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Speedafari on iOS 9: Load Web Pages Faster

While you are browsing the web on your iOS 9, it could be a frustrating situation to find that the Internet connection is pathetically slow and web pages are talking forever to open. You can’t do much about the slow connection, can you? But, you can surely do a lot about opening pages faster even when the connection is just a bar or two of the Edge signal! Well, you have, to your saving grace, the content blocker app – Speedafari to your rescue.

For the uninitiated, Speedafari isn’t just one of the several content blocking apps available on your iOS 9 mobile device. Rather, it is an intelligent app that helps you load web pages faster by blocking all the unwanted portions in the page that mostly comprise of ads, tracking scripts and specialized fonts.

How does Speedafari work?

When you will run the Speedafari app for the first time, it will ask you to add the widget to your Today screen. It is here you can manage the app – turn it on or off, set its level of aggressiveness, etc.

So, to make the app work for you – block unwanted contents so that a website will load up faster – you’ve got to enable it. To do so,

  • Go to Settings and tap on Safari.
  • Open up Content Blockers and toggle the Enable option.

Return to the Today screen and launch Safari and start using it. If the connection is slow at this moment, you’ll be glad you enabled it for you will notice that the pages are opening up quicker than they did last time when the Internet connection was slow.

To let you decide the aggressiveness level with which you want the app to work, you can select the one that best suits your preference:

  • Low: To block tracking scripts and ads
  • Medium: To block all scripts on a page and also fonts
  • High: To block everything else apart from the main HTML; this is more like only the text view of the page to let you focus on the main content portion of the page

While many websites do not view ad-blockers as a good option, especially the ones that rely on web ads to generate revenue, these blockers nevertheless enhance the browsing experience for a mobile user. The next time you face a sluggish connection issue on your iOS 9, don’t forget to make use of the Speedafari app!



Apps for organizing a student’s hectic life!

There are apps today available for practically everything – from locating your misplaced smartphone to keeping a track of your fitness regimen. So, as you can see, apps make a lot of things easier for us. They help us simply life and many mundane chores that would otherwise perhaps be boring or lengthy. But, isn’t that what technology is meant for?

In the midst of this, apps have also entered educational institutions. They are simplifying the lives of students and also giving the institutions a platform to share the latest happenings, announce the upcoming events and, connect resources both internal and external to help guide students when they need it the most. TechGenie takes this opportunity to share with you a few chances that you too could cash upon, with respect to apps that are handy and can prove very useful for college goers.


This is an evergreen app that help students and professionals alike. While the latter can use it to record their digital documents up in the cloud, the former can use this app to store all their notes, presentations and everything else that they need to complete their college studies. Available for free and with a storage space of 2GB, Dropbox is certainly what you need to access your files, work on them, share them with friends and so on.


This is yet another app to organize your college life – yes, this can be pretty tough and so Trello strives to make things smoother for you. Available for Android, iOS, Kindle Fire and Windows 8, Trello lets you create boards, share them and even use them to assign tasks to other fellow members. Using this app your group can easily collaborate over completing the project and that too on time as you can set specific dates to chase the delivery. Isn’t this a wonderful app? You could opt to use the desktop or the mobile version of this app.


If you are looking for an app to help schedule your tasks, track your assignments, or monitor group study sessions, all you’ll need is the iStudiez app. This can help you do this and more. The designers of iStudiez have specifically kept in mind the needs of students and therefore have created this app that is compatible with all devices, irrespective of the model and brand. While the complete version of the app is available for $10, you can also check out its base version iStudiez Lite for free, before you actually purchased the final version.


A flexible and robust organizational tool for students would surely be Evernote. Simple to install and use, Evernote lets you take care of a host of tasks including creating notes, syncing them across multiple devices, snapping photos, organizing notes, annotating notes and even storing sketches and handwritten notes.


If you own a Mac or an iPhone, you would be glad you downloaded this app! No, it won’t certainly teach you how you can procrastinate; rather, it will help you get rid of this nasty little habit. Use this to organize your notes, set priority levels, and make even the toughest projects manageable by breaking them into smaller and more realistic targets.

So, with these handy apps to accompany you to your college, you are absolutely prepared to go back to school! Do let us know which out of this list you preferred and how many apps you’re planning to check out today…


Microsoft Releases WebMatrix

It is being often being seen that if you are owning a business concern and you want to increase the reputation of your company then it is quite necessary to build a tool for your website, which will not only help you to get the much-required support when giving adequate ads on the net but at the same time. Several clients and also other external parties who are linked with the company can simply take a view of the website and get the details of your company status. It is for this very reason that getting an appropriate website is very important for a person.

However, a major problem, which is being faced, by most of the people who want a website for their own is that in most of the cases, a person has to spend a huge amount of money in getting a website of his own. The reason is that most of the web developers who can be amateurs or even professionals do take a huge amount of money when it comes to developing web pages. The reason being that the whole process of web page development is a huge one, which starts with the analysis of the project and then lists the requirements. The web developer has to enhance his search for some of the best and the most complaint software, which would be needed to design the desired web site. Again, a website is not developed in one shot but several application platforms and database management software are needed in order to develop a website in modules. Thus, finding compatible software that can work in a synchronized format, with each other is quite a trouble for most of the web developers.

Thanks to the new Microsoft web matrix, which has given a huge advantage for amateur web developers to create their very own website without even giving the slightest of efforts? The Web Matrix allows a huge arsenal of web development tools to be worked with that includes ASP.NET, PHP etc.

It has several other features like enhanced database management tools using the SQL server software and along with that, the new feature of the Microsoft RAZOR is one major addition to this web development tool. RAZOR is a new gift of Microsoft, which is actually a viewing tool for this software, and the improved database complaint service that the web matrix allows simply gives it an edge over any other web development tool available in the market. The Razor has made it easier to build ASP.Net pages if you are not already quite comfortable with the web development tool.

The greatest advantage of the web matrix is that it often allows any programmer to write error free coding that is being enabled by this web development tool.

The best part of the story is that one can simply order this from the internet without a hitch.

GeckoSystems uses Microsoft’s Kinect Mobile Self-Navigation

Geckosystems released a statement announcing their recent development of the eckoImager which incorporates technology from Microsoft’s Kinect sensor. Gecko systems specialize in hardware and software inventions for the mass consumer marketplace aimed at usage in homes for safety and social purposes. Its current invention is the CareBot and GeckoNav, GeckoChat and GeckoTrak. These products are designed for the care of the elderly, the ill and children.

They are in discussions with various representatives from Microsoft. Gecksystes claims its sources its motivation from Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates’ article “A Robot in every home”.

Gecko aims to bring revolution in the robotics industry by incorporating elements from mobile robotics to develop Mobile Robot solutions for Safety, Security and service.

Microsoft has to its credit a mobile robot software development environment named as Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 R3. It is a Windows based application for the ease of developers in creating robotic applications across a range of hardware. The carebot is a robotic device with an aluminum frame surrounded by a plastic shell, two wheels which run independently, sensors microprocessors and on board computing device. It is primarily built around 5 platforms the GeckoSuper, GeckoNav, GeckoChat, GeckoScheduler and GeckoTrak. GeckoNav is responsible for maneuvering the device around obstacles and taking care of the motion of the robot, GeckoChat is responsible for interaction with the subject and answering to verbal commands, GeckoTrack using the Kinect technology through its sensors maintains close proximity to the subject.

Microsoft’s had recently stated sale of over 8 million Kinect sensors within 60 days of its launch. The GeckoImager uses sensor fusion interpolates structured light machine vision data provided by the Kinect sensor with sonar range finding data and all this added to the Geckos solid state compass, accelerometer and odometry sensor fusion provides enough data to provide the robot with a situational awareness to make it avoid collisions unaided utilizing its own resources in every conceivable environment setting. Also using the sensors from kinect would be cheaper than the current industry standard of laser range finding systems. It not only is cheaper but an excellent option providing dearth of data required for navigation at a lower cost to money and power stated Kevin O’Connor, Sr. EE Roboticist, Research and Development, GeckoSystems.

These service robots can find multiple utilizations from the home environment to the hospital environment. Can provide care of the elderly and the physically challenged can be used for monitoring the sick and many other uses.

Gecko systems state that the breach usage of Microsoft’s economic Kinect range finding sensor system would allow some approaching business-to-business niche retrofit markets for them. They said they would continue to expect technology-licensing revenues to precede revenues from product manufacturing and sales and have two to three prospective licensees in active discussions. This augurs well for increased ROI and shareholder value for their nearly 1400 investors.

Microsoft Releases Mathematics 4.0

Recently Microsoft launched a new application for student called Mathematics 4.0. This is a perfect application for students and it is basically a graphing calculator that plots in 2D and 3D, also step-by-step equation solving, and many other useful tools that will be helpful for math and science students.

There are many useful features present in the Microsoft Mathematics 4.0. They are as follows:

It can compute standard mathematical functions such as roots and logarithms, you will able to solve equations and inequalities and can solve triangles.

It is also very good for converting measurements from one unit to another. You can compute trigonometric functions such as, sine and cosines. For matrix and vector operations such as inverses and cross-products, it is very useful in both the cases.

For computation of basic statistics such as means and standard deviation Complex number are also can be computed very easily by Mathematics 4.0.

For graphs plotting such as, you can plot 2D and 3D graphs in Cartesian, polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates. It is also useful in Finding derivatives and integrals, limits and sums and products of series.

Last but not the least with the use of Mathematics 4.0 you can find, plot, and solve common formulas and equations.

It is far better than the previous HP scientific calculators used for same purpose years ago. Now student will prefer to use this amazing Microsoft’s Mathematics 4.0. as it is very easy to use and you can download the software from Microsoft website. If you are using latest Windows you can easily find it out in all 32- and 64-bit versions. Still there is no Mac version available but looking at its features and outlook, it would obviously look attractive and great on an iPad or Android Tablet.

With new innovations in technology we are seeing new products everyday. There will be more and more software and applications launched like this. All the products from Microsoft is getting better with every upgrade they provide. So, if it lacks some feature no need to worry about because with the new upgrade you will get all the features.

How to Create a Simple Budget in Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application written and distributed by Microsoft and Microsoft window. The basic feature of all spreadsheets, using grid of cells arranged in numbered rows and letter named columns. Columns beyond 26 are represented by two or more letters like AA, AB, AC etc. MS Excel has a programming aspect, Visual Basic for Applications allowing you to employ a wide variety of numerical methods.

Now in this article we will help you to create a simple budget in MS Excel. You just have to follow the simple steps given below.

Step 1:

Go to Start menu and select MS Excel and then open a spreadsheet. After this click on A1 cell and enter categories. Now you just Press the enter key.

Step 2:

Now enter the word description in cell b1. Now u just have to press the enter key. Enter the months January through June in cell C1 through H1, and then drag over the first row.


On the toolbar Click on B (boldface icon) on the toolbar. And then Drag over the cells b2 and b3.

Step 4:

Now you have to enter the name(s) of people earning income in your household. Enter Rent, Food, Water, garbage, Gas, Electricity, and Telephone charges in these cells. (you can Substitute other descriptions depending upon you priority and needs).Do Press the Enter key after each entry.

Step 5:

Now drag over the cells B11 and B15. This will now highlight the B cells for the other categories.

Totaling the budget

Step 1:

You have to drag over the cells that contain your budget and the labels. After this Open the data menu and select subtotals. Then in the subtotal dialog box, you have to ensure categories are selected in the “At each change in” option.

Step 2:

Now select the grand total row. And then open the Edit menu and select Delete you will see a box that appears, select Entire Row, and then click OK.

Step 3:

Next you have to enter the label Monthly Savings in the cell where the title Grand Total was located. After entering Click in the cell in the Monthly Savings row and the January (C) column.

Data Entry

Step 1:

You have to drag over the cells C2 through C15. Then Enter your budget amounts (the amount of money you anticipate of your spending). For example, under Rent, enter 6000.You can Drag over the cells C2 through C15

Step 2:

Now Open the Edit menu and then select Copy. After this is done Drag over the cells D2 through H2. Now Open the Edit menu and then select Paste.

Step 3:

You also have an option to modify your new entries according to your actual monthly expense amounts, if available. For example, Tuition for the months of February through June could be 0.

This is just one example of creating a budget in MS Excel. In this way you can make your budget in few simple steps. So start organizing and make your budget to make your housing free and easily calculative.

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