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Pick your favorite color for your desktop with these tools

Who’d want to go with kit colors? If you are a creative person, we know that you would like to have new colors on your plate, or desktop in this case. Why just go for the default colors that come with the operating system when you have the option to go for the color that you like. There are some tools that you can use to pick a color for your desktop and here they are

Color cop

Color cop is a small, simple, and great tool that everyone must use. It’s a simple app that lets you check color samples from anywhere on the screen. This tool also has a magnifier which lets you zoom to the pixel that has the color that you’re looking for, if you’re trying to pick a color from the screen. It also has a convertor that translates the color into color codes, in case you’re trying to use this color on a website. Plus, the best thing about this app is that history. There are seven tabs for color history that allows you to see what you’ve selected or picked. This tool has a simple interface and is really simple to use. Anyone would understand how to use this application and you must use it too!

Webmaster’s Toolkit

Now, for people who can handle intermediate level tools and applications that require a bit of understanding, this is a great tool. Webmaster’s Toolkit is one of the cleanest apps in this segment and probably the best. And that’s probably why you have to pay for this tool – it’s not free! Though you can go for the trial version of this tool, which can be used for 30 days, after which you’d need to buy the application. Features like ‘Eyedropper’ and ‘Pixel ruler’ allow you to navigate to the exact pixel on the screen when you’re picking colors. Use this before you actually buy the license.

Instant color picker

This application is available for multiple operating systems and all versions of Windows operating system. It’s a simple standalone application and this app is very different from the other apps in this list. The interface is really simple and refreshing and you’d only see a color bar when you install and open this application for the first time. Again, the features that you’d find on this application are similar to the ones that we’ve already seen. Eyedropper and Magnifier are some of the features that you’d find in this application and other similar options too. The interface is really simple and minimal so people who do not like cluttered desktop screens might like this application.

Amazon® releases desktop app for cloud storage services

Amazon has unveiled a new desktop application for its cloud storage service named Amazon Cloud Drive. The desktop app enables users to easily store and organize files and media directly from either desktop of their Windows-based computer system of Apple Mac PC.

Cloud storage made easy

With this Amazon desktop app, users can now easily upload their pictures, documents, video clips, and other important files, just by dragging and dropping them to the Amazon Cloud Drive icon.

The best thing about this new desktop app is that the user can continue to use his computer normally while the uploading is being carried out. The desktop app can even handle abrupt computer reboots and lost Internet connections without affecting the important media and documents.

According to Amazon, the Cloud Drive, which was launched last year, offers its users tiered levels, beginning with five gigabytes of free storage, or enough to hold about 1,000 songs or 2,000 photos. The cloud storage service can be extended up to 1,000 gigabytes, on a payment of US $20 to US $100 per annum.

Facebook® to announce release of life saving tools

If you are an ardent fan of Facebook, then you may soon notice a new feature that “could save lives” on your popular place of hangout while in front of a computer. Various media reports indicate the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is expected to announce this new feature while making his appearance on the network television.

It is still a mystery what the tool will be, but Zuckerberg’s schedule is not. He will appear in a “Good Morning America” segment aired from Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California, where he will be interviewed by Robin Roberts.


Though Facebook has not officially disclosed anything about the tool, but Zeus Kerravala, an analyst with ZK Research, said that the social network is in the perfect position to come up with something really helpful.

“Facebook has location info, so it knows where you are,” Kerravala said. “It also knows who you are and who is in your network, including family. With that kind of information, they could build an applet that allows you to broadcast emergency messages through Facebook.”

Download Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0

Microsoft Security Essentials is freely downloadable software from Microsoft. It provides a real-time protection for Home PC’s against the virus, spyware and other malicious software. Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 has a modified easy-to-use interface, but scan speed is less as the earlier versions. When it comes to detecting a malware, it can’t keep track with the newer antivirus product. It is well designed and easy to use software with simple installation process. But for users, who don’t have a genuine copy of windows might face problems as this software checks at the time of installation whether the copy of Windows is genuine or not. Genuine users need not to worry; they can go ahead and install it. And once done with the installation process, you will have a view of a well designed interface with four tabs: Home-shows you the status information, scan controls, update button if virus definitions are out-of-date; Update; History-logs of all scanned history; Settings.

As said, Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 lags points when it comes for detecting a live malware as compared to other top free antivirus products. But if your PC is already infected it can clean your PC in a much better way as compared to the other top free antivirus products. It also lags far behind when the fact scan speed comes. In case of speed, the top performer is Avira Antivirus Personal. Even though its scan speed is slow, it has got moderately low impact on the PC’s overall performance. It runs silently and competently in the background without much effecting on the Pc’s performance and interruptions, which make the user free to use their PC in whatever manner they want.

The minimum system requirements for Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 are as: genuine operating system (for XP-it should be sp2 or higher with min of 256 MB RAM and min CPU clock speed of 500 MHz; Vista-sp1 or higher with min of 1 GB RAM, min CPU clock speed of 1 GHz and min VGA display should not be less than 800*600), min hard disk space available should be 140 MB. Internet connection should be there in order to install Microsoft Essential 1.0 as well as to run updates. One of the new features is its Windows XP mode in Windows 7.

Microsoft Essential 1.0 has come with lots of added features which were not in the previous versions like Windows XP mode for Windows 7 users and likewise. Despite of these added features Microsoft has failed to sort out its main problem of its live malware detecting capability. Antivirus software is good when it is capable of taking care of its PC at any circumstances and keeps it safe. It performance is far ahead as compared to other free antivirus software in terms like interface, functions and when the PC is already infected, but fails to show the same performance when it comes to live protection and block attackers. Hope Microsoft will soon update all those features of Microsoft Essential 1.0 in which they are lacking behind and that users can blindly trust in this software.

Click on the below link to download Microsoft Essential 1.0:

Download-Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Cyber world is in continuous threat with increasing virus attacks and hackers.

There are number of virus and malware roaming on internet and trying to enter into any network or computer. It can come into your computer through any medium like a floppy drive, CD Drive, Pen drive, email etc. So you should be very careful while using such sources. The best way is to keep an antivirus application on your computer which can keep perform regular scan on for such malicious activities and can remove threats from the computer.

Emsisoft Emergency kit is designed for the same purpose, it is a collection of programs which can scan and clean threats from your computer without running any installation process.

It comes with a graphical user interface, which can be used to manage scan and remove virus from your computer. Emsisoft emergency kit also takes care of other malicious activities related to adware, Trojan, spyware, Worms, Dialers, Key-logger, etc.

Download Emsisoft Emergency Kit

The latest version of Emsisoft Emergency Kit is free to use, which means it is freely available and users do not have to purchase the license to use this security software.

The download file is available in so many websites, but it is always good to download the file from manufacturer’s website.


Go to the Emsisoft manufacturer’s website,, to download the install file.  Save the installation .exe file on the desired location on your computer.


Once the download is complete, run the setup once. It will ask you permission to run or don’t run the installation file, click on Run and the installation process will be initiated. This single installation process will install the complete Emergency kit and you will be able to use all the functions after the successful installation.

Advantages on Emsisoft Emergency Kit

License free: the best advantage of the software is that it is free to use. Being a new product and brand in the market, this strategy can help to improve the awareness about the product.

Single Interface for Multiple problems: As mentioned earlier, Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a collection of security programs; it gives you the functionality to manage all security related issues from one place. The emergency kit takes care of all the threats like worms, Trojans, key-logging. In normal scenario any user will need an anti-virus program with additional spyware protection but Emsisoft Emergency kit solves all the problems from single console.


The latest version is recently launched and not much problems are reported so far. However, some users have complained that the software is not much documented which means the product manual and support knowledge base is not improved.

Some users have also complained that the Emergency Kit is not working well with Windows 2000 and it crashes while launching the user interface.

Every software comes with its pros and cons and Emsisoft Emergency Kit is no exception for that; however it deserves a trail as well.

How to download WVC1 codec for Windows Media Player

WVC1 is also known as Windows Media Video 9 Advanced profile, it implements a more recent and fully compliant advanced profile of the Vc1 codec standard. It supports interlaced content and is transport independent. With the previous version of the Windows Media Video 9 series codec users can deliver progressive content at data rates as low as one third that of the MPEG 2 codec and still get equivalent or comparable quality to MPEG 2, the windows 9 advanced profile codec also offers this same improvement in encoding efficiency with interlaced contents, a decoder for Wvc1 is included in Windows Media Player 11, which is bundled with Windows Vista and is available as a download for Windows XP, this implementation is supported in Microsoft Silverlight.

If you want to play a media file in audio or video format and that’s showing an error and you cant play sound or video then you have to download wvc1 codec.

Following are steps to download Wvc1 codec for Windows Media Player.

Step 1:

Please note that Wmv9/Wvc1 encoded Dmo included in the WM format SDK 11 package replaces this beta codec on Windows XP platform.

Step 2:

Just go to Microsoft’s official website and then go to downloads.

Step 3:

Download wvc1 codec pack, this pack includes:

Wvc1dmoe.dll (wmv9 advanced profile encoder dmo beta)

Wvc1dmoed.dll (wmv9 advanced profile decoder dmo)

WMCmd.vbs ( updated wme9 command line encoder script)

Step 4:

You need following requirements to install this codec pack:

Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 SP1

Windows Media Format SDK 9.5 or Windows Media Player 10.

Download Inscriptio 1.5.0

Burning media files like music and videos and data has always been a very useful utility. It solves the problem of losing data even if your system gets corrupt.

There are so many CD/DVD recording software available in the market like Nero, Roxio, Cyberlink, etc but there one new product in the market which is getting popularity day by day, known as Inscriptio.

It is latest CD/ DVD burning developed at The product has already got the 4 start rating from SoftSea rating and it is a very reliable product in CD/DVD burning arena.

Inscripto provides very simplified feature and platform to burn and record video and audio files from your computer. Users and experts have already started liking the product due to its light in resource consuming and very easy process of installation. The product also provides an overall performance with ease of use and maintenance.

Download and install Inscriptio 1.5.0:

Inscriptio 1.5.0 was recently released on 22nd October and is compatible for all major Windows Operating System. Here are some simple steps to download and install latest version of this software:


Click here to download Inscriptio 1.5.0 .


Double click on the exe file to initiate the installation process. It will ask you to allow the installation, click on OK and the installation will begin as desired. After downloading the file follow the instructions of setting up the software.


  • Cost effective:
    The biggest feature of the product is that it is so far free of cost. Any user can visit the manufacturer’s website and download the software.
  • Customization:
    It allows you to make the custom projects to create the burning data like music with data fines, audio and videos, etc.
  • Multiple format support:
    Inscriptio is a multi support application. With ease of use, it also supports multiple files and also dual layers DVDs. It is very unique function and not available in every CD/DVD burning application. It also has the functionality of direct disk copies and it also read and save audio files direct to files.
  • Integration:
    Inscriptio also has integration with other applications like Internet Explorer and you can also use the drag and drop feature to add and remove files from any ongoing project. The layout is also very useful which allows you to view various ongoing projects and manage them accordingly.

Download-Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal 2011

Kaspersky is a famous and one of the most used antiviruses in the security industry. It was developed at Kaspersky lab and you can buy a complete package or download free version to protect the system. Kaspersky is tested and provides protection from all types of computer threats. There are several versions available for personal and commercial uses. It also provides basic tools to protect the computer. It has a wide range of virus database and you need to update it at regular interval for complete protection. We describe its usability, advantage and disadvantage in this article.

Click here to download Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal 2011

Usability of Kaspersky antivirus personal 2011:

There is several usability features of Kaspersky and some of them are as follows:

  • Provides automatic configuration during installation, wizards for common task, visual reports with charts and diagrams, automatic or interactive mode, 24/7 technical support.
  • Automatic database update if connected to Internet. It also provides information necessary for informed user decisison.


There are several advantages of Kaspersky antivirus personal 2011. Some of them are as follows:

  • Complete Spyware protection: Kaspeskey provides complete protection from Spyware and Adaware by blocking links for such malicious websites and blocking unwanted pop-ups.
  • Email scanning: It provide complete incoming and outgoing scanning from email to internet connections and instant messengers like ICQ and MSN. The utility also scans the complete operating system and software to check for any possible threats.

(Kaspersky Security Network),  Advanced Protection & Recovery,  The program can be installed on infected computers,  Self-protection from being disabled or stopped,  Restores correct system settings after removing malicious software,  Tools for creating a rescue disk,  Data & Identity Theft Protection,  Disables links to fake (phishing) websites,  Blocks all types of key loggers.


Like every computer application, Kaspersky also has some limitations like it has only 30 days trial period. After the 30 days trial period you need to buy the antivirus. After buying the complete package, you will get the full and updated version.

The Kaspersky antivirus personal 2011 require Intel core 2 duo with minimum 512 MB RAM, a CD ROM which can be useful for installation. You also need an internet connection to activate the antivirus. It works best with the Windows 7 and it displays the protection state and allows scan objects for threats.

Download fun extras for your PC and phone

You can add some  features to your phone and PC and make them look better than before. You can download freeware and sharewares to customize your PC and phone. In this article we will discuss how to add fun extras for your phone and PC.

Jazz up the look of your programs and icons

You can set any wallpaper for your desktop and the choices of wallpaper,screen savers, and skins (images to customize your Windows Media Player,desktop, or messaging program, for example) are endless. You can; it will help you with thousands of customizing options. You can customize Windows Media player by downloading funky skins, plug-ins and visualizations. You can also download screen savers from you want, you can also download really funky icons which represent folders, files, or programs.

Change the look of your folders

You can change each icon with some pictures which are system defined.Here we tell you how:

In Windows 7 and Vista:

Go to any folder and right click on the folder, and then go to properties.Now you will have to do one of the following: either change the icon for a shortcut then click shortcut tab or change the icon for a folder then click the customize tab.

In Windows XP:

Go to the folder and right click on the folder, and then go to properties. Now just select the customize tab and go to folder icon, click change icon. Now choose any new icon that you want to use. You can also select from your downloaded icon from the system.

You can convey your emotions with emoticons

If you are frequent to instant messaging then to impress any one, try to useemoticons. Emoticons are nothing but a graphic that expresses the way thatyou really feel. You can create these emoticons with your keyboards with thehelp of Windows Live messenger.

Add new emoticons to illustrate your Windows Live Messengerconversations.

In Windows 7, Vista and XP create personalized emoticons from your ownimages to add to your instant messaging. In Windows 7, Vista and XP,following steps have to be done to download emoticons. First open theWindows Live Messenger and click the tools menu. Now choose emoticonsand click create. Now select find images and navigate to the folder whereyou saved your download images. Now you can select any keyboard shortcutfor this particular emoticon.

Get artsy with new clip art

You can add any clip art to your presentation to make it more attractive.You can do it from Microsoft Office Online, Classroom Clipart, and ClipartConnection for a variety of images.
Find an almost endless selection of fonts

Play with your system’s fonts and you can download some cool and trendyfonts from Jazzy fonts, including dingbats, can also be foundon Font Freak and You can install on your system afterwards.

Call me to hear my funky ringtone

You can also download some cool ring tones on your phone from varioussites like Jamster,, Lavalife Mobile, or Phonezoo.

Download-Dr.Explain 4.01.448

Dr.Explain is a useful software application, as it is used to control anddocument your application’s window. The main feature of this applicationis the authoring tool which helps to design and create user guidesand help files. It is also very useful for software developers as developers caneasily document their software interfaces. When it starts working, it parsesa live application and automatically produces screen shots of its windows.The screenshot contains a sequence of callouts for each window control;developers just have to add some description to each callout.
To download Dr. Explain. Click here.
Advantages of Dr.Explain 4.01.448
It has some very attractive features like you can capture a window withcursor. The other features are: it enumerate the window’s controls and willadd callouts to each control, you can also add some text and it will create aneat HTML by pressing the export button.
Dr.Explain is available in 7 languages worldwide and other features are:
You can Import CHM file (In start-up window, in File menu, & under AddTopic command), Import a single HTML file, Batch import recursivefolders with numerous HTML files, Optimized graphical algorithms , nowproduce PNG image files of smaller size without quality loss. It maydecrease final help file overall size by 1.5 or even 2 times.
Now all images have solid white background by default, previously itwas transparent, there is new “Cell properties” dialog allows to flexiblycustomizing cell borders, PDF Export performance was improved, {Pagebreak} special object was added, Arabic font issues in PDF were fixed,Issues with bullet list appearance in HTML were fixed and all color pickerssupport single-click select.
To run this application on your system, you require 1Ghz processor withminimum 256 MB RAM. It also requires HTML help workshop installed onthe system.
The Dr.Explain unregistered version comes with only 10 pages per projectand all pages will have watermark in background.
All we can say about this project is about the reliability and usability. Thisapplication is very useful for developers as tested. It is becoming verypopular among software developer for documentation purpose.

Any use of third party trademarks mentioned on this site , brand names , products, phone numbers and services is only referential and onlinepcsupport hereby disclaims any sponsorship , affiliation or Endorsement of or by any such third party .