aesthetics, it comes in a cranberry colored and black colored version. The design also allows less friction in general and it also saves weight. However, since the point of contact is only the front and back, there is more pressure in those areas of contact. Using it would require a light touch but in general, it works just like an ordinary computer mouse and one would have no major problem in using it.

The updated Arc Mouse would surely be an improvement of the original one. Reports have said that the updated version would make the Arc Mouse touch-based. This rumor came from some information which spotted Microsoft registering a domain name from European retail sites called last March.

From this domain name, it was rumored that the next Arc Mouse would be touched-based. So far this is the only evidence of such upgrade. The said new mouse would have a product code RVF-00003 according to the same source. It is also estimated that this new device would command a suggested retail price of around $70

Microsoft has denied saying anything about the issue. They have refused to say any available information as of the moment. When asked, they say that nothing is available yet which indicates that Microsoft is indeed cooking up something and will be made available soon.

This piece of news is very encouraging for all the techie people eyeing the latest development in Microsoft hardware. If this new device would be as cool or even cooler than the Arc Mouse, then it would surely be another good sell for Microsoft. Apple surely has found a good rival in terms of multi-touch functionality.

Well I guess the least we can do for now is to wait for the formal launching of this soon to be touchable Arc Mouse. We’ll just keep our eyes and ears open until something more substantial would reach our news lines.

How To Set Your Mouse Up to Work Left Handed

The mouse that is used in the computer is one of the most important parts of the computer. There are many people who will be able to work without the mouse, but almost 90 to 95% of the population will need the mouse to work on the computer. The use of the mouse makes it very easy for you to be able to navigate through the various programs and files on the computer.

In a normal mouse, there are usually three buttons. There is one for a right click and there is one for the left click. The middle one is not commonly used by regular computer users. Each of these buttons on the mouse may have varied functions. Most of the mouse that is available in the computer shops are those that are set for the right handed persons. For those who are left handed, this can cause major problems. There is a method of making your mouse to be correct for the left hander and the method is as follows:

  1. The first step in the process is to enter the control panel of the computer. This section of the operation of the computer has the settings that have been pre set and configured for the use of a right handed person. This is also the place where you will have to change the settings to make it right for the left handed person. You can enter the control panel by clicking on the start menu of the computer. The control panel icon is to the right side of the column that appears when you click on start.
  2. Once you have entered the control panel of the computer, the next step is to click on the mouse option that is present in the control panel. You will have to double click on the ‘mouse’ option for the next step.
  3. Once you have double clicked on the option that says ‘mouse’, you will have a pop up screen that has a tab on it that says ‘change the primary and secondary buttons’ of the mouse’. This is the tab that you will have to click next. Once you click on this tab, the actual primary function of the mouse will become the secondary and vice versa. This reverses the normal function of the mouse and the right click becomes the left click and vice versa. This is the final step in the process of making the mouse to function and be compatible for the person who is left handed.

This is one of the important changes that should be done in the settings of the computer when you are left handed. There are many people who suffer a lot because they do not know the method of changing the function of the mouse and they go through a lot of stress just to try and work with the existing settings. You can change the settings very easily as explained here to make the functions of the mouse be reversed and make it to be easy to use for a left handed person.

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