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Windows Small Business Server 2011 shines

As time changes many thing changes along with it. Right from how you do business till how you manage your business. As the business has changed people are looking smarter ways of using their resources. Not only Big Players but also small businessmen are looking for smart ways of handling their business. In 1997 Microsoft introduced Small Business Server 4.0. Which latter matured to Windows Small Business Server 2011 Shine that is used today by most of the small business. Small Business has relied for contact sharing, document collaboration, calendar, print and email. At the moment Windows Small Business Server 2011 Shines is available in different model i.e.  Essentials and Standard we have explained few of the key features of both the models.

Standard can support maximum of 75 Users, all the key features are available like file and print, remote access, calendar and email they all run in a single chassis but however we have an option to extent to the additional physical or virtual server with a premium add-on Kit, Which is made by Microsoft. Standard edition also includes Windows Server 2008 R2, Exchange 2010 SP1, Share Point Foundation 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2 Express.

Essential Edition was launched latter to meet the demand of much smaller organization with up to 25 users only. In Essential we do not have features like SharePoint Foundation and copy of Exchange. It runs a full copy of Windows Server 2008 R2 and handles authentication and server management. It has key features like file and print platform for local application and integrating with cloud based email collaboration. All email and collaboration is done in the cloud service that is Microsoft office 365.

Thus can be termed that Essential has been developed for the Ultra small Business and Standard goes for Small business. With the requirement meeting it has been hit among those who want to start with the networking in their organization from the basic level and want to make development with the increasing technology.

All the eyes are already on the new package which Microsoft is about to come with and with the increasing competition in the SMB and SOHO market, it is all the more necessary to come with some innovation in the application functionality.

Windows Small Business Server is already in the same league and it promises some new and innovative feature to all the users.

European Union to investigate Net-Neutrality Concerns

Recently, it was revealed that the European Union has made a decision to inspect whether Internet service providers (ISPs) are providing equal access to online services. This looks like a step towards the new laws that are formed for banning the ISPs from confining the access to data-heavy services. However, ISPs said that traffic management is a solution for maintaining the quality services. EU’s declarations fall short of the demands of net-neutrality activists, who want all traffic to be treated fairly. The investigation is carried out for both mobile and fixed providers and will be revealed by the end of the year. While announcing the new decisions, the EU’s commissioner for the digital memorandum unveiled that they are completely determined for everyone in the Europe should get equal opportunities to enjoy the benefits of an open and legalized internet services, without any hidden restrictions or limited speeds that they have been assured of.

The Commission has requested the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (Berec) to commence a rigorous fact-finding task on the issues that are crucial for an open and fair internet services. Moreover, the further plans are to attach the businesses and clients to highlight the ISP’s drawbacks, and if the results indicate outstanding problems they will take actions in the near future, on the following issues. If actions to improve competition are not sufficient to bring internet providers to offer real consumer choice, than European Union is ready to prohibit the blocking of legal services or applications. The committee also agreed that there are some services which should be slowed down to permit others to work.

During a survey of EU, it was found that the consumer’s experience is not exaggerated if an e-mail reaches him in few sec’s after it has been send. On the other hand, a similar setback in a voice chat would cause it to be considerably degraded, if not delivered is entirely useless. Consumer’s pressure or media scrutiny will make the providers from jamming or charging for extra bandwidth-heavy services. Some campaigner’s are worried about the net-neutrality. It is a concept the concept that is available to all services on the internet should be equally shared. They had expected for a firmer verdicts from the commission, and fret that without stricter actions ISPs may start charging companies for unlimited access to its users.

All this circumstances are now creating a two-tiered internet because the big enterprises are offered faster access to its clients, while, the smaller businesses suffer aside. Advocates of net-neutrality are resolute that a fair internet is very important for further competition and innovation, and strategies to prevent such practices should be put aside. The Internet services, after all is about openness, selections and participation. If ISPs mistreat their power of Internet traffic, then these necessary qualities are lost.

FTP Scheduler helps you to Schedule File Uploads to Server

For the growth of every organization it is very important to get the work done in minimum possible time and the quality of work should be very good. Only then it will be possible to take your organization to the top level. Every big organization has its own server computers with operating systems installed. Currently the organizations are working with server operating systems such as Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Linux, Unix and Solaris.

For reducing the time consuming process, organizations want to implement some changes and install some new utilities with their server operating systems. The FTP scheduler utility automates many tasks of the server operating system and makes work easier for the users. An HTML application is used to exchange files, which is known as FTP server. In every big organization, the users want to upload their files to the FTP server and if they upload these files on a regular interval, it can be a very time consuming process and for solving this, FTP scheduler is used. Task scheduler is the Windows utility which automates the job of your operating system and in Windows Server operating systems, FTP scheduler plays an important role to save your time and make the task automatic.

Well FTP scheduler is the idea taken from the HTML pages and it is the software which is almost compatible with operating systems such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you want to upload any of your files at regular intervals, you need not sit in front of your computer system. You have to do only one thing is that you have to enter the account detail of FTP and the uploading task time when it should start. There is a feature of keeping files in a sub directory if you want to upload these files on another FTP server. If you want to upload files till whole night, the FTP scheduler will help you in this because you can schedule automatically shut down of your computer system. With FTP, the need of user input is over because it will handle everything on its own. There are some easy steps for scheduling the uploading process, which are as follows:

1.   You have to launch FTP application.

2.   Now the address with username and password from server window should be entered.

3.   Now moves to files to choose the folder or files you want to upload.

4.   After completing all these steps, the last step is to set the timing and date when you want to schedule the uploading. You can check status of FTP scheduler with the help of an indicator. You can also schedule the shutdown after the all files got uploaded on FTP server.

Now use iPhone to control cloud manager: Novell

Novell software headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts is a service and software company which specializes in identity, security systems and enterprise operating systems. Recently, in year 2010, Novell has come up with new product called as Novell’s Cloud Manager Version 1.0. This is a kind of uber operating system developed by Novell and it is intended to control virtualization of operating systems and the Hypervisors on which it runs. It helps the administrators to transform organizations virtual infrastructure in a complete cloud computing environment. As of now it is supporting the Xen, Hyper-V and ESX operating technologies. The major benefit of Novell’s Cloud Manager is that it gives the administrators to create various cloud profiles based on the computing workloads of the organization. No need to use the cloud of the computing can be done in-house and only use the cloud computing power when really required. It accelerates delivery of computing by an on-demand request processing of the workloads.

Given below are some major benefits if you use the new Novell’s Cloud Manager:

  1. It allows the administrators to create and manage workloads through the new on-demand concept.
  2. Administrators can define service level indexes and workload templates which helps users to create workloads.
  3. It gives the liberty to import the existing virtual machines in the cloud manager and use them accordingly.
  4. Because of automatic decision making regarding the computing tasks it offers quick delivery of the requested workloads.
  5. It has a feature of cost built into it, which lets the users know the computing costs if they wish to.
  6. With this administrators can create different workload profiles for different groups of customers. This is a key feature because why to spend money on operations which are not very urgent.

Novell’s cloud manager has its managing span in both private and public clouds, but its prime focus is on helping the organizations in managing their computing needs by their own private clouds instead on spending on public clouds. Public clouds are used only and when utmost required. The concept of this new product by Novell is quite similar to their operating system which was launched in 1980s. In this operating system, all the computing was done on the main server and this allowed the organizations to keep cheap and inexpensive PCs for work because no computing power was required in them. Novell Cloud Manager has taken the same concept many steps further. While launching the Cloud Manager in September last year, Novell had promised that will soon come up with more innovations in their product and will keep on improvising it. They kept their promise and released the 1.1 version on Cloud Manager in December last year. There were two major updates in this new version. The first update was that the Clouse Manager can now be hooked in the existing servers and there it automatically detects the existing Virtual Machines and use them accordingly. The second update is inclusion of iPhone in it. Yes it is true. Now the iPhone can be used as the remote console for managing the data centre and the Cloud Manager itself. This helps the administrators to stay in touch with their organizations network infrastructure and make any changes whenever needed even if they are on move. Though the iPhone console is still in beta phase but soon it will be launched fully fledged along with iPad support as well. This remote control app is currently only available for the iPhone and sooner it will be available for various enterprise phones like BlackBerry, and several other Smartphones.

Microsoft Aurora: A Complete Solution for Small Businesses

The attention on small business servers and cloud, have been more by Microsoft. Being officially called small business server, the Aurora server consists of a solutions that brings about both together. Microsoft bridges both local entrepreneurship and cloud bringing forth big business tools for small businesses.

It has been named Small Business Server Essentials of 2011 and it brings to target 5 to 25 users. Such small businesses have same needs as their counter parts and are unable to provide computing servers so small. Thus, the SBS 2011 has found many uses. They lack the budget or personnel and end up using consumer graded software which can neither serve less or more number of users.

This server provides local access to an active directory and storage such that it can store and use a minimum amount of info as well as distribute on a regular basis a small quantity of info. It also combines access to web based tools like Share-point, Exchange and Office Suite.

It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, as well as Mac OS X clients. It provides a glance of all the supported systems on a dashboard, showing also alerts and system status. The Server system can be combined and used with the cloud-based offerings like Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) from Microsoft which will be soon replaced with Office 365, as well as SharePoint and with Exchange. It has Remote Web Access which helps recover data from anywhere on a network.

Access can be made available to users to retrieve their own documents or others on the server system. RWA can be used to connect users on a remote desktop session while system admin can use it to access the SBS system for their work.

Smaller businesses with smaller needs of 5 users can use the Windows Home Server for their server needs. Those businesses with larger needs of 25 users or more can use the SBS system.  Also businesses within the sweet spot of above 5 and fewer than 25 users can use the SBS 2011system which is robust with its features of advantages.

Being as it is called the `cross-premise` server, the Aurora SBS 2011 server, combines the cloud services of Exchange online with the Active Directory and storage services. With the Aurora, you can pick, choose and select while you maintain single conveniences of sign on of SBS products that have been previously integrated.

The Aurora is based on the similar codebase as is Windows home server and is called Vail. It is solid as a rock and easy for you to use. Its driver extender technology puts it on top. Unlike Vail, Aurora is a full product. The users and computers added to the server are managed by AD and not managed by a proprietary system like a work-group based system. This is why it is much preferred for small business.

Is cloud computing a disadvantage for Microsoft Lync Server 2010?

Microsoft Lync server 2010 is a much more natural extension of Microsoft Office and Microsoft exchange, which makes whole platform a lot easier to sell and maintain.

The question facing solutions providers is just how to deploy it, they can either deploy it on their customer’s website or host it has a cloud computing service, Microsoft would not get around to hosting Lync server 2010 in the cloud until the next year so solution providers have some running room before Microsoft shows up with a service that will inevitably drive pricing on downloads.

There are few doubts, however about the viability of unlimited communications and messaging in general as a cloud computing service Gartner for one argues that messaging and unified communications are an intrinsic part of a customer’s business process, so hosting those services in the cloud is not going to be a preferred option because most of the customers want to be able to easily customize their business processes, in short Gartner is arguing that hosting messaging and unified communications is too strategic to host in the cloud, in addition solution of messaging and unified communications services in the cloud chasing too little actual business.

Perhaps more profitable thing for solution providers to do today is to try to get customers

To install Microsoft Lync server 2010 on premise today, then they can wait and see how things shake out in the unified communications cloud later.

There’s no doubt that messaging and unified communications in the cloud for consumers is big business, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the same will hold true in the enterprise.

A noted this week by Microsoft Chairman, unified communications in the form of Lync server 2010 will be the most important thing to happen to the MS Office since the PC came along. This opportunity surrounding unified communications is definitely going to be huge, but when it comes to unified communications in the cloud, solution providers might want to take some time to distinguish between the light and airy versus the dark and stormy.

Lync is the next generation of Microsoft Corporation’s services unified communications software that enables people to connect in different new ways, anytime and anywhere.

Lync makes every engagement a virtual face to face meeting through video and audio conferencing, application and sharing the Desktop, instant messaging and telephony.

This new interface tool has been designed from the ground up to work with MS Office, share point and Exchange, which will help you to reduce end user adoption hurdles and increase return on investment.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249