Fake Check Scams Cause Irreparable Loss

Before planning to sell anything via the Internet, you need to take note of the threat posed by fake check scammers. The scammers trap their victims by offering a higher amount for the product on sale. The payment is done through fake checks. The scammers convince the sellers to wire back the additional amount citing reasons like shipment charges etc. Only after the check bounces do the sellers learn that they have been scammed. the fastest growing providers of on-demand technical support, recently published its alerts on fake check scams. Read More…


  1. Big surprise! Bigger disappointment

    Yeah!! I got all excited when I got a check for $15,000 in my mail, announcing that I was the winner of an online lottery.. I called up all my friends and even thought of throwing a party!! My best friend Nancy dropped by , I showed her the letter and the check!! She read the letter and to my utter disappointment announced that it was a scam!! If not for her, I would have banked the check and wired them the amount mentioned & may be even faced legal charges by now!!

  2. Drew Stevenson, Houston

    A Hollywood flick ..saved me..

    On checking my mail last week, I was surprised to find a check worth $10,000 from royal lotto group, supposedly in Canada, informing me that I had won their online lottery, I needed to bank the check and wire them $1500 toward taxes and charges. I had recently watched the movie “catch me if u can” where this guy keeps encashing fake checks, I decided I will wait till the check gets honored; then only I would wire the money. Well as expected the check bounced, thank you Hollywood , a flick saved me from being scammed.

  3. Gavin Morales, Hampton

    I got a mail stating that I had won some kind of survey contest and my payment was en route. I did not pay much attention to the mail but next day a cheque amounting to a fairly large sum was in the mail and with it a note asking me to wire back some $200. The cheque looked fake and the teller confirmed it! At least if you are scamming someone, use a genuine looking cheque, right?

  4. Michal, Toronto

    WOW! I just won a lottery for $250,000. I got this information through an e-mail. Unbelievably, when I responded to this mail they told me to pay $1,300 for taxes and transportation. I trusted them and I paid for the same. After one week I got a cheque from that company. I was very happy and I went to my bank for depositing it in my account. They told me that the cheque was fake and I had just become a victim of the fake lottery scam. Merlin, I’m sorry, but I get a little jealous that you have got such a good friend.

  5. Eric Thompson, SF

    Hey Merlin, you owe your friend Nancy a treat! But you must be really stupid in the first place to think someone would just send you a cheque for $15000 for no apparent reason. Its hard enough to make $150 and heres someone who thinks she won 15000 for no reason!

  6. Oh God! What’s happening here? I became very disturbed after reading iYogi alert on fake check scams. The Internet users must take care because most of the scams are taken place through online and this fake check scam is also one from that. And, it’s so nice of you that you guys shared your experience with us. Definitely, this review might help many innocent Internet users who are not aware about this.

  7. Troy Perry

    Hey let me share this! I received this mail stating that I have won this lottery (that I never played for sure) prize that is worth of $500,000 – quite a bait, I would say! I hurried to reply to the mail and later they asked me to pay some thousand amount for delivery and transfer charges. Thank god I backed off then and saved me from lottery scam. I would request iYogi scam alert to keep us posted the newest tricks and baits that we can keep us safe.

  8. Joslyn Stevens

    Email scams have now become a routine task. Every day I receive at least 5 emails that inform me of winning a lottery or prize money of some sort or the other. I feel sorry for all those who get caught in these fake claims and end up giving their personal details to these scammers. We must understand that there is no free lunch in this world. Why would anyone give us money without any reason? I am sure articles like this one are helping many innocent people from becoming victims of these scams.

  9. Eric Candelario

    i often get mails regarding lottery prizes worth thousands of dollars, but i never opened them as I always knew they are fake and someone is trying to make a fool out of me. But it was only after reading your reviews that I got to know that these mails are not just fake, they are scam. Thank you iyogi for posting such helpful reviews. 😀 They saved me from loosing big bucks….

  10. Helena Mccarter

    True Eric, I don’t understand how people get trapped in scams like this one. I also know a friend who got trapped in a similar kind of scam. But instead of getting a cheque, he got robbed of $10,000 from his bank account. This apparently happened because he sent an email to the scammers with his bank account number and other details. And it was not long before he got to know that they have withdrawn a huge sum of money from his account. I think iyogi scam alerts are helping many realize that there is no free lunch in the world.

  11. Pedro Bosque

    I not only like the quality tech support that iyogi technicians offer, I also like reading iyogi scam alerts… these articles keep me posted about all the recent online scams and frauds… I feel iyogi has become my one-stop-shop for all my computer needs… the only thing you need to work upon is the wait time.. at times, my call is put on hold for almost 10-15 minutes…. Other than that, there are no issues… u guys rock!!!

  12. Niall Horan

    Hey Merlin… its not only in your mail box that you get such type of messages. I have been receiving such messages through sms on my cellphone too. I wonder how these guys get your numbers. I think now this method has become quite old to dupe others. I have been reading about such lottery winning mails for a long time. And i wonder that some fool or ignorant person only might become victim of such scam. Well if they do… they themselves are to be blamed for this…

  13. Sofia Gustavson

    We all are aware that daily people are getting scammed somewhere in the world due to these email scams. Even my mail box is full of such emails daily. However i know that these are just scam mails and i just delete them. What i think is that it is ignorance about such scams that is allowing the scamsters to keep on sending such emails. Instead of feeling sorry for those who get scammed, i think that these guys deserve this for their ignorance. don’t they have common sense and apply their brains that there is no such thing as free in this world. Why would anyone give us anything for free without any reason? If we all start thinking like this, these scams will themselves end.

  14. Jimena Rivas

    Guys, its not just lottery mails that are being sent by scammers. Now they have started sending recruitment mailers too. I recently got such a mail where the sender promised to get me a decent salary job in a reputed bank. But, prior to that I have to send him my personal details, banking details and deposit a certain amount of money in his company’s account number. As i am a regular reader of iyogi scam alerts, i know that these are all scam mails. I dont pay attention to such mails. There fore, i would request you all guys and gals to stay alert and not pay attention to such mails. Just read the subject line and delete such mails.



  16. Lucy Kafanov

    My friend got nabbed in these lottery offers. The scam was so carefully designed that she could not sense any wrong doing. The scammer sent her a check of larger amount and then asked her to return a part from it. It was only after transferring the money that she got to know that the lottery check was fake… she lost $5000 in this scam…

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