What are the ways to change the default settings of Microsoft Word 2010? Get tips to fix issues that may come up while doing so

Microsoft Word 2010 is the latest version of Word from Microsoft Group. Microsoft Word 2010 comes as a part of Microsoft Office 2010 Suite. Microsoft Word 2010 can work on most of the Window operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista as well as Mac operating system. In addition to new features, Microsoft Word 2010 integrates improvement over previous versions. Microsoft Word is easy to install and use. It brings our best idea to life. We can work more easily with Microsoft Word 2010.

The following explains about changing Microsoft Word 2010 settings:

  • Key features of Microsoft Word 2010
  • Method to change default settings
  • Tips to resolve the issues

Key features of Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 comes with lots of improvements over previous versions. In addition to that, Microsoft Word 2010 also exhibits several advanced and new features. One of its features is Ribbon which optimizes the documentation scenario to make them easier to use. File formats of Microsoft Word 2010 add new features such as co-authoring, graphics and other text edits. Background Removal, Picture Correction Options, Artistic Effect Options, Picture Layout Options are other features offered by Microsoft Word 2010.

Method to change default settings

We can change the default settings of Microsoft Word 2010 such as fonts, styles, paragraphs easily. To change the default settings of a field such as font, page set-up etc, launch Microsoft Word 2010 and navigate to ‘Home’ tab and select the field that you want to change the default settings and click on the small button at the right bottom of the group area. Then a new dialogue box displays and you can change the settings. After changing the default settings click ‘Ok’.

Tips to resolve the issues

Microsoft Word 2010 is one of the powerful word processor available and offer several features to make the working platform simple. But if you have made any changes in the settings improperly then it might create problems. Accidental modifications in the settings can also cause problems with the proper usage of the feature. However we can resolve these issues after identifying the exact reasons for the problem. We can resolve most of the issues associated with Microsoft Office Word 2010 by resetting to default settings. Therefore Microsoft Word 2010 loads with the normal settings.