You are a blog writer and you have written your best blog today. Now the thing is you want to share it with the whole world. Blog traffic means the number of visitors to the blog page and you want to increase blog traffic for the blog you have written. By increasing the blog traffic you can also earn revenues. This article will help you to increase blog traffic; you just have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1 : The first step is to do keyword research to find the best keywords to use within your post. We recommend you to use market samurai, this is a free software program and very easy to download. It is used vastly for keyword research.

Step 2 : Install word press plug in, All-In-SEO. It is the most popular plug in to increase blog traffic very easily. First install the All-In-SEO plug in on the computer and change the settings for the blog. You just have to add title, description and add the best keyboards for the blog.

Step 3 : Now in the WordPress, when you add a new post, the WordPress will automatically use update service to update your post. When ever you update a new post it will notify web users about the changes. It sends a ping every time you edit the blog or do changes in the blog. You can also top WordPress to send ping every time and you can edit the option. After editing the WordPress only send ping when you post or publish the blog.

Step 4 : You can also add traffic to the blog by using the RSS feed. This is an impressive way to generate continuous traffic to your blog. You can add RSS feed to different online feed aggregators, and it will index in search engines. It will obviously affect the traffic rate of the blog.

Step 5 : It is very important to add images to your posts, we recommend you to add SEO friendly images to the post. This is a plug-in by word press; it adds ALT and TITLE to your images automatically. It will help in search engine optimization of your blogs.

Step 6 : We also recommend you to do social bookmarking for the blogs and use bookmarking websites like Digg, propeller and With a single click you can post your blog to several websites. Start grouping with your friends also and tell them to vote for your blog on bookmarking websites.

Step 7 : You can also relate with blogger buddies and start cross promoting, cross promoting means they will promote your blogs and you will do promotion for them. You can also post same blogs to the some articles websites like or Do this step when the original posting is a week old. You can also use twitter plug-ins to twit the blog post on twitter. If you are using all-in-one-seo tool, it will provide a new title every time when you tweet.

Some of the techniques mentioned above like social bookmarking and twitter works instantly and you can see increased the traffic in a week.