Seeking romance on a dating site is thrilling but risky. There are a variety of scams abound, including the almost always “advance-fee” scams. iYogi endeavors to expose such fraudulent online dating scams. A person claiming to be a pretty woman will act flirtatious, then somehow work into the conversation a request for money. The money will allegedly be for needed medical care, or travel to see a dying relative, or emergency car repairs.

The scammer may ask that a certain telephone number be used for chatting, which will result in huge telephone bills with the money going to the scammer. It is also possible the scammer might only want to get an email address to which to send torrents of spam.

Unlike other Internet scams which merely dupe you of your hard earned cash, online dating scams have an additional fallout: they can leave the victim a psychological wreck. Being duped of your cash is bad enough but being duped by someone on whom you’ve become emotionally dependent can have devastating consequences. Only in iYogi Scam Alerts can you obtain information on these kinds of scams. With the growth of the Internet, these dating scams are becoming ever more devious with online crooks devising new methods to trap the unwary. iYogi is your source for information on such kinds of scams.

Most of these dating scams follow the same threadbare pattern with occasional new variations. The phone scam involves someone asking you to call the person only to find that you have to shell out an astronomical amount for the call. iYogi Scam Alerts has information on old and the newer kinds of dating scams. Here you can get to read about the kinds of tricks online crooks employ to separate you from your cash. But for people who have fallen for this kind of fraud, there is little solace. So, better read iYogi Scam Alerts to stay one up on these crooks! Read more…