Do not be fooled into losing your money through the illegal Internet Ponzi Fraud. This fraud plays upon people’s tendency to go in for easy money, throwing caution to the winds. The fraudsters cleverly trick investors with marketing strategies and online communications. Those operating the Internet Ponzi Fraud promise very high returns on investment; and follow through on the initial pay-offs  as well. But they pay old investors from the funds gathered from new investors; and so, the system is bound to crash when the withdrawals exceed the deposits. The fraudsters generally disappear without a trace after looting the investors’ money. iYogi Alert’s informs you about Internet Ponzi Fraud and empowers you to fight off such threats. more…


Here’s what a typical message looks like:


Sample Email 1

from  American Government Lottery Double Splash Promotion <>
reply-to  re*****
date  Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 1:48 AM

subject  You Are A Winner of America Visa Lottery + plus $500,000.00 Cheque Prize

Game Code: 984***
AVLPLUC No; 671/60/109/USA
You have Won An American Visa lottery splash plus Five Hundred Thousand Dollars Cheque Prize Bonus all for you. Its an America double splash promotion put together by the America Governing council under the control of Barrack Obama. The Government of Obama in its ply to help Third world countries and Developing Country in the Recent World summit held in the White House at Washington, D.CAmerica. A general email Balloting and check listing of people who have registered/Applied for America Visa Lottery in the past 13 years were also take balloting from.
Contact our Clearance officer for details on how to get the America Visa Lottery and plus $500,000 Cheque Prize at your door step with easily. Guidance will be given to you by Clearance officer after getting the following information on Email:  .Confirmation Number will be given to you by Clearance officer.
Full Name:                 Permanent Address:               present Address:
Date of Birth:                Sex:
Nationality:                  Mobile/Cell:
Please do not disclose your American Visa lottery splash plus $500,000 Cheque Prize to any Third party for safety. Ensure you include your AVLPLUC Reference detail when contact the clearance office for proper identification. International Priority will be given when you mails are not properly addressed to the Clearance officer. If you are not ready to adhere to instruction please do not reply to this mail.

Dr. Mark .P. White
America House Announcer
This message was sent using IMP, the Internet Messaging Program.


Sample Email 2

“New Email From Mr. Chen Wu
from Mr. Chen Wu <>
reply-to w***
date Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 4:18 AM
subject New Email From Mr. Chen Wu
hide details Mar 13 (11 days ago)
How are you doing today? I am Mr. Chen Wu from china and would like to discuss a
transaction of $8.5M with you due to the uniqueness of your name. Please NOTE that you
are expected to respond immediately to my PRIVATE EMAIL which is
w*** for more information on how we can both proceed together to
have these funds released to you. Thank You.

N.B: Please ensure to send your response to my private email above which is safer and
can be checked on regular basis by me. My private email is w***”



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