Microsoft Outlook 2007: How to display the contacts list in Windows Vista?

What happens when you have more than one friend or business associate in your Microsoft Outlook 2007 contact list? If the similarity is limited to two or three, you still have a better chance. What if the situation is valid for more than five people in your contact list with the same name? Well, you will have to scroll through all the five names to select the right person, every time you have to send him a mail. The monotony of this task can be reduced by changing the default format in which the e-mail application displays the contact list.

Follow the step-wise description given below if you are a Windows Vista PC user:

1. Start Microsoft Outlook 2007.
2. On the Tools menu, click on the “Account Settings.
3. Click on the Address Books tab, and then click on “Change.
4. Under “Microsoft Office Outlook Address Books, click the address book that you want to change the contact display format for and then click on “Close.
5. Quit and restart Microsoft Outlook 2007.
6. To verify the format
a. Click the “Tools menu and then click on “Options.
b. On the Preferences tab, click “Contact Options.
c. In the “Contact Options box, click on “Last, First in the “Default File As order list.
d. Click “OK two times.


Now you will have the Microsoft Outlook 2007 application display the contact list in the last name, first name format. This e-mail application is pretty easy to set up and use, why should customizing it be a problem?