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ASUS Eee Slate EP121 Tablet PC

The world of technology has evolved at a very rapid rate. There are several changes which have made the world look a lot smarter in every way possible. The major contribution to this positive evolution has come from companies of the class of ASUS. The company of ASUS has managed to prove to the entire world that, they got introduced to the market to stay. There are several products which the company has launched. The company is most known for the excellent range of mother boards and tablet personal computers. The company has introduced the new series of slate which has been appreciated by the entire world. People from all parts of the world have praised the products in various surveys. It is not for nothing that the great company of Asus is considered a leader in the domain of tablet personal computers by many in more ways than one.

The ASUS Eee Slate EP121 Tablet PC w/ Core i5 and IPS Display Lasts Over 5 Hours, as stated by the various testing. When the product was first introduced to the world market, it was feared that the only weak point of the product has to be the weak battery life which was expected to be around 3 hours. However, in various tests, it got proved that the Asus Eee Slate EP121 Tablet PC w/ Core i5 and IPS Display last for more than 5 hours.
The slate is a wonderful tablet personal computer which has almost all the features that a user can hope for. The hardware is of the best quality and the machine is powered with all the latest devices. The slate comes at a price which is extremely affordable to most of the people. The company of ASUS is known to produce quality products at a very low price. The product is also a very good example of this factor. The design of the product is a major highlight. The product has been developed keeping in mind the issue of space management. It is a very handy and a very effective tool to say the least. The colour combination of the tool gives the device a very classy look. The product can prove to be a great asset for any individual. The ASUS Eee Slate EP121 Tablet PC w/ Core i5 and IPS Display, has the power of Intel i5 along with a very clear display. The machine is very light and is perfectly suited for people who would need to travel a lot. The keypad of the tool is a very smooth one and users would find it extremely comfortable to handle the device.

LG G-Slate Review

LG Electronics had recently declared the launch of its latest creation, the LG G-Slate Tablet PC. This gadget has all the armaments that make a great Tablet PC. Some of the features in this system include the latest Android Operating System, a dual camera, 32 GB of in-built memory space, GSM 850/900/1800/1900/ UMTS 900, 1700/2100/2100 MHz network operating frequency, java compatibility, an inbuilt 3D graphics card, 4G network support, Google maps 5.0 with 3D and GPS.

The specifications of the LG G-Slate Tablet PC include a TFT capacitive touch screen, high resolution, LCD display, camera resolutions of 2592×1944 on the front and rear cameras, digital zoom features and inbuilt Gtalk application. In addition to this, it has MP3, AAC, AAC+ and AMR format audio file support, with video support of MP4, H 263 and H 264 formats, along with social networking applications such as facebook. It provides SMS, MMS and email support, along with Instant Messenger and Java integrated into it. It runs on an Android v3.0 operating system, and supports Google Ebooks and Tablet PC optimized Gmail. It has a universal 3.5 mm audio jack, with a High speed USB v2.0 port and supports Micro SD and SDHC memory cards.

LG, in addition to selling its latest tablet PCs in the US, has also planned to ship versions without 4G support to countries outside the country. Sources within the company had said that the company has planned to release the Wi-Fi and 3G supported models of its Google Honeycomb G-Slate tablet to the United Kingdom as well as other countries. The LG has revealed the 4G version of the G-Slate Tablet PC in the Consumer Electronics Show 2011, held in Las Vegas this year. This latest gadget from the house of LG had been designed for T-Mobile in the Unites States.

LG has detracted from selling its 4G models outside the US due to the fact that 4G is not available anywhere in the world, except in the US. LG has reported that its 4G model can deliver download speeds of up to 21 Mbps. By releasing different versions of its tablet PC, LG has taken a leaf out of Apple’s campaign. Apple’s iPad is available in different versions; while one has 3G, the other version is Wi-Fi enabled. This way, there are various versions of Apple’s single product, which is why it has become popular. LG aims to mimic the success of Apple with its G-Slate Tablet PC, but only time can tell how its new plans go. For the time being, LG has not yet revealed specific release dates for its tablet PC. It is slated to release further details in the Mobile World Congress that is going to take place between 14th and 17th February in Barcelona, Spain.

Reports: Windows Slate to be released by end of 2010

As per the market rumors, Microsoft is planning to launch Windows slate by Christmas this year. They are planning to throw a big competition for apple’s iPad. It is interesting to see a new slate device from the software giant as they are popular for great innovations in the technology. Apple’s iPad is getting popular day by day and it is selling 5 million units per quarter that is big headache for Microsoft. So, now Microsoft decided to launch Windows 7 based slates this year to stay in the tablet computer market.

Earlier in this year, Microsoft chairman Mr. Bill gates told that Microsoft is undertaking a lot of tablet computer project. One of the projects is an innovative combination of the dual screen book with stylus and finger input. Microsoft is working very hard for a new tablet book to produce an answer to Apple’s iPad. There is one more big worry for Microsoft; they saw a 2% fall in recent US trading. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said earlier this year at London school of Economics “you will see the tablet and you will find that it has everything that you want from a computer”. He also said that they are very close to launch and finally are going to launch it by Christmas this year. They unveiled the Windows slate on October 11 this year also.

The desktop and laptop manufacture giant HP is also working closely on consumer friendly tablet computer based on Windows 7. These tablets are much more similar with the HP touch smart PCs. But the project is shelved, and they now acquired Palm operating system. They also started working with the Palm web OS.

It will be interesting to see whether Microsoft is changing the operating system or continue with the Windows 7. In a recent report Mr. Ballmer said that you will see a touch screen optimization in Windows 7. Every one including Microsoft is looking forward to this Windows slate; it will add more reputation to the company and become a bigger competitor for apple’s iPad. It is hoped that the Windows slate will have an optimized version of Windows and will not flunk like their smart phones.

ExoPc: A New Powerful Slate PC

The ExoPc is a Slate PC that comes with a multi-touch user interface along with the Windows 7 as Operating System. The Multi-Touch user interface delivers an amazing experience to user when it comes to play games, browse the web watch TV and movies, listen to music, read the news, read books and magazines, organize your photos, download apps, view RSS feeds, access real-time weather, create and edit spreadsheets, author documentsetc.


  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
  • UI Layer: ExoPC UI Layer
  • App Store: Yes
  • Multi-touch: Capacitive dual-touch, Pressure sensitive
  • Display: 11.6 inches
  • Resolution: 1366 x 768, 135 pixels per inch
  • RAM (installed / max.): 2GB / 2GB DDR2
  • Processor: Intel Atom Pineview-M N450 1.66 GHz – 64 bit support
  • Graphics: Intel GMA 3150 BROADCOM Crystal HD 1080p
  • Storage: SSD 32GB or 64GB
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth: 2.1 + EDR
  • Ports: USB 2.0 x2, Audio jack, Mini-HDMI, Dock
  • Card reader: SD/SDHC 32GB Max
  • Accelerometer: Yes
  • Light sensor: Yes
  • Webcam: 1.3 MP
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Speaker               : Built-in 2 x 1.5W
  • Battery: 4 hours
  • Dimensions: 295 x 195 x 14.0 mm
  • Weight: 950 g

Features of ExoPC:

  • New digital experience: Spacious screen, multi-tasking and instant on.
  • The web without compromise: Ultra-fast scrolling, full support of all formats including Flash and Silverlight.
  • Electronic books: Store and read electronic books in any format.
  • TV and video: Watch videocasts, live web television, music videos and movies.
  • Music and Radio: Listen to your music or radio from around the world with your headphones or the integrated speakers.
  • Stroboscopic keyboard: The stroboscopic effect gives an efficient visual feedback to reduce typing errors, and the keyboard layouts allows quick input with ten fingers or thumbs only.
  • Applications: The ExoPC UI Layer Development Kit makes it possible to create multi-touch applications using JavaScript and Flash, or to add touch screen support for existing applications written in any format.

Will the HP’s Windows 7 Based Slate Still Be Out?

As after the launch of iPad many well known IT companies have jumped into the field of slates, so has HP. All though these companies are producing slate even way before when the idea of the iPad was conceived, yet iPad has set a top notch market value.

News about HP

This time there is news in the market that HP is introducing a rival of iPad soon. This machine would definitely be powered by Windows 7 but it still remains a question that what would be heart of the machine. The processor chip that would power this slate is still unknown. This remains as an important issue because Intel has a big world of processors.

Choice of the Processor

The range of Intel processors starts from Inter Atom processor, then come the low power Inter Core processors like Core 2 Dou and Core 2 Quad and then comes the big daddy series of Intel’s best design that is based on the “Nehalem” architecture that is commonly known as Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. The Intel Atom chips have a only single core processor. They can handle a number of tasks from moderate work load to some real heavy jobs. And the a lot more powerful processors the Core 2 and i versions using 2 processors blast their way through everything. HP has been very careful in the case of not revealing their processor information of the latest slate. The hierarchy of HP has refused to answer any questions in this regard. So for now, it can be only be guessed that which processor will become the heart of the machine.


Chief Technology Officer of HP’s Personal Systems group tells about the latest HP slate in the video released last month, “North of what a Smartphone is, smaller than a Netbook and notebook. Something thin and light but allowing (consumers) to have that rich media experience. They can do everything on that one device versus having to carry a variety of devices. I want to browse, I want to watch my movies, I want to be able to listen to my music, I want to read magazines and books.”

More about the Atom

The Inter Atom processor in the market is already doing a great job in netbooks present in the market. The only problem is that they still don’t give that refined performance and sometime are a bit slickly. This problem is shared by the new version of the Atom processor, the “Pine Trail”. But there is something new coming up from the Intel’s womb. It is the Moorestown Atom processor.


The low powered version of the Core processors are about to power a new range of laptops arriving this month. But it is still a question that these processors are good enough to work for the tablet devices or not. Whatever processor HP chooses from, they have to extremely careful as Apple is upgrading their iPad with an A4 processors and the Apple’s OS is already known to deliver extreme and high end performance. Good luck HP!

Microsoft’s New iPad Mission!

It was not expected that Apple would launch the iPad, so early. This launch has quickly left a great impact on the industry. Apple crossed the bar of selling 3 million slates this year. This has given Apple a big market share and a really huge success. It has shaken a new ecosystem for softwares that would run on a newly emerged type of device called “slates”.

Microsoft Goes Sloppy

It was in May 2010, that Microsoft has folded its Mac Business Unit in Microsoft Office group. This was part of the restructuring that was the result of the high level changes that happened in the company when President Robbie Bach and Chief Experience Officer J Allard departed.

The question is where Microsoft was when all this fantasy for iPad was high up in the air. Most probably it was working with a defensive strategy. There have been a few but big set backs for the company. Their biggest partnership that was with HP to produce Windows 7 based slates seems to drown. HP has put a hold on producing these devices and is favoring to buy Palm and is planning to follow the WebOS track for the consumer based tablets.

Still there are a lot of hopes that HP will produce its slates based on Windows 7 and Microsoft’s partnership would remain intact. But still its difficult to claim any success of these slates in the market place although one can easily perceive the high level of functionalities with a full fledge PC operating system scaled for the slates.

More Setbacks for Microsoft

Another set back for Microsoft has come from with in. It has cancelled its most fantastic tablet project named as the Courier. It is now focusing to work on its mobile strategy for slates. Microsoft is going way to vague. It is simultaneously working on two technologies that have a great conflict. First is refining Windows 7 to work on slates based on the Intel Atom processor and the second is to refresh the technology of the older Windows CE and introduce Windows Compact Embedded 7.

Such decisions of Microsoft are hurting it at the highest level. This is directly conflicting with Windows Phone 7 OS which from its name proves to be an OS designed for slates. Microsoft is not encouraging its partner organizations to use the new phone based OS for their slates. This has resulted in the cancelation of Asus’ partnerships with Microsoft to produce a Windows Compact Embedded 7 based tablets and now have opted for Google Android to power their machines.


The only thing that can save Microsoft is go in the home of Apple and beat it right there. Microsoft should bring back its Mac Business Unit team and start making apps for iOS. Yes! They should port their Office to iOS so that users don’t have to go through 3rd party apps to view their Office files. It can give a full fledged Bing app for iOS that uses Microsoft web properties for the slate. It should also optimize hotmail for its mobile platforms like Safari. And other great set back can be developing an Internet Explorer for iOS. And believe me it is going give a big tough time to Apple.

HP Slate 500 Updates

Are you in need of any information on the HP slate 500? You can be sure that your request can be well granted. You don’t need to go too far in search of what you need at all. The information is now well available on the website of HP. This goes a long way in making it very easy for you to be able to get qualitative information whenever you need it as far as HP slate 500 is concerned.

What is HP slate 500?

HP slate 500 is a well known window based program that is fully part of the HP Company. It is one of the software that has given the HP Company some kind of recognition in its endeavors. The HP slate 500 is a tablet which operates with the Microsoft windows 7.0S. This HP slate 500 is a device that includes one 8.9 inches touch screen. Not only that, this HP slate 500 can also run on Windows 7 Premium. The device doesn’t have its qualities limited to that extent, it also has two cameras; one of the cameras is video while the other camera is still. These cameras are available for web conferencing.

The listing of the HP slate 500 on the site of Hewlett Packard also gives the HP slate 500 the qualification as being energy star qualified. The tablet is also listed as having a 1.6Hz processor. The listing of this tablet is so wonderful that it is listed in multiple models.

The other news

Not only has HP made news by including the HP slate 500 on its website it had also been in the news for a very different purpose by applying for a trademark for Palm pad. This particular news had been giving room to various speculations by various people the world over about the company’s tablet plans. These news are not the first set of news that will be made by Hewlett Packard.

As time went on another acquisition was made by Hewlett Packard. That acquisition was Palm. This was acquired for a whooping sum of US$1.2 billion. Not only did the company made this acquisition, they also made the Palm’s WebOS mobile OS available on several devices including tablets.

The above news also goes a long way in lending more speculations to the intentions of Hewlett Packard. This speculation is about the reason why Hewlett Packard is scuttling its plate plans. The above only helps to make Hewlett Packard one of the best that is available in its field.

The palm pad trademark request

The application of the company had also made request for trademark of the term palm pad. This request had been made known to the U.S. patent and trademark office. This is aside the launch of a WebOS tablet. The trade mark that Hewlett Packard is requesting for is fully related to the goods and services for various hardware parts of which are the hand help and mobile computers, mobile digital electronics devices, electronic notepads and the PDAs. The information above was given by USPTO documents.

Microsoft Announces Windows 7 Based Slates Later this Year

Tablet computing machine executing Windows are around for approximately a decade. Simply 2010 has not been a beneficial year for Windows pads. Certainly, Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate versions altogether have inbuilt support for touch screen displays and multi touch motions. Simply the Windows pads of past were expensive, often breaking away $1500 or further), bulky, frequently bearing entire laptop-style keyboards which fold below the display while you are not utilizing them, and include the awful stylus, which is bang-up for accurate input signal and handwriting identification, but which is frightfully easy to lose.

Slate & Its Competitor

Microsoft Is not going to sit down lazily by and allow slates from Apple and numerous other Android supporters head for the hills with this marketplace.

Microsoft chief executive officer Steve Ballmer narrated the 14,000 partners during his July 12 keynote at the Worldwide Partner Conference to anticipate fresh Windows 7 slates prior to the closing of this year.

For The Partners

Microsoft and its existent personal computer partners, including Asus, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba and Sony, will altogether be fielding Windows 7 slates in the approaching months, Ballmer aforementioned. These slates will be available at diverseness of cost points and in a diversity of build factors — with keyboards, touch only, dock able and would be able to handle digital ink, etc.

At The Consumer Electronics Show

As Ballmer flashed a prototype of a Windows 7 slate by Hewlett-Packard at the Consumer Electronics Show in January this year, the company has alleged next-to-nothing about however it projected to address the slate form-factor space. It is concerning that Ballmer did not bring up HP in his broadcast of slate collaborators. Update: As a couple of people have called attention, HP was still borne witness on Microsoft’s slate slide. HP however has not formally affirmed that it is not going to get in a Windows 7 slate this year, but HP functionaries have averred to anticipate the company to orbit a Web OS-based one this fall.

“We know you really want to know what’s adding up” in the freshly form factor space, Ballmer explained to all his partners.

Ballmer never brought up the iPad or the coming up Chrome OS-based slates by advert during his comments. Microsoft’s incline will be that these slates will be approved by corporate IT departments, enabling buyers to utilize them at work and at home.

My Point of View

I believe it is way delinquent for Microsoft to assure vendees what’s approaching on the slate front line. We have found out that there will be Windows Embedded Compact tablets and slates arriving, but it is in question that those will be capable to run Windows applications.

Microsoft exec executives cannot go along turning down slates, arrogating they equal to personal computers. Microsoft is cognized to be centering on the slate build factor with Windows 8, but that OS is all the same likely some 2 years away from the show up.

Altogether that said, there is to a greater extent to a slate than barely the physical form element. If there is no longer battery timing, flashing on & off and some application store with not only the common line of work apps, but likewise consumer-focused applications and games, I am not so positive that are going to bite.

The Future of HP Windows 7 Slate

There has been a number of news about the Windows 7 Slate that was supposed to be launched pretty soon. HP has recently taken over Palm in an international deal while there has been no news from the HP officials about the launch of the expected HP Windows 7 Slate.

The Controversy

HP was expected to launch a Windows 7 Slate later this year and there had been huge talks going on with respect to the topic but there has been no news from the source until now. It seems to many as if the partnership has been dissolved. Just to reaffirm this assumption, Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer hasn’t mentioned HP in the group of companies that it has partnerships with at the Worldwide Partners Conference recently. The chief executive, however talked about the Windows 7 slate.

HP was amongst all the companies that were listed to produce Windows 7 slates in this year or the start of the following but there seems to be no news about this anymore. Another issue that might be accounting for this issue is that Microsoft has a plan to launch a swiveling tablet that has a keyboard as well while HP has already launched the Touchsmart TM2 with the same design and specifications. There will be no difference if HP upgrades the system in the last quarter of this year. It will be rather a benefit to HP as well as they can justify this to be another of the progress of Windows 7 as being a touch friendly OS.

HP’s Expected plans

HP seems to have plans different compared to the expected ones. You might expect HP to come up with a better idea instead. This is probably because the entry of iPad into the market has been acknowledged as something remarkable. The machine was warmly welcomed by people from around the world coming up with some of the very excellent responses. The company might be expected to launch something really cool compared to the features that iPad provides. This can be something based on Windows 7 or even a WebOS to give it even better functionality.

HP has expressed this view in a number of conferences around the world. They are reported to have a competition with Apple in the tablet arena. The company is probably considering to have a lot in their planned product later this year. The transformation of tablets have iPad as the inspiration in one way or the other and vendors to provide something more qualitative then the competitor.

There had been no recent verdict from the HP officials as well as no solid statement from Microsoft if there is going to be a HP Windows 7 Slate or not but one thing that certainly makes a sense here is that HP is working on the upcoming project of a Slate most expectedly based on WebOS as this is the key to future machines. The WebOS is certainly going to give the tablet PC a new dimension.

Microsoft’s tips for building Windows 7 Slate PCs: Turns out few are doing it right

In the last few months, many companies have displayed tablet-style devices with Windows 7 addition. Many of these keyboards less gadgets are still available in the US. Few of the machines are accessible for purchase in the US but in China they look to be new rage. But having seen many of the available slates, people are still disappointed and there is very good reason behind that: Most of the available slates don’t pursue Microsoft’s suggestions in building Windows 7 Slate. There is a white paper republished by Microsoft for Windows for Devices, which explains how to manufacturer a best Windows 7 based slate PC. Here are some of the company’s suggestions:

(1) Company recommended the use of solid state disk ad there is very strong reason behind that. A solid stick consumes very low lower which ultimately improves the dependability of your tablet. It’s also suggested to increase the battery life to 4 hours for better usability. The stand by time should also at least 72 hours.

(2) 2 GB of RAM should be provided to the devices and the graphics processors or CPUs should not be very powerful because there is no need of very powerful processors in a tablet PC. Make sure that the places where you grip tablet with hands, aren’t close to the venting points and heat dispersion.

(3) Microsoft also suggested that you should have better touch experience with the presence of an active digitizer. It will make actions like handwriting recognition easier. Also better touch screen experience is very crucial as far as table is concern because it’s a very important feature of the tablet. The company also recommends the use of biometric scanner which will help in easily login without using on-screen keyboard.

(4) If you’re concerned in knowing about what Microsoft recommends regarding the hardware of slate PC, you should go through the whole white paper. The selection of hardware is very crucial while manufacturing a tablet PC. Just one needless hardware part can spoil the efficiency of the tablet. It will also be helpful for you if you just want to refresh your knowledge abut Windows 7 features quickly.

Tablets having Windows 7 have some inbuilt weaknesses. For the tablets, operating systems like Windows, isn’t very friendly. A tablet is one kind of touch screen device which you are believed to navigate through your finger tips. But Microsoft still thinks that it’s possible to make a successful tablet with Windows 7.

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