Learn how to restore Dell Vostro to its factory settings

Certainly your Dell Vostro would have changed a lot since its date of purchase. You would have made a lot of modifications and changed its settings according to your preferences. However, in due course of time, you may want to restore Dell Vostro to its original factory settings. And when you restore your Dell Vostro to its factory settings, it should be done with great caution.

Before you begin restoring the factory settings, it is imperative to take a backup of all files and folders on a DVD or external drive. This is necessary because when you bring your Dell Vostro back to its original default settings, it erases the entire system information.


Here’s is an easy-to-follow procedure to restore Dell Vostro to factory settings.


Step 1: Restart your laptop and as it restarts, press the ‘F8’ key on your keyboard. Wait until the ‘Advanced Boot Options’ menu appears.

Step2:  In the ‘Advanced Boot Options’ menu, press the down arrow key to select ‘Repair Your Computer’. Press ‘Enter’.

Step 3: Choose a preferred language and click ‘Next’.

Step 4: Now log in any Administrator user account. Then click ‘OK’.

Note: A user account that doesn’t have Administrator privileges’ cant restore the laptop to its default settings.

Step 5: Click ‘Dell Factory Image Restore’.

Step 6: Click ‘Next’ in the ‘Dell Factory Image Restore’ window.

Step 7: Tick mark ‘Yes, reformat hard drive and restore system software to factory condition’. Click ‘Next’.

Step 8: The laptop will begin to restore at this point. Once the restoration process is completed, click ‘Finish’.

Your Dell Vostro will restart the final restoration.