You are writing in a blog assuming that your posts will become a hit sooner or later. You wait and wait. Alas! No one seems to be caring about what you are writing .If you want to get traffic to your blog then you need to put in some extra efforts to make your blog reader-friendly as well as search engine friendly. Here are some useful steps you can follow in order to get traffic to blog.


One of the best methods by which you can promote your website to turn Your Blog postings into articles. Write articles, make them unique by adding headings, changing the title and elongating them and then submit them to websites that serve as article directories. Make sure to include a link back to your blog in every article that you post. This way you will create more one-way incoming links to your blog.


Another way of advertising and marketing your blog is to create a buzz around your blog. For this you can create some news around your blog or around the topic of your blog, you can distribute merchandise featuring the URL and the tagline for your blog or you can write out a press release on something newsworthy, tying it in with the topic of your blog- whatever. The idea is to make people notice you.


Make subscribers via email. Most people opt for email to receive information and news, so reaching out to potential readers by way of e-mail is still a top method for marketing. You can use a free web service such as Bloglet to manage your subscriptions.

Step4: You should create solid inbound links using related websites. The Related Websites plug-in effectively multiply the traffic of your blog by utilizing the traffic and resources of other blog. The full features of the plug-in are available only to the member sites which must be approved before they are able to receive a key. After that the sites can enjoy quality traffic and build quality inbound links.

Step5: Add your blog to blog search engine by creating a good, concise description for your blog, as well as relevant keywords since search engine spiders use links to navigate the web and index the websites that they find. If you make it easier for the search engines to find you, you will get blog traffic through search engine results pages more easily.

Step6: Participate in online conversations elsewhere on the internet as this is a quick, easy and interactive way to get blog traffic when you are looking for more visitors to your website.

Step7: Keep posting contents. Blog readers love content and are constantly in search for fresh and new information and content and if you continue to provide it, they will continue to return time and time again to read it. If you are not providing content to your readers, they have no reason to return to you! So keep blogging.