Blog writing is an interesting way to reach out to people and earn money . But you have to make blog more attractive and the content should be interesting. If you are using blog to earn money then you know that the only way to earn more money is to keep the traffic coming. You will have to make the blog more appealing because once the reader read the blog, if he found it appealing, then he will return again. Networking is also very important if you want more traffic for the blog. Now we will discuss how to make the blog more appealing, follow the steps given below.

Step1: Design is very important, it is important to make blog attractive. You can put some animations and graphics but not overdo with loads of ads and annoying pop-ups. It is also very important to have clear and dark fonts so the readers find the blog easy to read.

Step2: If you want to get back the visited readers and search engine crawlers then always update the content. We recommend you to update the content thrice in a week. If you update contents at regular interval it will never become boring and lousy for readers.

Step3: Texts are the most important part of blog but if you add multimedia to the blog, it will become more attractive and interesting. A reader will stick to the multimedia for a long time and he keep coming back that will increase the traffic.

Step4: Networking is as important for a blog as the content. It is very important to inform people about the blog you are writing. Post the links and comments about the blog at different networking site to get attention from people. Also try to network with people who write same topic and do cross promotion. Cross promotion means that you will promote their blog and vice-versa.

Step5: Consistency is really important in term of writing. Suppose you are writing about some topic like poverty then try to concentrate on the topic. Do not try to merge so many thing in the blog, it will only deviate readers and make the blog boring.

Blog hosting sites are also very important, use the site that is friendly for bloggers and recommended by others. Otherwise you will have to face technical problems and that may alienate the readers. We recommend you to be humble when writing; readers show more interest in bloggers who shows more humility. Like you can show your weaknesses and tell them to write suggestions and comments. Make the blog more appealing by appreciating the comments on the blog i.e. try to tell the readers that comments are excellent, it will push them to write more and more. These are the tricks to make blog more appealing to the readers and increase the traffic.