Windows® Vista Upgrade on Dell® Computer

Dell is well known for providing an amazing range of desktops and laptops which are configured with the latest operating systems. In case you have bought a Dell computer which is pre-configured with a version lower than Windows Vista such as Windows XP, you can check the system compatibility before going for Windows Vista upgrade on Dell computer. It is important that your Dell computer should meet the minimum system requirements for upgrading to Windows Vista. Apart from this, there can be times when you may face problems while upgrading Windows Vista or Windows failing to boot correctly while using your Dell computer. Get in touch with Online PC Support Certified Technicians who can guide you to fix each and every problem by applying suitable techniques. Our expert technicians can assist you in Windows Vista upgrade on Dell computer to enhance its performance.


Windows 7 is the latest operating system from Microsoft, which succeeds Windows Vista. If your system is compatible with Windows 7, we can guide you to upgrade Windows Vista on Dell PC to the latest version. After our technicians upgrade Windows Vista, they can download and install Windows 7 compatible drivers so that all hardware components work correctly. The tech experts of Online PC Support can migrate the user settings and data from Windows Vista to the upgraded version. You may also need help to reinstall all the applications after Windows Vista upgrade on Dell PC. For the security of your Dell computer, an antivirus which is compatible with the new operating system will be required. We can help in selecting an appropriate security program and performing a comprehensive scan.

Booting issues can degrade the performance of your PC or lead to critical errors which may damage your personal data. In this case, we can try to install an effective system check utility to fix the booting errors. In addition to this, the technicians can also make use of the defragmentation tool within Windows to enhance performance and reduce turnaround time. You can speak to the professionals any time as they are available round-the-clock for Windows Vista upgrade on Dell PC. They can connect to your computer by starting a remote session through the Internet. So, get unlimited tech support for Dell from Online PC Support Certified Technicians who can upgrade Windows Vista on Dell computer instantly.