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Everything you need to know about Apple iOS 8

Apple is soon going to launch the eight major release of its mobile operating system for iPod, iPad, and iPhone. The new software, iOS 8 is the successor and revamped version of iOS 7 and sports a range of new features and abilities. Here, we have compiled a whole heap of features that will certainly change the way you use your mobile.

What’s new about iOS 8?

Photos and Camera

This time the Photos app comes loaded with a lot of editing options. The cropping option now enables you to rotate the image clockwise and anti-clockwise. In addition to this, you can change the brightness and colors of your pictures too. Timelapse is another interesting feature that is included in the upcoming iOS mobile operating system.

Notification Center

As compared to its successor iOS 7, the Notification Center in the latest iOS 8 is much more advanced. It allows you to add, remove and rearrange notification widgets.


In iOS 8, you can send video and audio messages merely by holding the record button. And in group conversations, you can either add or remove anyone right from a thread.


As far as design of this soon to be released mobile operating system is concerned, it is very much like its predecessor. However, to give it a new look and feel, a few changes have been given to iOS 8.


Another intriguing aspect in iOS 8 is the predictive typing feature. Called as QuickType, this addition displays word selections you type. According to your requirements, you can easily turn off or hide the feature. And if you need, it also lets you to install keyboards from third-party, such as Swype, SwiftKey, Minuum, Adaptxt, and Fleksy.

Family Sharing

This time iOS 8 have included a brand new feature “Family Sharing”, which enables you to add as many as six family members and share apps, books and music purchased using same credit card.

iCloud Drive

This feature in iOS 8 allows you to save all your data on directly on iCloud. You can easily access your data on different Apple devices right from where you left off, which means you can start your work on one device and continue on another device easily.

iOS 8 was initially announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference on June 2. And up till now the company has already released 3 beta versions of the software only for registered Apple developers. The final version of Apple’s upcoming mobile operating system iOS 8 will be released this fall.

Facebook launched a new app Slingshot

The social networking behemoth Facebook has once again launched a new app Slingshot to keep users engaged by allowing them to share short-lived photos and videos with one another.

The Facebook has said to have taken the concept from competitors such as Snapchat that largely encourages people to share casual photographs and videos that will be deleted shortly after been shared. However, Slingshot has a unique feature! Well, it allows a person to view images or videos of others only when they share something before.

Not only has this but the app allows you to send a picture or video only to groups rather than to individuals improving Slingshot’s appeal. Joey Flynn, a product designer on the Slingshot project explains why the users are not allowed to see a picture before they share anything with group. “The reason why we introduced this feature in Slingshot is because it encourages people to upload more often so as to make them more creative and unprompted.”

The way Slingshot functions on your smartphone running Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS operating system is easy-to-understand. Once you access the app through your phone, you’ll be presented with a simple camera app with settings to turn the flash on or off according to your need. It has a “selfie” feature, which turns on the front-facing camera automatically and provides a list of images from other Slingshot users at the top. It then provides you an option to add text, icons or even drawings once an image or video is taken and ready to be sent to all your friends, or certain groups, or to a single person.

Facebook makes it easy for the users to connect with friends from the social network on Slingshot’s service and helps them in creating a list of friends primarily from phone numbers, gathered from a smartphone’s address book.

Facebook wants to start this app with a small group and therefore it has no plans to fly a flag about it on its website. It expects a slow and steady growth for Slingshot like Instagram, which the company has built up in 2012 with a motive to provide easy picture-sharing technique.

The company is trying its best to multiple apps with Slingshot and is hoping to outdone other apps in the competition.

Mozilla to sell $25 Smartphone across India and Indonesia

Is it possible to get a Smartphone for as little as $25? No, it was not until Mozilla declared to sell smartphones for just $25 in India and Indonesia. The company’s general manager for China said that in the next few months it will begin selling smartphones in India and Indonesia, primarily in South and Southeast Asia.

The Mozilla has been talking about its Firefox mobile operating system for inexpensive smartphones for quite some time. The US based Firefox has even collaborated with four handset makers and five wireless carriers to offer smartphones powered by Firefox in Europe and Latin America.

However, the prices of these smatphones are more than US$60, which is again too expensive for most of the customers in India and other Southeast Asian countries. Gong Li, Mozilla Chief Operating Officer, said in an Interview, “In many countries even a single U.S dollar means a lot of money to consumers and therefore it’s really difficult to sell smartphones that cost more than $50.”

The company has now decided to collaborate with a Chinese chip maker Spreadtrum Communications Inc. to introduce a Smartphone that is both user-friendly and reasonable. The initial price of the phone will be $25 and it is going to attract customers who are looking forward to a cheap smartphones in place of feature phones.

Gong further added, “With this price and larger distribution network, Mozilla expects that the shipment of Firefox-enabled smartphones crosses 10 million units in the coming 12 months. However, it may face some challenge as the low-cost phones are common in China and other rising markets. Also, the Firefox OS is not as powerful as Android and iOS, therefore the quality of apps will not be as good as other expensive handsets.

The makers of the handset reveal that Mozilla is in talks with Chinese carriers to launch Mozilla-powered smartphone, but the software company is yet to expand its business in World’s largest mobile market. According to Strategy Analytics Neil Mawston, the Firefox OS is expected to capture 1% share on global smartphone OS market when it comes to shipment this year and it can increase up to 3 % by 2018.

Microsoft launches Outlook Web App for Android

Good news for Android users!

Microsoft launches a pre-release of Outlook Web App for Android Operating System which will soon be available on Google Play. The app however will only work if your device have running Android 4.4 Kit Kat or higher, your mailbox is running on Office 365 for business, and your device size is “small” or “normal” by Android OS.

The app is launched as pre-release because Microsoft wants to get the feedback of the app to fix errors if there are any and to make sure that it is ready for prime time. Since only a few devices can use OWA now the company insists customers to vote to have their phones added on OWA for devices.

The company has installed all the promising features in OWA even in the pre-release app to let customers do everything before they actually start using it. The features are very similar to that of OWA for iPhone, however its contact syncing is different from that of other apps. Through OWA Android you can update contacts directly from the device’s address book while making changes to your Office 365 mailbox as well.

Microsoft on launching OWA for iOS in July 2013 said that its main aim is to help customers remain productive anytime of the day and to enjoy great e-mail experience on smartphones and tablets.

Nothing has been said in details about OWA Android, nevertheless Microsoft is keen to bring a native Outlook Web App experience to Android devices.

Protect Your Phone with Lookout ‘Theft Alerts’

Number of apps have been introduced lately to locate your device when been stolen or misplaced but Lookout app has something more to offer. The popular mobile security app Lookout has introduced a new feature ‘Theft Alerts’ that can help you catch hold of your mobile thief in no time. Here’s how it is going to work.

Whenever someone steals your phone and tries to access it without permission by entering wrong password, the Lookout’s new feature will use your phone’s front camera to click picture of the thief holding your phone without his knowledge. It will then e-mail you the pictures of the perpetrator along with the phone’s location on GPS map.

Just in case you are wondering how the Lookout app is going to register that the phone is stolen and the same is in hand of a thief then let us tell you that the app works on five specific actions similar to that of thieves including:

  • Inputting wrong password
  • Taking out the SIM card
  • Turning on the Airplane mode
  • Turning the device off, and
  • Deleting Lookout as a device administrator

Yes, you too perform these tasks yourself but that doesn’t stop Lookout from sending you ‘Theft Alerts’ on your phone. The company of course doesn’t give any guarantee that it will catch a crook in the act but still it provides fare chances of disclosing the details of person stealing it.

You can install Lookout for free on Apple App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android but to get ‘Theft Alert’ feature in your Lookout app, you need to buy Lookout Premium feature at the cost of $3 per month subscription.

The good thing about this mobile security app is that it comes pre-installed on most current AT&T devices.

Quick Ways to Improve the Speed of Dropbox Syncing

The newly added feature in your Dropbox account can help you sync large files for both shared folders and for any of your computers synced in a much faster way.

Uploading large files on your computer has being a problem but thanks to beta desktop app, new added feature in its user forums, that users can speed up syncing of large files and get their computer synced with the same Dropbox account very easily.

Unlike before where Dropbox had to wait until a file was completely uploaded to its servers and allowed to begin downloading, the latest beta can help you run the version 2.9 which start downloading the file the moment it starts uploading. Accordingly, it increases the syncing speed of files.

The latest beta application in Dropbox is not quite ready for a public release and the users can only use it through forum. If the beta creates a problem with your Dropbox account, you can report it at the Dropbox forum itself. To start using it right away, you need to download version 2.9 of the desktop app for OS X, Windows, and Linux directly from the forum.

Syncing won’t be a new challenge for you as you only need to enable the settings to get started with the app.

Cleanse your PC with System Ninja

When was the last time you cleared the junk files from your PC? How often do you empty system caches from your computer? Not very frequently we believe?

Cleaning of junk files from PC, emptying of system caches, and performing frequent updates are some of the activities that can give benefits to nearly every computer. It is important to take such preventative measures time to time to keep your PC safe and secure. System Ninja is a freeware system cleaner that includes features like Junk Scanner and Startup Manager to perform cleaning activities on your PC.

System Ninja is easy to install and it takes only few minutes to get started, however you might face a little issue while installing the wizard as the moment you click OK the software shows you an error message. In such situations you can always troubleshoot the problem with the help of a guide available on the program’s site. You can also access System Ninja from its Start Menu entry and open it normally after that.

This new freeware is quick in cleaning junks from your computer. It works on a simple interface that contains vertical row of buttons, each of which display results in the main window with the help of a spreadsheet-style list view. System Ninja is made with three office-style skins to choose from where one could add or remove junk files from their computers very easily.

The two important features of System Ninja are, Junk Scanner and Startup Manager that constantly provide support to your PC no matter how infected it is with junk files and unwanted data. The Junk Scanner can help you choose the area that needs to be scanned, including unusual entries like current torrent tags, incompatible files, and game caches. The Startup Manager on the other hand removes items from your system startup list.

The other features that System Ninja can offer to the users are Process Manger and System Analysis feature. While the first is used to display running processes with the option to terminate them, the System Analysis extracts and displays all kinds of system information, including CPU, motherboard, and BIOS data.

System Ninja is a good freeware with expert cleaning application that scans your computer for junk files which can be deleted rather than been saved unnecessary on your PC.

Mindfulness is only a touch away

Does the everyday work stress drain you completely? One of the easiest ways to bring some peace in your busy life is meditation.

Keeping in mind the stress and work pressure that you go through in your life almost daily, iOS introduced a new app Buddhify 2 that takes a modern approach to mindfulness. The app is helpful for people who seek activities like meditation and mindfulness to cure problems like stress, anxiety, depression, and many others.

Buddify 2 is a user-friendly app that contains guided meditation tracks for 14 different activities that you may do while travelling, at work, during holiday, at home and achieve mindfulness any where you want. The activities included in this app give you a guided meditation of different length so that you can involve in some quick meditation whenever you get free time.

With the help of this app you can attain peace and calmness while online as Buddify 2 is designed specifically for users who are online most of the time. It has two sophisticated systems to help you track your progress and handy stats and graphs to provide you feedback based on your performance. The Buddify 2 app is not only a best meditation app but it is also a beautiful looking mobile application that runs distinctive color wheel with lovely illustrations to give user a mind-blowing experience.

This application is designed for people who are busy most of the time and who are interested in trying meditation activity even while doing their normal day work. You can get hands on Buddify 2 by spending $1.99, which is nothing when it comes to tranquility and calmness in your busiest of schedule.

So the next time you get any free hours from your busy schedule, spend some time mediating and relaxing your nervous self with the help of Buddify 2, an application for your iOS devices. It is a mindful, apt and a handy application that can help you attain peace even during your busiest of day.

Mozilla Adblock can eat away your PC’s memory

Your computer’s memory is getting affected day by day and you are still not sure what is making it weak? Mozilla has the answer for this!

Well, there are numerous reasons that increase the memory usage in your computer. Mozilla Adblock Plus plugin is one of the reasons that result into memory usage from your PC. Recently, the company warned that the popular Adblock Plus Plugin of Mozilla could potentially suck up gigabytes of memory from PCs using its Firefox browser.

The bugs and the design of the plugin are said to be responsible for the memory usage. It is found that any additional elements added to a browser can increase the memory consumption, whether it is a plugin for Chrome or Firefox. But, AdBlock is one of the major culprits that have its hand involved in memory consumption.

AdBlock filters out the annoying ads that pay for various sites and it has over 19 million users on Firefox alone. If a plugin has to filter those ads from sites with high number of ads then it automatically put a strain on the browser’s memory. For example- If you are browsing one site without AdBlock on then amount of memory consumed will be 194MB and 417MB in case AdBlock is on.

Nicholas Nethercote, developer for Mozilla, said that enabling AdBlock Plus consumes 60-70MB on a 64-bit build of Mozilla and 4MB or so per iframe, when the plugin is on. There are two important reasons for this problem, one is bug, which is the way Firefox handles style sheets, second is the way AdBlock stores its filters. Another developer Waldimir Palant, wrote on his blog that AdBlock has around 50 thousands filters which require around 60 MB of memory.

The best way to get rid of this problem is to either ditch Firefox or turn off AdBlock entirely. According to Palant, AdBlock is planning to come up with a new way to implement and store data. It can also determine which filter is being used and which is important.

Device that can help you find your luggage!

Are you are travelling alone for the first time? Do you want to keep your luggage safe throughout the journey? Well, finally there is a device that can help you track your luggage while you are travelling alone.

The AT&T researchers have recently developed a “smart luggage” tracker that would help travelers locate their luggage and keep it safe all throughout the journey. The device was launched at the AT&T Innovation Showcase, where David Marten, Principal Hardware Designer at the company’s machine-to-machine foundry, said, “The tracking device has to be attached to luggage to pinpoint the location of a bag in real-time. Users can track the movement of their luggage with the help of software on a mobile device.”

For example, you are waiting for your luggage at the airport baggage claim area and you didn’t get your bag for a while. In such situations, “Smart Tracker” can help you map out your bag very easily. The application will start sending text messages at regular intervals for when a bag lands and it could also tell where it is located at the airport or if it is in another city. This is not enough; the device could light up a bag at lost-and-found just in case the user is unable to find it.

A “Smart Tracker” works internationally by connecting to other 3G-compatible networks. According to Marten the development of such tracker would help the AT&T network to make its presence felt on the Internet of Things space. “The tracker is not a marketable device as of now. The company is working on several such projects, where connected devices automate mundane tasks,” he added.

Marian Croak, senior vice president of application and services infrastructure AT&T said, “Our Company wants to be a broker for sensor devices and it wants to exchange information across wired and wireless networks.” He further added, “The Company is developing more and more such devices to build out network capacity, virtual networks, and Wi-Fi networks to handle the increased communication over the Internet.”

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