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Napster and Rhapsody introduce new subscription based music service

To many Apple and iTune users the news that the Subscription-based music service Napster has partnered with Rhapsody to offer services on the App Store will certainly come as good news.

Recently, after the annual Apple conference which has introduced the revamped iTunes which subscription based services are looking forward to getting the niche of the market. It happens so that the current market competition is high in terms of the value of services that are being offered that even rivals like Napster and Rhapsody are pairing up too create.

The iPhone app has gone live yerterday, which has been approved by Apple. Some of the features of the app include:

  • Save songs
  • Albums and Playlists can be played offlin
  • Recommendations for related category of music
  • Automixes

The app is free to download, but requires a Though the app requires Napster and  Mobile Access subscription for $10 a month, the app is free to download.

The current subscription plans introduced by Napster and Rhapsody certainly make them one the biggest subscription based music service in the industry.

Zune HD Changes Face of MP3 Player Market

Zune HD the new MP3 player in the market from Microsoft has changed the world of MP3 players. The Zune HD is a power packed gadget that delivers an amazing experience. The MP3 Player from Microsoft is a complete example of quality hardware combined with the user friendly interface. The platform, on which Zune HD has been made, has opened new possibility for developers to create games for Microsoft’s new MP3 player. The only bad thing about the Zune HD is that the third party games are restricted on Zune HD. Microsoft’s .NET based XNA Framework, delivers high performance, Direct 3D graphics however the XNA on Zune HD only supports simple 2D graphics and also there are not hardware accelerated 3D.

Although the new MP3 player from Microsoft, Zune HD comes bundled with the NVIDIA Tegra but because of the absence of hardware accelerated 3D, it lacks in graphical performance. Also the device’s Wi-Fi blocks third party applications from accessing the Internet. The capabilities of the NVIDIA Tegra chip can be exploited if the programs use the widespread OpenGL ES 2.0 API. The OpenGL ES 2.0 API is a 3D application that is used by the Apple iPhone. With the OpenZDK or the Open Zune Development Kit, it is possible to run native or third party applications on Zune HD and that too in the same quality as of Microsoft’s own Zune games. With the ZDK, the first-rate gaming experience delivered by the Microsoft published games will now be available to third party applications as well. Also it will be easier for the developers to create the native applications for the Microsoft’s Zune HD. The operating system of Zune HD is based on Windows CE 6 is widely supported.

Just like Apple allowed the jailbreak to fix the exploits on the iPhone, Microsoft might choose the same way to fix the exploits and can officially allow the development of the native applications for Zune HD.

Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249