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LinkedIn introduces new security tools

Lately, LinkedIn released new security features to enable its users manage authenticated sessions on various devices. Called as “See where you are logged in,” this new feature lets you see where, when and on what devices you are logged in to your LinkedIn account. You can even know the corresponding location, IP address, OS and browser type used to login to your account. And if you want or anything found suspicious, you can right away sign out of all the sessions in one single click.

According to the company, there was an urgent need of a security feature that could tell users about all their active sessions and manage them accordingly. Users, a lot of times happen to access their accounts on devices like friend’s smartphone or a public computer, which is not a good practice. And they don’t bother to sign out of their accounts due to which an active session can remain open on that device, giving other users an entry to their accounts. That’s why; LinkedIn came with a feature that gives users the option to remotely check their accounts and close them if left opened.

On the latest features, company’s head of security and privacy added “Not sure if you remembered to log-out of your LinkedIn account on your friend’s computer? We have you covered. We’ve added a single place to see everywhere you’re signed in to LinkedIn and manage those sessions in your settings. Go to your settings and click on See where you are logged in to see a complete list of the devices that you are logged into. You also can manage these sessions from this new page. If you see a session that you want to turn off, simply click on the sign out link.”

In addition to this feature, the company also introduced a new addition to the e-mail notifications it sends to its users in case of security breach, such as change in their password.

Facebook includes a new feature “Save”

Save- the new feature introduced by Facebook enable users to revisit links, places, movies, TV shows, music, posts, books content or feeds whenever you want. This archival feature is primarily designed for people who don’t find time to explore and want to view at a later time.  The best part is you don’t have to be online to read the saved pages.

What Facebook has to say about ‘Save’?

According to Facebook blog post “Every day, people find all sorts of interesting items on Facebook that they don’t have time to explore right away. Now you can save items that you find on Facebook to check out later when you have more time.”

This feature like other components of the website is to keep you inside Facebook. And it will be available to all Android, iOS, and web users soon.

How you can utilize ‘Save’?

If you have come across something interesting and want to read it later, all you need to do is select ‘Save’, which has been positioned on the left-hand side of your News Feed. The items you save gets automatically arranged, and can be accessed, shared or archived. And if you save an item and forget about it, the social networking website will keep sending you notifications that you have saved items you found interesting at one point.

This feature has been designed on basis of various other “read later” apps that allow users to save links to read in their free time.  It is a good way to keep track of shops and restaurants that you may want to check out.

How safe the archived pages are?        

As far as the security of the pages you save is concerned, Facebook says “The saved pages will remain completely private unless the pages are shared by users.” So till the time you don’t choose to share the pages, nobody else will get to know about them.

First Look: Microsoft® Office 2013

Designed with Windows 8 in mind, Microsoft Corp. has unveiled the customer preview of Microsoft Office 2013. The most recent version of Microsoft Office is primarily an effort to make over the market-leading productivity suite from merely a computer-based application to a software that can be conveniently used on any device, and from anywhere.

Incorporating an intuitive design that works well with stylus, touch, keyboard or mouse across novel Windows-based devices, the new producitivity suite has so much to offer. Its prime highlights are:

SkyDrive: Microsoft Office 2013 by default saves documents to SkyDrive, offering anytime access to content across all Windows-based devices.

Inking: The newly revealed Office 2013 enables using stylus for creating content, taking notes and accessing features. It also lets you handwrite e-mail responses, add color to content and erase mistakes.

Stay connected: An intriguing aspect about the lately released Microsoft Office 2013 is that it includes the ability to follow people, documents, teams and sites in SharePoint. To always remain up-to-date it allows viewing and embedding video, pictures and Office content in the activity feeds.

Reading, markup: The Read Mode in the latest Microsoft Office 2013 Word offers an advanced reading experience that adjusts according to the screen size of your device. Also, there is an option to zoom in or zoom out content, view revision marks, and stream videos in the docs.

Touch everywhere, utility apps, new subscription services, and digital note-taking are some other aspects incorporated in the brand new Microsoft Office 2013 suite.

The latest productivity suite by Microsoft features dramatically improved Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft OneNote, and Microsoft PowerPoint application programs.


Making Friends on Facebook® becomes easy with Find Friends Nearby

Facebook lately has created a new feature called Find Friends Nearby, earlier code-named Friendshake, for Android and iOS-based devices. Yet to be announced officially, this latest feature will let you find out friends who are geographically nearby.
Basically, Find Friends Nearby feature takes you to a page wherein you can spot other people within/near your location and who are browsing the Find Friends Nearby page. For instance, if you and someone you recently met want to be friends, both of you can simply go to the Find Friends Nearby page, unlike the traditional way of typing and searching each other’s name.
While Find Friends Nearby simplifies the process of befriending with someone near you, conversely, it has privacy risk too. This feature will not just give personal details of potential friends nearby; by simply leaving Find Friends Nearby page open you can also spot anyone else within your vicinity.

Discover apps with Facebook® App Center

Facebook, the social network giant, recently launched its own App Center to help you discover a myriad of apps, both for web as well as mobile platforms.

What is there in Facebook App Center?

Facebook App Center is a fun and easy way to choose from as many as 600 apps including prime hits like Draw Something, Pinterest, Ghost Recon, Angry Birds, FarmVille, etc. On the main Facebook App Center page, you will be able to browse the apps suggested by the public along with the apps that your friends use. In addition to this, you can find apps based on your Facebook activities. This is especially helpful when you want to connect to friends while using a social photo service, like Instagram or playing a game, like Words With Friends. You can also find a list of highly used, top rated apps, and trending apps. Moreover, before installing a specific app, you can also check out its details and reviews in Facebook App Center.

Twitter® Takes on Spammers: Files a Lawsuit

There are many success stories on the web and Twitter, the amazing micro-blogging service, is one of them. It is now considered as the lifeblood for over 140 million users around the globe. But even this huge and successful social networking platform is having a tough time due to spamming activities. Many Tweeter users have complained of spam and unsolicited tweets.

To tackle these spamming activities, Twitter has finally taken a big step. It has filed a lawsuit in a San Francisco federal court against the top five spam catalysts, including TweetAttacks, TweetAdder, TweetBuddy, James Lucero, and Garland Harris. The micro-blogging service has claimed that these companies and people are responsible for developing malicious tools to facilitate spamming activities on Twitter.

According to a Twitter blog post, “By shutting down tool providers, we will prevent other spammers from having these services at their disposal. With this suit, we’re going straight to the source.”

Twitter is also strengthening up its internal settings to control malicious activities on the platform.

Facebook® Countersues Yahoo!® for Patent Infringement

The Yahoo!-Facebook tussle has finally come a full circle. Few weeks back, Yahoo! sued Facebook for infringing 10 of its patents related to advertising, privacy control, and social networking. Now, Facebook has counterattacked the search engine company and filed a patent lawsuit.


Ted Ullyot, general counsel of Facebook, said, “From the outset, we said we would defend ourselves vigorously against Yahoo’s lawsuit, and today we filed our answer as well as counter-claims against Yahoo for infringing ten of Facebook’s patents.” He further added, “While we are asserting patent claims of our own, we do so in response to Yahoo’s short-sighted decision to attack one of its partners and prioritize litigation over innovation.”


In the fresh lawsuit filed by the social networking giant, it has claimed that Yahoo! has violated 10 of its patents that include several web technologies, such as online advertising, tagging, photo-sharing, link-sharing techniques, and more.


The wait is worth it to find out who will win the race.

Facebook® updates Apple® iOS app

Facebook is certainly going at a rapid pace. Recently, it added the support for high-resolution photos on the platform and now it has come up with an updated app for Apple iOS platform. The biggest plus is that the Facebook app will support the new iPad’s Retina Display.

Another interesting feature of the updated Facebook version is that you can now go offline in chat. The app gives you the flexibility to use multiple languages, including Czech, Danish, Indonesian, Malaysian, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Thai.

The latest version will set you free from many unwanted bugs. It will now display the correct profile picture for all Facebook users. In addition, your friends list will include all your friends. Also, if someone likes a particular Facebook page, his/her photo will load correctly every time.

There are more benefits to the list. Discover them by downloading the updated Facebook app from the App Store.

PayPal® takes the SXSW podium to unleash its fresh Digital Wallet

PayPal is all set to release an exclusive digital wallet during this summer.

A grand event like SXSW will definitely be remembered for showcasing some finest innovations. SXSW is one place where you can catch up with the latest happenings in the field of technology and entertainment at the same time. But this year, the real highlight was all about digital payments. Initially, it started from Google Wallet and later people talked about ISIS. At last, PayPal went on to grab the show by unveiling a brand new digital wallet. Sam Shrauger, VP of global product and experience at PayPal, showed a glimpse of their next digital wallet at the SXSW. Keeping in mind about the current requirements, the PayPal has completely restructured the interface of its digital wallet to look akin to an online bank account.

In actual fact, it is considered as the one-stop-shop for operating online transactions through a mobile platform. One of the most exciting features associated with PayPal digital wallet is that it will offer you a time period of five to seven days for making a payment, which is hard to find in other payment mediums. Also, you can go for an installment plan to trim down a large amount. Last but not the least; the digital wallet will facilitate you to toggle your funding sources. PayPal has already informed that its digital wallet is expected to land somewhere in spring and it will transform the entire tradition of making payments in this digital world.

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