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Sony® PlayStation Vita Challenge: Design your own Portable ID

Sony wants you to be a part of the grand celebration of its successful launch of PlayStation Vita. You have an excellent opportunity to associate yourself with the unique gaming system by creating your own original portable ID design. Sony has launched an open challenge to explore and express your creativity and come up with the most imaginative portable ID design for PlayStation Vita.

For taking part in this exciting challenge, you have to submit your own original portable ID design. Existing game characters and imageries will not be accepted. Sony has also made it clear that the design should not infringe the law or third party rights or cause offence to others on the grounds of nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, faith, or disability.

So, let your creativity flow and showcase your talent to the world. The challenge is open till March 31st, 2012. You can post your entry on the official PlayStation Forum at

Portable gaming on a budget

PSP, or the PlayStation Portable is a handheld game console marketed and manufactured by Sony. The latest version of the console, the PSP Go, was released in November 2009. It was recently announced that Sony PSP Go would soon be sold for $150 in the US. Previously priced at $200, Sony quietly decreased the price of its portable gaming console, thereby making the UMD-less portable PSP Go game console getting a $50 price reduction. Sony had proclaimed a price cut of $40 on the PlayStation Portable 3000 handheld game. Observers believe that all this is to accommodate Sony NGP that sports Quad-Core SGX543MP GPU and Quad-Core ARM Cortex A9 CPU.

Sony had announced that the price of NGP would not be $500 and it is assumed that it would be priced less than the Sony PlayStation 3 itself. 6 years ago in 2005, Sony had sold PS3 at a loss of $200 for every console; however, it is now getting the benefits of the game console hardware. According to reports, the graphical capabilities of Sony NGP are in the middle of the PSP and PSP3 game console. David Coombes, who is the platform research manager of Sony Computer Entertainment America, said that it would not run at 2 GHz. There are still some who believe that this is the best time to purchase Sony PSP Go. A major portion of the Sony’s PSP catalog still is not available online, and if you buy the PSP Go, you would not be able to play games like Crisis Core, Tactis Ogre, or the PSP remake of Final Fantasy Tactics. The NGP might probably not allow UMD trade-ups. In comparison, PSP 3000 has a bigger screen and also rests comfortably in your hands and has almost every advantage the PSP Go has, including storing downloaded PlayStation Store games on memory cards. In India, Sony had introduced the PSP Go at the start of this year for Rs 12,990 but it remains to be seen if the PSP Go would see any price cut here anytime soon.

Sony® PlayStation phone

Sony is one of the pioneers in the gaming market, with its PlayStation range of game consoles. Sony has a wide range of PlayStation consoles. The first model of PlayStation was launched in 1994 in Japan. PlayStation has three components, including Media Center, online service for gaming and line controllers or input device for the Media Center. Currently three models of PlayStation are available in the market, PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. Sony also manufactures portable PlayStation called as PlayStation Portable (PSP). The PSP device is like a cell phone, but specifically it is used for gaming purpose and for media entertainment. PSP console was launched in 2005. Since it was launched, it has been a great success in the world market and established various records of selling.

The specification or configuration of PSP is very good and ideal for High Definition (HD) and 3D games. Since many days, there has been news regarding the plan of Sony to launch the PlayStation phone in the market, which is made for gaming and also there are facilities of a phone as like any cellular phone. Sources say that this phone is a combination of Sony Ericsson Experia and PlayStation Portable. The phone has a modified chip of PSP Go and has the Android Gingerbread operating system. It will be a full touch screen device and will also have a slider section, which will feature four buttons of directional pad and touch pad for the gaming purpose. PlayStation phone will also feature a camera which will be based on Sony Ericsson Experia.

Sony® to Launch Networked Portable Game Player, Smartphones

A revamped and updated PlayStation handheld gaming device will be unveiled by Sony followed by a smartphone with gaming capability. Sony is planning to use its networked entertainment services to share data, media and games among handheld devices, TVs and other media enriched platforms. Sony will unveil the new portable player and a Sony Ericsson Touch enabled smartphone. The company seems to be ready to make a comeback and give its competitors something to worry about. Sony also realizes this market is dominated by Nintendo and Apple and so will have to be very careful about playing its cards.

The portable entertainment system dubbed as the successor to PSP is said to deliver ultimate portable media experience. According to Sony’s press release regarding this product NGP (code name for the yet to be titled product) is designed to propose supreme interactive entertainment that would only be possible on a PlayStation. This innovative design would present a innovative blend of rich gaming and social connectivity inside a real world situation, made promising by leveraging SCE’s experience from both PSP (PlayStation Portable) and PlayStation 3 (PS3) entertainment systems.

With both Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity, jointly with a mixture of applications, NGP will facilitate endless potential for users to connect and share with friends wherever they are. Within the device are a range of features that provide a genuinely cutting-edge, next generation ultimate portable entertainment experience. It features a mindboggling 5 inch organic light emitting display (OLED) and an innovative user interface combined with a high performance CPU and GPU to give a never seen before visual experience.

This is going to be one of the most awaited release of this year. Judging by the products Sony has put in the market recently, this release will be an event with much fanfare. Let’s hope it has a better luck than the PSP and can rival Nintendo’s 3D gaming portable player. The NGP has stiff competition decked out for it and it will be a fight that gamers will relish.

New launches from Sony® in Smartphone Arena

As has been announced, the CES Show 2011 saw the references made by Sony for all the products showcased with a common content shared across all products like the Play station devices PS3, PSP, PSP2, and the PS phone.

Microsoft being ahead of Sony with regards to tying the new Window Mobile Phone 7 handsets into the live providing a live login. Gaming is already made available by Microsoft. Sony seems to be heading the same direction with services which will hook on to the devices from Sony like PS3, TV, PC and Blu-Ray players.

The PS3 introduced in 2004 was dubbed the `Walkman of the 21st Century` was not a great success in the markets. But subsequent PSPs introduced have been very successful and now Sony is looking to make great profits with the release of the PSP2 stealthily. They are hoping to oust Nintendo and Apple at their own game.

The world`s second largest portable player maker has outlined a strategy to use, networked entertainment services. Sony intends to launch the PSP 2 on January, 27th of 2011 which is 2 days ago. The PSP smart phone is set to be released in February.

Sony will also outline their strategy to use its networked game system on portable devices. The Mobile World Congress is all set to take off on February 14th through 17th showcasing Sony`s Ericsson made PSP phone which is also called the Xperia Play, although no comments are available from Sony regarding this.

Company faced some troubles getting any grip with the PSP, failing to catch up with Nintendo, when it was released in 2004, selling only 18.5 million units compared to 47 million units of the Nintendo. Sony plans to gain market from Nintendo and Apple dominated market. It has revealed the networked services to share games, movies, and music over handheld devices, TVs and the likes.

With the release of the PSP Go in 2009, Sony did away with disc drives and introduced direct downloads of games. Bloomberg has been keenly following the news from Sony and their report on the Sony PSP2 is intended for the CES show this year in 2011 and later in February of the smart phone. The updated PSP will compete with Apple`s iPod Touch and Nintendo`s 3DS which are gaming devices and have been a threat to the Sony`s PSP.

Recent PSP game releases

The play station portable has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times with numerous excellent games being introduced to the gaming world. The games like the pro evolution soccer 2011 have managed to prove to the entire world that, the tool happens to be the best medium for enjoying any game. The battle vs chess and lord of Arcana have managed to gain a lot of popularity in almost all parts of the world. The game of battle vs chess is the traditional chess game with a modern approach. The design of the game has made the game of chess an even more interesting one in more ways than one

The lord of Arcana is basically an action game which enables the users to enjoy the perfect dose of thrill and excitement to say the least. The shift extended is also another game which has been introduced to the market very recently. The game is again an action game which involves the basic motto of survival. The game has gained a lot of popularity in almost all parts of the world. There are several users who have said that the game is too good to ignore. The ghost recon predator is also a very good action game which should be given a try. It is strongly advised to all users to ensure that they try their favourite games on the platform of play station portable. The users can be assured of the fact that, the entire gaming experience would be a much better one in several ways.

The platform is a special one in terms of details. The games get a very high end feel when played on the said platform. The users must not miss out on this wonderful chance to enjoy the great games of the modern generation in any way.

God of War 3 launches on PSP and PSP Go

If you have been avidly waiting God of War 3 release in your PSP or PSP Go console, without even playing it on the PC or Playstation 3, then your wait has paid off as Sony Santa Monica Studios (GoW3’s developers) have launched the new version of the game on PSP and PSP Go on November 2.


GoW3 has had a huge success on the PC and and Sony Playstation 3 console. This has been particularly due to continuation of a strong story-line coupled with increased battles with the “boss” chatacters like Zeus, Hades and many more. However the most interesting aspect of the game has been the huge improvement  in the graphics and the in-game video which has enhanced the user experience of enjoying the game all together. With the release of GoW3 on November 3 on the PSP and the PSP Go platform  GoW as a franchise has a bolster a lot of user support in continuing with the series in order to make it one of the longest running games ever.

If you have not played the first series of GoW, then it will be certainly advisable that you dig into GoW 1 before you savour the moment of enjoying GoW 2 or 3 on PSP and PSP Go platforms.

How to Sync your PSP with Windows Vista

Do not be surprised if you can run Windows Vista on your Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). PSPWXP is a flash program that magically enables you to run Windows Vista on your PSP. However, it is not the original operating system. Sony PSP is the portable play station console, where you can play games, watch movies, go online; with Windows Vista running on the PSP as a flash program making the whole experience of Windows Vista even more better.

Difference between Windows Vista on your computer and PSPWXP

Windows Vista is the normal operating system running on your computer with multiple features and capabilities; whereas PSPWXP is a flash program that creates a whole new Genuine User Interface (GUI) that resembles Windows Vista while running on the Sony PSP. PSPWXP create a whole PSP compatible desktop that resembles the desktop on your Windows Vista running computer. You can see the Start menu, load games like 5 Card Stud, 8 Queens, Battleships, Blackjack, Box-In Breakout, Checkers, Connect 4, Demolition, Draw Poker, face, Hangman, Guess Country, Memory, Mind Reader, Minesweeper, Pegs, Pong, Reflex Test, Rock paper Scissors, Switch Off, Tic Tac Toe, Tower f Hanoi, Yahtzee, Squares, etcetera. The PSPWXP also allows PSP’s to run and load applications like browser info, calculator, calendar, conversation, detailed country info, day born, distance calculator, file viewer, pop up menus and list menus, periodic table, access internet through browsers, and many others including text editor.

Installing the Windows Vista to a PSP

You need to first of all run the Windows Vista installation disc on your computer. Ensure you close the auto run that will start as soon as the DVD is inserted. Once the auto run is stopped, access he DVD files by clicking on My Computer and then double clicking the Windows Vista Installation DVD. Insert a blank universal media disc into the your computers reader/ writer slot. Transfer the files from Windows Vista Installation disc to the Universal media disc. Once copied run the universal media disc on the PSP; once the files are fully copied boot the Sony PSP and follow the installation that will be prompted on the PSP.  Also at this time you will be prompted for the product key, which you will find along with the original Windows Vista Installation Disc.

Alternative method

If you do not have an Windows Vista installation disk you can easily download the Windows Vista PSPWXP 3.8 online. Once you have downloaded, connect the PSP using USB port to your computer and transfer the unzipped file to the memory stick of the PSP. Ensure the browser cache on the PSP is disabled and type in file:/pspwxp/inder.htm in the browser address window, after you have rebooted the PSP. Once this is down you will be able to ensure the Windows Vista effect on you PSP.

It is totally cool to have the Windows Vista like desktop running on your PSP, which almost makes it not just like a miniature computer but also makes the full use of the Sony portable consoles to it full potential use.

How to Store Movies and Access the Internet on a Sony PSP

For those who do not know what a Sony PSP is, it is actually a kind of portable gaming device that is considered as one of today’s technological sensation. It is capable of consoling virtually any type of media.

A Sony PSP is capable of storing:

  • The most technologically demanding video games,
  • Music,
  • Video, and
  • Other kinds of media files as well.
  • It also has wireless capabilities, which allow you to play with it anywhere you like, even if you are mobile.

You can watch and re-watch the videos you saved on your PSP’s memory stick. Also, if you want to check out some new pictures on the Internet, you can easily connect to the World Wide Web by connecting to a particular wireless network.

Here are a few steps on how you can store movies as well as access the Internet on your very own Sony PSP.

In storing the movies you want to watch and re-watch anytime you like:

  1. You need to place your memory stick on your PSP. There is a memory card port on the left portion of your PSP, and this is the area where your memory card needs to be inserted into.
  2. For you to be able to access the memory card, you need to turn on your Sony PSP. Once you are able to do so, the first thing you need to do is to format the card in order to clear the memory. It is also your responsibility to create the necessary folders for storing your videos or other kinds of files.
  3. Now, you need to connect your PSP to your computer’s USB port. Just secure the PSP’s USB cable to the port. The computer will automatically read the Sony PSP as a flash drive or a storage device.
  4. Clicking on the My Computer icon will help you access the PSP’s main drive. But, if the auto-run is ongoing, then the PSP’s drive will directly open immediately.
  5. You can now access the movie files, if ever you have saved some already. Open the folder that contains all of the files that you want to transfer to the PSP. Just right click the file and click the Copy choice on the list. Afterwards, you need to select the destination and choose your PSP’s drive on the memory stick. Simply click the Paste command for the movies folder. If you find the recently mentioned instruction a bit confusing, there is a much easier way for copying your movie files. You can easily drag the icons of the files to the PSP folder where you want your movies to be saved.
  6. Once everything is done, you need to remove the hardware before you start to unplug the PSP from the computer. Just click on the Safely Remove command at the bottom right corner of your monitor.

In accessing the World Wide Web:

  1. Of course, you need to turn on your PSP and ensure that you have adequate battery life. Because, if you do not, then you will end up suddenly disconnecting due to the interrupted power source.
  2. There is a built-in adapter for wireless networks that can be found at the PSP’s side. This detects all of the PSPs that are in close range. Afterwards, you need to change the network settings by clicking the Settings command on the pop-up menu that comes out on your PSP. Select Network settings and then press the X button.
  3. You can now make your Internet connection. Click the Infrastructure Mode. After you do so, simply click the X option. Choose the New Connection command from the list of options that you can easily find and the PSP will automatically search for any wireless networks that are in your area. However, if you know the name of the network you want to sign on to, then make things easier for yourself and simply enter the name. Once you find it, connect to tit and confirm that it is truly the one you are trying to connect to. Just select the network and then enter the pass key that is required.
  4. Type and IP address in the Address Settings command. Here, you will be asked to enter the exact name of the wireless network you are using. Now, if you are interested in testing whether or not your PSP is capable of connecting to the Internet portably, then choose the command labeled Test Connection.
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