Dell Help for USA and Canada Customers

Get expert Dell help by Online PC Support Certified Tech Experts and resolve any issue that you may be facing. There is no doubt that Dell is a major computer brand in the market, which is known to offer an exclusive range of high performance desktops, laptops, netbooks and other computing devices. However, technical issues may be encountered while using a computer. Problems such as installation trouble, problems while configuring Windows OS, security problems and system errors, can adversely affect the speed of your Dell computer. To deal with these problems, get take Dell help by Online PC Support Certified Technicians, who can remotely take the control of your Dell computer and offer live tech assistance. Contact Online PC Support to get rid of problems from your Dell computer by calling the help desk number to get regular support. The Dell help and support number provided by Online PC Support.

How to get Dell Help without wait?

Installation problems can typically occur when there is a compatibility clash. In case you are trying to install a particular application on your Dell computer, then take Dell tech help by Online PC Support, and we as expert technicians can assist you to check the compatibility for your operating system. It is important to verify the version of device drivers and match their compatibility with your pre-configured Windows OS so that you can easily configure the devices on your Dell computer. At times, you can get errors or warning messages while configuring the devices on your Dell computer. So, in that case dial the Dell helpline number offered by Online PC Support to speak to technicians. We can guide you to boot your Dell computer in Safe Mode to rectify the errors. If the problem still persists then we can simply re-install the entire Windows OS.


Security is another major issue related to computers. However, there are security software which can offer protection from malicious content. But from time to time you must update the virus definitions on your Dell computer. Under Dell help and support services provided by Online PC Support, we can try to set-up the security software and disable the built-in firewall tool from Windows OS to avoid software conflict with other firewall. Just contact Online PC Support in order to fix the issues with a Dell computer by getting live Dell help by Online PC Support Certified Technicians.