A Blog is a very effective way to share new thoughts and innovation with the world. Blogs are also used for online marketing and online diaries. If you are planning a family reunion in next month, you can create a reunion blog. You can use blogs to connect with every one in the family and also you can provide upcoming and previous events. The best thing about blogs that you can share pictures, videos and texts. We will help you to create a family reunion blog with this article. You just need to follow the steps given below.


First step is to organize all events and programs on paper and make a list of family members you are going to visit. Create a family tree and create a check list of all upcoming events in family.


Now you will have to setup a blog website, you can easily create free blog website online. There are number of websites are available like Google, blogger.com or wordpress.com. They are user friendly and they also guide you through the process. You can write blogs, organize events and also upload pictures and videos related to the family. You just have to sign up with these sites and they will give you instruction, follow the instructions carefully. After completing the process the blog site will be ready to use.


After creating the blog, it is important to contact your family members. You can connect with them using e-mails, e-mail them regarding blog sites and provide a link to open the blog site and share information. Most of them should have an e-mail account, if they do not have, then create and sign up for free e-mail account. Tell them about the account information and they will start using the blog and share all the upcoming events in family. You can provide blog access to the family members if they are interested and it is also very important to inform them about all events.


The last but most important step is to update the blog at regular interval. It is very important to make the blog live and happening so every one can enjoy the blogs. You can also perform polls about some events and family members can cast their vote on any topic. It is very important to know the opinion of your family members. The blog should be a recreational place for the family where everyone can enjoy online and share their experiences with each other.

You can modify and improve the blog; there are many methods to improve the quality of family reunion blogs. But according to us the most important thing is the regular visit of family members on the blog site. You can also link with them on various social networking sites to share information and events.