With enhanced processing power and visually appealing graphics, smartphones are increasingly grabbing the gaming market dominated by Nintendo and Sony. According to iSuppli, the overall sales of gaming platform mobile phones and smartphones is  said  to be 1.27 billion this year, which is more than a  11%  increase.  Comparatively the sale of video game consoles will only be at the current estimates of 52.3 million and portable units may drop 2.5 percent to 38.9 million.


With the resurgence of the tablet in the computing world companies such as Toshiba Corp., Samsung Electronics Co. and Research In Motion Ltd. are intensely involved in fierce competition to develop similar devices. As a result many IT companies are looking forward to the software issues off developing applications such as game apps. Not only will the tech companies benefit from creating their own game apps but also increase the pool of their resources. According to John Schappert, chief operating officer of Electronic Arts Inc,

“There’s certainly increased competition between the hand- held platforms and the mobile devices “I think there’s going to be incredible growth happening on the iPad and the iPhone and the Android devices.”

With the multi-purpose platform that iPad has introduced, it has become profitable for tablets like iPad to target the young generation. As a result Apple has developed a separate Games Center through which it can it is solely developing games with enhanced feature. Comparatively, X-Box and PS3 have greater graphics for their games. But with the emergence of portable devices it is increasingly becoming necessary to develop games for this future platform.