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How to Clean Inside Your Computer

All of us come across such situation when we are in middle of some thing and our desktop shuts down on its own. Well at time we wonder what could have been the cause because when you turn on after some time it does comes back fine and works without any problem no virus no any other symptoms. Well if you put our hand on CPU for few sec you may notice the cause of sudden shutdown. Over heat can cause automatic shutdown and the best way to get read of over heating is to clan the inside of your computer. We will discuss few steps that will help you to avoid the over heating of your computer.

Step1: Over heating could be happening because of dust accumulated in the CPU of your computer. And so the best way is to remove the dust from the computer so that it does not over heats. First step in removing the dust is by disconnecting computer from the power source including UPS of the computer. And once it is completely turned off please remove the cabinet of the CPU.

Step 2: Once you have removed the cabinet of the CPU then using a blower of a vacuum cleaner blow away the dust but please stay away from the computer so you don’t inhale the dust as it can be harmful to your health. Do not blow very hard as the parts of your computer are very sensitive. Once you are sure that your computer is clean enough then move on to the fan in the cabinet.

Step 3: In long run the fan get lot of dust accumulated and the making computer warmed so we would suggest you to clan the fan as well and please hold the bladed of the fans so it does not moves when you use the blower. Incase it is hard to reach the fan you can take it out and then clan it manually using cotton and alcohol. Be care full as they are very delicate and can develop cracks.

Step 4: In case after removing the dust you still fell it needs more improvement then we would suggest you to clean the fan on the processor. Remove the fan and then clean the dust from the processor and the fan also remove the thermal grease using a lint free cloth with pure isopropyl alcohol. Once you are done cleaning please apply thermal grease back again before you assemble the processor and the fan. Once you follow the above steps your computer should not shutdown on its own.

How to Improve Your Password Strength

As most of us work on computer these days not only everything has become online but everything is confidential, like project document and bank details. You name it and you realize it is confidential may be that is why all the application and software that we use these days has password on it. Even our computer comes with a password. But with so many passwords is it not at time difficult to remember them all, it is and we all know it. Password for email, password for the internet company account, password for bank account, password for computer, password for social network website and the list goes on. The password that I mentioned is just the basic one which does not include your work application just the basic one which all of us have. Now we come to a common conclusion of making similar password for all these account. Something like our last name and then 123, few may also dare to make password like Password123. Well if you are of those I would suggest you to read the following steps to improve the password so that it will not only improve the security of your password but will help you to avoid your from being compromised.

Step 1: First let’s check if your account has been compromised. Hacker often makes account public once they hack your password. There are few known database where you can check if your account has been compromised. You can check it for such websites where if you check with your email address it can tell you if your account is safe or not.

Step 2: Visit Microsoft website to check the strength of your password i.e. Microsoft Password Checker in Safety and Security Center. It will help you determine the strength of your password. If it is termed as weak please change it as soon as possible. We would recommend you to add symbol and try combination of uppercase and lowercase letters to make it strong.

Step 3: In case you are facing difficulty making your password strong just remember to add symbols like “!,@,#,$,%,^,^,&,*”  it will help you to make your password strong as it is believed that symbols are difficult to guess and gives hackers tough time to break in to your account.

Step 4: Many organization also practice to change password after 30, 60 or 90 days. We would also recommend you to change your password after some time as it will help you to make it more secure as the hacker will have to try new guess again. Also we recommend keeping a track of account history which would say when did you last logged in. In case you find that your account was logged in and you are not aware of it please change it as soon as possible. To end with we would suggest you not to save password in your browser memory as adware can send it to their owner without your permission. Clear browsing history if you are using a public computer.

Set Up a New PC

Setting up a new PC is not so scary as it sounds. You won’t require being a kind of a computer engineer or very adroit in the computer operation skills. With some of the very easy steps you will be able to set up your own system & surprise yourself along with your relatives & friends. Firstly try to cook up some of the very useful techniques & gather the initial hardware, like key boards, mouse, monitor & the source of power supply respectively. Later in the process, you will get to hear some of the requests from Windows 7, like setting up your desired language along with time zone & the clock. Out of all these please give importance to the most essential part of creating a kind of your personal user account & creating a password. But if you are in a damn sure state that no one is going to tamper or bully your system, you can overlook this process.

Generally the people, who are already very skillful in doing these kinds of activity, indulge in the installation of typical software on their consumer systems that can have many names in disguise, like bundle ware, begware, bloat ware, & clayware being the most famous & perfect one. These names for being are having some of the very specific reasons. Like the users & vendors make their installation for nothing but to make your work easier. The important reason being to earn from the manufactures of the software’s. This avoidance of crapware for the vendors like Sony & Dell is mainly due to swoo off the clayware; some of the boutique makers will provide you with a better service & acknowledge you with the best & the clear system.  What will be the easiest process, applying which you can make your system completely crap free? You can make a download of a software thatismeant exclusively for doing so.

The name of this software is Slim Computer, which is available online free of cost. This is the best point of time when you are having the opportunity to end all the parts & attachments that you don’t want to be kept in your newly ensemble system. By this way you will be able to remove all the crap materials that may create a problem in your system in the future. You can also make the very good use of a tool called Revo Uninstaller, that will also help you in the complete

uprooting of this errance.But the most important part for creating your own PC is to make it

sure that you don’t get confused with Trial ware & crap ware. These two are entirely different with completely different attributes. The latter is a solid product that will definitely provide your system a very nice security & it is worth keeping.

Compress Files in Windows

We are all very much aware about the consequences of file compressions. It decreases their original size & makes the availability of space more in your removable storage devices like hard discs or pen drives. However you may not require compressing some of the particular folders since they may lead to a loss of the usual performance they exhibit as originals.  There is a very simple process to make sure of it. This process is called as NTFS Compression.  It will involve the compression of specific file folders along with the total NTFS capacity.  This is one of the main drawbacks of the system & file compression respectively. It largely becomes essential to compress the file with the contents of it being intact & perfect. The use of NTFS will enable you to decompress along with recompressing the files without the usual interference of the user.

With clearly displaying the specific names & identification executed by different colors & symbols. When the NTFS volume is being compressed there is a compulsion of being logged in as an administrator for getting a complete result oriented output from this process. Make sure that if your system is being connected to a network of systems, there is a specific policy for it which can interrupt in the completion of the procedure. Click up the start button with a click followed on my computer. Then signify a right click on the specific compressed volume criterion with a click on properties. Select the required compressed volume & give the command ok. Bingo! It’s done. If you want to preview the confirmation regarding the changes in attributions you can click on the options that you want. Very similarly if you are  in the requirement of compressing a file or folder in NTFS Volume, start by clicking on the my  computer button followed by a double click on NTFS Volume containing the necessary documents  in the forms of files or folders that you want to get compressed.

More or less as a process of creating a Winrar Zip, you will have to click on the general tab followed by a click on the  advance button. Finally end up the process by clicking Ok. But please make it sure that if you displace or remove any document from any other file or folder into the compressed one, the former will come out in compressed mode automatically & you cannot help it. Not only this but if any file is removed from a separate volume it will too get compressed but it will enjoy its previous state of originality if you move the file from the same NYFS volume into the compressed one respectively. Similarly you can also select the mode by which you can display the files in color. It will make you recognize & detect the files easily among many. It is very easy with just a click on the appearance & themes button followed by a click on the OK option. You can even easily check up the files in encrypted mode & get each & every minute details in the check box of the system.

Belkin N750 DB Router Extends your Wi-Fi’s Reach

An instigating approach of the gadget freaks to make a resistance for the interim technology tweaks is on the way. Like for an instance anyone using Linksys WRT600N wireless router for a very long time is still using it since it is giving the best service till now although it is three years old. There are some very meager drawbacks in it but it is very well accepted & admired for its outstanding service & faithfulness for 24/7. Bingo! It’s still working & not only is that it efficient 7 effective too. However the technology buffs indulged in amalgamating their Net-Connected devices with a Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet, placing it in the corner of their house to experience it.

Although it is very needy in the service of 3G for getting an easy access to the internet, the Wi Fi mode turned out to be unable reaching so far. Similarly if a machine is placed somewhere else it will look for a 5GHZ access for its regular output & blending up with the Linksys router. Really it is the time to make things different & upgrading the system. It became really very interesting for the cyber buffs when Belkin came up with its brand new N750 DB wireless dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) N+ router.  Belkin declares that this device is equipped with an upgraded antenna system that will help to improve & dignify the coverage area using its multi beam technology for providing the best access at longer distances & it has proved as a real revolution in the field of wireless routers respectively.

Multibeam is a supporter & container of MIMO technology which enjoys the service of many antennas at a time that are capable of receiving multiple signals & generating a multiple output at a very short time. It is also very user friendly & effective. It works on the basis of receiving incoming signals & compares them with the original stream of data’s & information gathering enough knowledge for the user regarding the materials that collides & develops blockages on the path of the signals. The patch up of MIMO with these signals converts them in the form of a complete data stream that works very well in slowing things down. In Belkin Press release declared that a flat & wide coverage pattern is the basic of this gadget the antennas fixed in it will make the user enjoy an improved coverage connection with covering a larger perimeter in their home or wherever it is being used.

According to the unique proposition of Belkin, it uses an implicit beam forming technology that is mainly directed towards maintaining a complete focus in the interface of wireless network devices scattering an aura of a multidirectional phase of new services. In regard to it, N750 will give out the data information on the mode of three streamlined forces in contrary to the two streamed data processing of other devices. It will make the gadget much sophisticated & improved as a product of information technology offering 50% better output & service than its competitors. Any gadget freak will like it to the fullest.

VMware® launches Mobile Virtualization on Android™

VMware has launched mobile virtualization platform (MVP) for Android based smartphones. This concept has already become a big hit in different parts of the world. Users are strongly advised to rate the topic as a very serious one and to learn about it carefully. Users should implement the idea correctly to be able to make the most of the application. Mobile Virtualization is a platform which gives dual modes to the Android phones. It allows the users to separate the profiles completely.

An Android phone

Users can use the same phone for office as well as for personal use. The interests would not conflict, as the profiles would act as exclusive. Certain personal folders would not be made available in the office mode. Thus, the security of personal as well as official data can be guaranteed using mobile virtualization from VMware. Users from different parts of the world have praised the new feature in a huge way. The Mobile Virtualization platform is easy to install and extremely simple to handle. Mobile Virtualization will help is cost reduction as employees can use their portable equipment for office applications. Thus, it also helps in doing away with the need for two portable devices for office and home.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
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