Microsoft Outlook 2003: How to uninstall Microsoft Outlook 2003 from Windows Vista?

Microsoft Outlook is an integrated part of the Microsoft Office installation. If you install Microsoft Office with the default settings, Microsoft Outlook is automatically installed. Outlook may not be needed if you are using a separate email application. It can easily be uninstalled if you would like to save some space on your hard drive.

Searching for steps to uninstall Microsoft Outlook 2003? Below given is a simple to understand step-by-step solution to uninstall Microsoft Outlook 2003. If you own Windows Vista based PC, the given procedure will prove to be of great help.

1. Click ‘Start’ and then select ‘Control Panel’.

2. Click ‘Programs’ and then select ‘Programs and Features’.

3. Select ‘Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003’ from the list and then click ‘Change’.

4. Make sure ‘Add or Remove Features’ radio button is selected and then click ‘Next’.

5. Uncheck the check box next to ‘Outlook’ and then click ‘Update’.

6. Wait for the completion of the process and then click ‘OK’.

7. Close the ‘Programs and Features’ window.

8. Now you can check ‘Microsoft Outlook 2003’ is uninstalled from your PC.