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Mobile World Congress® 2012 has too much to explore

Mobile World Congress 2012 is the largest event to discover latest activities taking place in mobile industry

Mobile World Congress is an international trade event where thousands of exhibitors get a chance to display their forthcoming technology associated to mobile devices. After CES, the MWC is recognized as one of the most highly popular event. For 2012, the organizers will be putting up the entire show in Barcelona, Spain. The Mobile World Congress 2012 will commence from 27 February and continue till 1 March 2012. Around 1400 companies will participate and collaborate with each other to converse on forthcoming products and fresh ideas. You will also listen to a number of eminent speakers, who will share their keynotes in an attempt to disclose further strategies of their respective companies.

Some of the exhibitors would unveil new gadgets during the event. And involve in a panel discussion to originate modern techniques, which can be implemented to streamline the technology to obtain finest smartphones. Furthermore, the Global Mobile Awards will be distributed to those who have been consistent in making the mobile industry proud.

Last year, the Mobile World Congress 2011 was attended by more than 60,000 professionals from 200 countries. Out of which ten thousand were app developers and 58% were purely C-level exhibitors. If you are a gadget freak and like exploring mobile phones from companies like Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Motorola and many more then get ready to tour on a roller-coaster ride during Mobile World Congress 2012.

Passwords alone won’t protect your mobile voice mail

Security is the main point of concern today. Each firm and organization is spending a lot amount of money into its security management. The security of data and the network plays the major role. There are many masterminds in the world who have only one business that is to hack other systems and modify or the harm the data present. So the basic priority is to protect the company’s data from these kinds of hackers and let the consumers feel secured from the company they are attached to. There are various methods to secure the consumers data that are contained by the companies. And also the firm’s personal data can be targeted. There are many confidential documents that can be leaked out. It can be any defense’s highly confidential data that can be hacked and used against the nation itself.

The major victims of such hackers are the mobile voicemails in UK. There were more than four thousands voicemail accounts hacked by the journalists from the London based newspapers. After this incidence it was revealed that these activities are very easy to perform. Actually the hackers used to use the commercial available caller id services and they used to place a phone call with the same number of the intended victim. If there is no password protection to the account, the message would simply play. Due to this reason even the AT&T which the second biggest wireless provider in the United States was forced to change its policy. Now the new cell phones that will be launched, it would have passwords on voice mail accounts in their default settings. This will control the voice mail accounts to be hacked from the hackers. Even the present customers that are in a mood to upgrade will be provided the facility of password protection.

The subscribers will be required to enter a four digit personal identification number to get into their voice mail accounts. Now this four digit number will work for the customers as their password. But still this isn’t enough according to many organizations. This is so because any random person can call to a call center and request to change the pin. And thus again the customer will be unsafe from the hackers. So it can be that there must be more than two factors for authentication. But still at last the two factors will be any kind of personal information like the last bill paid and social security number. But still this information can be cracked by any unauthorized personal. So there must be any other way to perform this task. So there are many firms and organizations working on this prospective and soon there will be solution to this. Thus to end such kind of activities there has to be a master mind that has to work so that the customers or the subscribers can rely and think of their voice mail accounts to be safe and secure.

A Beginner’s Guide To More Telecom Jargon

The mobile technology progresses at tremendous space and users find it difficult to keep up with the jargons that surface in the industry. Industry insiders like to use jargons for different terms to explain technology, industry standards and services with an assumption that normal users understand them.  Let’s take a look at some of the jargons used in telecom industry.


It is one of the common jargons used to define a type of services. The jargon is used for a customer who opts/signs for a long term service contract with the telecom service provider.  Telecom service providers seek to enroll more postpaid subscribers on its customers list as they are expected to stay with telecom carriers for longer time. These types of subscribers also spend more every month. Besides, postpaid subscribers are considered to be more financially secure and companies also conduct credit checks of these customers while accepting them as postpaid subscribers.

Telecom companies are known to offer subsidies over services and telecom products to entice customers. For example, an iPhone with a postpaid connection is offered by telecom carriers at $199 while a normal iPhone without contract may cost $649.99 in the market.


It is a commonly used jargon to define   telecom service that does not involve any contractual agreement between user and telecom carrier.  In this type of service, user pays in advance for the voice minutes. The user has complete freedom on usage of the minutes and he may not have to purchase voice minutes for weeks or months, if he/she doe not frequently use the mobile phone for communication.  Prepaid user is required to pay a set rate for specific minutes and there is no monthly phone bill in such setup.


The term means average revenue per user. The term is mostly used in context to understand how much a person is paying for phone bill every month.  The average revenue per user has different components in it. Generally a mobile phone user spends on voice minutes, text messages and data transfer. Carriers also consider users extra spending such as wallpapers and ringtones in this category.  The ARPU statistics show that the user spending has remained same despite the voice rates going down. One reason for the average revenue per user remaining same is, customers are heavily spending on text messages and data transfer instead of voice minutes.

Connected device:

The term is used to define any device other than mobile phone that has a cellular connection. Amazon’s Kindle is one such device which uses the AT&T or Sprint Nextel’s network to access digital books over air.  AT&T offers cellular connections on different devices such as dog collars, medicine bottles and digital photo frames. These devices have the lowest ARPU ($2 -$3 a month) but are still profitable for telecom carrier.

Today you will find majority of mobile phone users understanding these jargons easily. As the mobile technology advances, users will come across new jargons in near future.

HTC Status: The First Impression Being The Best Impression

AT&T of New York conducted some special function in which HTC Status was also exposed with its new and upcoming products

HTC Status is actually the U.S. version of the product HTC ChaCha, which was first launched at the Mobile World Congress. HTC Status was first contrived with the Facebook. Its initial handset was particularly customized for the social networking site and characterizes a consecrated Facebook button, so that you can post the updates in the simplest manner. With the help of HTC Status you can share some of the links, music trails etc. You can even sign in, thus creating an account for yourself, upload images or any personal photos and it has got many more features. The product is supposed to be available from 17th of July at the rate of $49.99 along with two year guarantee.

A survey has been done by the unit, so a full evaluated version is soon going to be in the market, but meanwhile some of the impressions of the new HTC Status are as follows which makes them top in the market.

The Facebook button genuinely makes one to keep in touch with the social networking site without any need to open the original application. Pressing the button fetches an output screen where you can send an update to a status or send some message or information on friend’s screen. In the meantime with the button pressed for  longer duration, allows verifying into a location. The button also reacts according to the action or context which means that if you are ever in an application like browser or camera, the key will light up reminding that you can upload the pictures or send a link through Facebook.

The keyboard has got QWERTY type keys in it. This type of keyboard is splendid which has large ellipse type buttons with ample space with upright keys which helps to type easily. One of the huge advantages about this is that, those having huge thumb finger can also type comfortably.

The HVGA monitor is a touch screen with 2.6 inch which happens to be bit small. Though there are menus of Android system present for minute display, it is difficult to seek a small text on the output and to migrate back to the phone.HTC has taken care to maintain quality and thus it has been designed perfectly. The HTC Status is both dainty as well as compact and characterizes a unicameral design which is both solid and slender.

The price tag being low-priced, HTC Status will definitely appeal the public niches which are of age 18 to 24 years.

Sony® PlayStation phone

Sony is one of the pioneers in the gaming market, with its PlayStation range of game consoles. Sony has a wide range of PlayStation consoles. The first model of PlayStation was launched in 1994 in Japan. PlayStation has three components, including Media Center, online service for gaming and line controllers or input device for the Media Center. Currently three models of PlayStation are available in the market, PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. Sony also manufactures portable PlayStation called as PlayStation Portable (PSP). The PSP device is like a cell phone, but specifically it is used for gaming purpose and for media entertainment. PSP console was launched in 2005. Since it was launched, it has been a great success in the world market and established various records of selling.

The specification or configuration of PSP is very good and ideal for High Definition (HD) and 3D games. Since many days, there has been news regarding the plan of Sony to launch the PlayStation phone in the market, which is made for gaming and also there are facilities of a phone as like any cellular phone. Sources say that this phone is a combination of Sony Ericsson Experia and PlayStation Portable. The phone has a modified chip of PSP Go and has the Android Gingerbread operating system. It will be a full touch screen device and will also have a slider section, which will feature four buttons of directional pad and touch pad for the gaming purpose. PlayStation phone will also feature a camera which will be based on Sony Ericsson Experia.

Is Your Smartphone Vulnerable to Attacks?

In Arlington, at the Black Hat Technical Security Conference, it was demonstrated that in many GSM-based smart phones, the software is vulnerable to remote exploits. We all know that GSM is the acronym for Global System for Mobile Communication standard and is used by many popular smart phones such as the Apple iPhone and Android-based devices.

A researcher at the University of Luxembourg, Ralf-Philipp Weinmann showed the vulnerabilities in his phone by launching an exploit of overflow vulnerabilities. He is a reverse engineer and spent many years doing his research on GSM codes to find vulnerabilities.

He used a phony base station to connect his phone and caused it to crash. He showed that when he activated the auto answer feature, he failed. He explained that this happened due to vulnerabilities and he added that there is always a 50 percent chance of success with each attempt. He also added that all these vulnerabilities are very easy to access. One can easily exploit using open-source code and $1000 worth of hardware. Phones are an easy target for hackers and especially smart phones due to their ability to contain larger amount of information and also they are accessible to more network resources.

It was a very old prediction that cell phones and other mobile computing devices would be more vulnerable to hacking, but still we have not seen any wide-scale threats. Weinmann used the GSM signaling connection for his attacks. He used the connection to deliver commands over the interface. Most of the GSM codebase stacks date to the 1990s and there is a very low protection against new threats. He said that now he is using better tools and the process is shortened to months. He also started patching the software but still many of them are vulnerable to threats.

To do his process, he created a smaller cellular base station. He did not impersonate a carrier in his demonstration but he found that a number of audience members’ phones were connecting to his base station. The reason is simple; there was no other cellular access available in the room. He explained the idea and said that a malevolent base station could have a range of mile or more depending on the antenna. When the base station established the connection, the attack can be done quickly.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
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