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Sony® Brings Stories to Life with ‘Wonderbook’

“When you sell a man a book you don’t sell him just 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue – you sell him a whole new life.” -Christopher Morley

And to let you experience an entirely different and life-like world while reading a storybook, lately at E3 2012 conference, Sony unveiled a novel interactive storytelling peripheral for PlayStation 3. Wonderbook, as the device is dubbed, is primarily meant to transform usual storybook to augmented reality. Using PlayStation Move and PlayStation Eye, Wonderbook has the capability to create 3D pop-ups on a screen connected with Sony PlayStation 3, which change according to the page opened in your book.

To this endeavor by Sony, J.K. Rowling, the author of famous Harry Potter series has contributed the first title, called Book of Spells. To experience virtual pop-ups and interactive images, you will have to use the PlayStation Move controller as a wand. On opening the Wonderbook, you will be directly taken to the Hogwarts library. Chapter wise, the book will further allow you to read as well as practice 20 virtual spells, such as Expelliarmus, Wingardium Leviosa, and Incendio — alike Hogwarts students. Also, it will enable you to find out mischievous notes and witty anecdotal facts. Wonderbook: Book of Spells will provide an insight of the values a wizard or a witch has to acquire.

Wonderbook by Sony is an amazing concept to enjoy a range of other interesting titles, virtually.

Sony® PlayStation Vita Challenge: Design your own Portable ID

Sony wants you to be a part of the grand celebration of its successful launch of PlayStation Vita. You have an excellent opportunity to associate yourself with the unique gaming system by creating your own original portable ID design. Sony has launched an open challenge to explore and express your creativity and come up with the most imaginative portable ID design for PlayStation Vita.

For taking part in this exciting challenge, you have to submit your own original portable ID design. Existing game characters and imageries will not be accepted. Sony has also made it clear that the design should not infringe the law or third party rights or cause offence to others on the grounds of nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, faith, or disability.

So, let your creativity flow and showcase your talent to the world. The challenge is open till March 31st, 2012. You can post your entry on the official PlayStation Forum at

L.A. Noire review — A Must-try For Gamers

This is truly a fascinating and engrossing game title from Rockstar Games that would go on to become one of your favorites in no time.

As always, Rockstar Games has yet again interwoven fun, agony, and thrill into one action-packed title. L.A. Noire would get the best of you as soon as you delve into its highly stimulating gameplay. The game is an awesome delight for all the seasoned gamers and a fine title even for the newcomers.

The background story of the game is set up in Los Angeles in the year 1947, the period popularly known as the Golden Age of Hollywood. Cole Phelps, a detective from LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department), is the protagonist of this game. The city is torn among the cases of murder, corruption, and drug-mafia. There are clashes, conspiracies and conflicts. Every single mess has to cleared, challenges have to be confronted, and deceit is to be overpowered. Would you indulge yourself as one honest officer and risk everything you have in order to set the things right? If yes, this game is for you in every true sense.

There are many crime scenes to investigate, witnesses to interrogate, and clues and links to look for. The innovative and exceptional animation technology incorporated in the game shows each facial reaction in great detail, be it a grimace or smirk or a poker face. Read each sign and watch every expression to unfold the mysteries in a place where everyone is too reticent to let you have the clue. The game would stay increasingly captivating till the end.

For further details on L.A. Noire, visit the official website of Rockstar Games.

Publisher: Rockstar Games
Platform: PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, Windows PC
Genre: Third-person Shooter, Action Adventure

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Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest for Sony® PlayStation 3

Unleash Prince Edmund from skeleton Deadmund through his pursuit for the healing Gatestone in this adventurous game

Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest for PS3 is an entertaining action game developed to be played with the motion-sensing device PlayStation Move. The game unfolds in an old time setup with Prince Edmund as its central character. When Morgrimm (a sinister warlock) attacks his kingdom in the wake of overtaking it, the urgency arrives for the Prince to become the savior for his people. The game moves on thus, as Edmund has to fight with the dangerous army of skeletons all the way to the evil sorcerer. However, Morgrimm appears too strong to be defeated and turns Edmund into a living skeleton. Having become Deadmund, the skeleton prince has to get back the sacred Gatestone (stolen by Morgrimm) to be cured and the actual quest starts.

The gameplay involves sword fighting, archery, and sharp reflexes. Holding on to PlayStation Move is not going to be enough, as you would have to wield the controller device like a real saber and make quick moves. One torpid moment and your virtual life would be over before you know. There are cut scenes to let you understand how the game progresses. There are power-ups to aid you and milk to replenish lost health. You can use the Amulet power for short thrust of super-stamina. Cupping the Move device (screening it from the PlayStation Eye webcam) and making a tossing gesture would let you fire dynamites at the enemies.

All the amaze, action, and adventure begin right at your home. Join the hunt for Morgrimm and rive through the challenges. For further details, visit the Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest webpage.

Rating: E10+

Publisher: SCEA

Genre: Action Adventure

Platform: Sony PlayStation 3

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EyePet & Friends on Sony® PS3

Christmas Season is still going and bells are ringing aloud. Festivities are on and it’s time to make the best out of holidays. While you indulge in your favorite holiday pastimes, don’t ignore your children. Give them something exciting that they would love spending time on. How about EyePet & Friends, the popular PS3 game title for kids? You children will love it and so will you.

You can experience virtual pets in the real world since the game uses augmented reality through the PlayStation Eye and provides the players with a virtual pet simulation experience. You would also need PlayStation Move motion controller to play this game.

The best part about the updated version is that instead of one, now you have two furry friends to pamper. The dosage of fun has just doubled. EyePets love trying new dresses and toys. You can also customize their fur.

Just sit in the comfort of your living room and enjoy the virtual pet world. Train the pets for new tricks, feed them and create play areas for them. The game will also help unleash your children’s inner creativity. And, the more creative children are in nurturing the pets, the more tokens they will receive.

Not to miss the social media aspect. Children can share the pet adventures online with their friends. It will be a creative engagement platform since your children would love doing the creative tasks for pets. So, get ready to indulge in some creative fun with your children this holiday season with EyePet & Friends. To read more about, and locate stores for the game, visit the Sony PlayStation website.

Title: EyePet & Friends
Published: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 3 (PlayStation Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye camera required additionally)

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First look at Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception for Sony® PlayStation 3

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, the third in the series of the award-winning game Uncharted was released in the US on 1st November, 2011. It is one of the most talked about video game of 2011 for PlayStation 3.

Players get to control the character of the main hero Nathan Drake, also known as Nate. His friend and mentor Victor Sullivan (also known as Sully) and Elena Fisher (Nathan Drake’s love interest) also return in this series. You will see many new interesting characters along with the old ones in this third series.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is loaded with many new exciting adventures and fighting techniques. Nathan Drake is equipped with many moves to attack his opponents. He has the ability to swim and go through narrow ledges. He can also jump, sprint, and perform acrobatic action. Also, he can attack and fight with multiple opponents without the use of any weapons. The new contextual melee attack is something to look for in this game. He can use glass to hit his enemies and can even pull his attacker’s grenade and let it explode. Drake also has the power to pull his enemy’s gun and use it on them, thus giving him extra ammunition.

In the game, Drake is given the power to be equipped with two firearms and four grenades. His ability to change firearms automatically also saves a lot of time. If you play your game well and your enemies are unable to detect you, you have the power to go behind your enemy and kill them with just one blow. You also get the chance to kill enemies by pulling them over a ledge where Nate is hanging. The game has lots of gun shooting, so you must always be alert and spot your enemies quickly.

Developer: Naughty Dog
Platform: PlayStation 3
Version: 1.02


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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
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