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Selfie lovers, here’s a smartphone for you- Sony Xperia C3

Are you obsessed of taking your own photographs? You will certainly love the world’s first ever selfie smartphone, Sony Xperia C3. Since it is a selfie-centric smartphone, the prime highlight of the phone without doubt is its 5 MP wide-angle front-facing camera that enables you to cover more in the frame. Another notable characteristic is its Superior Auto Mode that automatically adjusts pictures according to the lighting conditions. Also, there is an auto scene recognition feature that functions with LED and HDR flash to balance lighting in your photographs.

What’s more? This selfie smartphone comes equipped with various selfie camera apps, such as AR Effects, Portrait Retouch, and Timeshift-burst amongst others.

Mozilla to sell $25 Smartphone across India and Indonesia

Is it possible to get a Smartphone for as little as $25? No, it was not until Mozilla declared to sell smartphones for just $25 in India and Indonesia. The company’s general manager for China said that in the next few months it will begin selling smartphones in India and Indonesia, primarily in South and Southeast Asia.

The Mozilla has been talking about its Firefox mobile operating system for inexpensive smartphones for quite some time. The US based Firefox has even collaborated with four handset makers and five wireless carriers to offer smartphones powered by Firefox in Europe and Latin America.

However, the prices of these smatphones are more than US$60, which is again too expensive for most of the customers in India and other Southeast Asian countries. Gong Li, Mozilla Chief Operating Officer, said in an Interview, “In many countries even a single U.S dollar means a lot of money to consumers and therefore it’s really difficult to sell smartphones that cost more than $50.”

The company has now decided to collaborate with a Chinese chip maker Spreadtrum Communications Inc. to introduce a Smartphone that is both user-friendly and reasonable. The initial price of the phone will be $25 and it is going to attract customers who are looking forward to a cheap smartphones in place of feature phones.

Gong further added, “With this price and larger distribution network, Mozilla expects that the shipment of Firefox-enabled smartphones crosses 10 million units in the coming 12 months. However, it may face some challenge as the low-cost phones are common in China and other rising markets. Also, the Firefox OS is not as powerful as Android and iOS, therefore the quality of apps will not be as good as other expensive handsets.

The makers of the handset reveal that Mozilla is in talks with Chinese carriers to launch Mozilla-powered smartphone, but the software company is yet to expand its business in World’s largest mobile market. According to Strategy Analytics Neil Mawston, the Firefox OS is expected to capture 1% share on global smartphone OS market when it comes to shipment this year and it can increase up to 3 % by 2018.

Amazon’s New 3D Smartphone Is Not a Joke

Yes you heard it right! Amazon is launching its first ever Smartphone lately this month.

After much anticipation and buzz heating up the tech industry, finally it was confirmed that Amazon will be launching its first Smartphone by the end of June. If rumors are to be believed this is no ordinary phone, it is a 3D device equipped with Omron’s Okao Vision face sensing technology that helps you track the user’s head and scan faces to handle the UI elements.

This technology is said to be a product of Japanese firm that is used and modified by an internal team at Amazon to make its upcoming phone unique with stereoscopic effects on a standard LCD screen. With this unique feature, users can simply move their head left or right to browse and access hidden side panels.

The Amazon’s new 3D Smartphone is said to be using this effect with the help of four front-mounted cameras placed at each corner of the device. The Okao face detecting and tracking software uses X,Y, and Z coordinates from the cameras and the gyro sensor and accelerometer helps the software to provide a faster user interface and power efficiency.

The best thing about this device is that it can be used without wearing 3D glasses, which is something that never happened before in the tech market and something that has really made the competitors conscious. According to Omron, the software is also capable of recognizing users face and estimate a person’s gender, age, and ethnicity.

The Amazon’s new 3D Smartphone is rumored to have Android, FireOS as its operating systems and it will have several built-in apps that will use 3D parallax effects. Its screen will be 720p 4.7-inch, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 2GB of RAM. It will have a total number of 6 cameras, four for the head tracking technology and other two as front-facing and a rear-facing 13MP camera.

The date of launch of Amazon’s new 3D Smartphone is said to be June 18, 2014.

Speed Up Your Mobile Apps with Golgi

Every time you think of downloading a mobile app, a mere thought of slow-loading stops you from getting your hands on your favorite mobile application.

Slow-loading apps can be a real frustration for users who seek better and fast result in shortest period of time. Keeping in mind their basic requirement, Golgi has come up with a “spinning wheel” sort of mechanism where in a user can increase the loading speed of apps by up to 20 times. It does this by managing the exchange of data between apps, servers and devices.

Founded just a year back, Golgi launched with US$5 million in funding from Openmind Networks and the company aims to help developers by speeding up the transfer of data. During its launch, Golgi explains that 80 percent of Smartphone users expect apps to load in three seconds or less and the 79 percent will only retry a mobile app once or twice in case it failed to load the first time. This research encourages the team of Golgi to find a solution and here they are with a perfect way out.

Golgi CTO Brian Kelly tells, “If one thinks of transferring data reliably, efficiently, and in a timely fashion, it occupies a significant portion of a developers limited time. Also, getting the data delivered to the device as soon as it is available is a big challenge that most of the developers face today.”

Golgi is launched recently however its platform has been in development for over 10 years. It is created in two main parts; the first is a code generation tool to allow developers to create custom data transfer code and the second part is Golgi’s data transfer platform. Whenever a sender tries to load an app, first the data gets uploaded to Golgi, which then pings the receiving device to send the information in pieces as fast as possible.

Kelly further adds, “Golgi offers the best way to download an app in shortest time span without having to write the code.”

To use Golgi, one might have to pay $199 per month for apps with up to 20, 000 users, $999 per month for apps with up to 200,000 users and free for apps that has up to 10, 000 users.

Moto E is a smart Smartphone

Are you planning to buy a new Smartphone?

Hands on Moto E Smartphone, the cheapest Smartphone that is been in talks for some time now! The designers of Motorola have made this realistic phone for regular use at a very nominal price.

The Moto E Smartphone is the first of its kind that you could use on a daily basis. During the launch, Motorola’s Software Chief Steve Horowitz caught saying that this device is every bit a performer and one could enjoy the quick responsiveness of it at a very reasonable price. Available for just $129, the Moto E runs the latest Android 4.4 software with all basic apps and services that an Android phone is worth.

It can easily help you navigate through maps, browse Google Chrome, edit and delete photos in the gallery, and check Gmail. Motorola’s Moto E is good Smartphone and it is far better than Moto G of the same brand that costs user $50 more and achieves performance similar to a typical Android Smartphone. The exterior of Moto E is very similar to HTC’s 2011 flagship Android phone, the Sensation, which too had 1.2GHz dual-core processors and 4.3-inch screens with qHD (540 X 960) resolution.

The phone has a bigger battery and it lasts for relatively longer time. Appearance wise the phone is sleek and stylish and it doesn’t try to look like anything extraordinary, however, the interchangeable plastic back covers provide a bit of color and variety to the otherwise simple phone. The front screen of E is equipped with edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass that protects the front and the buttons takes care of basic power and volume functions.

It’s hard to believe but the phone actually gives double the benefits of the price as it is water resistant too. It has given a tough competition to the companies like Nokia that had talked about connecting the next billion.

Sad Side

The phone had a sad side too, its camera is not good and it cannot play back Full HD video and there is no LTE option either. However, the LCD display in Moto E too is not up to the mark.

Bottom line

Apart from all these loopholes, the Motorola has set a new standard with the Moto E. The phone is fast and responsive and it is surely one of the best handsets that any company has launched recently.

Samsung Galaxy S4: A smarter, sleeker, faster smartphone

After the huge success of Galaxy SIII, Samsung is quite confident about its latest release, Galaxy S4. This newly launched android-based smartphone is meant to make your life richer, simpler, and more fun. It includes a number of enhanced features than its predecessors, but is that really enough to make the company proud and do well in the fiercely competitive smartphone market? Let’s discern Samsung Galaxy S4 and its unique traits.


As far as design of S4 is concerned it boasts of incredibly-wide FULL HD Super AMOLED screen and slim body that is neatly encased in a polycarbonate body. Up until now, it is the lightest and most refined Galaxy by Samsung.

Capture all the fun

The newest Samsung Galaxy S4 allows you to capture all your actions as it is wherever you are. Various options available, including Dual Shot, Sound & Shot, Drama Shot, Group Play, Story Album, and Samsung Hub offers you a unique way to relive your exciting memories.

Stay close to your near and dear ones

With features like S Translator and ChatON, language is no more a barrier and communicating is easy and uncomplicated. Samsung Galaxy 4 is a great way to get in touch with your friends, family or other acquaintances when they are apart. You can share and explore each other’s favorite games, music, as well as files.

Make everyday tasks simpler

Made to be an ultimate productive device, Galaxy S4 allows you to preview e-mails, call a friend, answer the phone, and control videos, browse favorite TV programs, and access your personal HomeSync system. Thanks to its different built-in features like Smart Pause, Air View, Air Gesture, Samsung WatchON, and HomeSync.

Stay healthy and achieve your fitness goals

Apart from sharing, communicating and managing everyday tasks, Samsung Galaxy 4 is a great device to achieve your fitness goals. It helps you analyze your fitness levels when you workout and all through the day. With options like S Health, Adapt Display and Adapt Sound, you can care for your general health merely by using a smartphone and that too Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249