iYogi gives you an opportunity to register a scam or fraud related complaints, you might have encountered. You can share or register your actual experience pertaining to a scam/ fraud with iYogi, by filling up iYogi’s report a scam form. Follow iYogi Scam Alert series to learn more.

At iYogi we deliver services that are class apart. We offer an interactive way to our customers to report a scam/ fraud by submitting minutes in iYogi’s report a scam form. Now, you can share your opinion and experiences about any unusual incident that you might have come across, through any means of communications. We persistently look forward to a genuine report that will give us a better insight of what and how we can serve you in a better manner. This would not just help us serve you better but also minimize the frequency of prevalent online scams and frauds often heard of. Your response will help us take the right measures and maintain the remarkable standards of iYogi. We look forward to your genuine experience related to scams / frauds.